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At The Village.

Austin was seen answering call running out of the


“Hello, hello uncle ben. what? they are comin were?


way? armrobbers? ok ok alright” He dropped the call


then his parents has rushed out on hearing his voice.

“Papa, mama,

I must leave here now” Austin said.

“What? why?” Mr. Ikem asked.

“My neighbor just

called me now. that some men seen as the guns men


and took brother Williams. threatened to kill him if he


show them were I am. I just, I just have to leave now” Austin


peeping at the roadside to see if they are coming.


they have killed Williams Nwamo” Mrs. Ikem shouted.

just then,

the guns men where seen entering the compoud with

their Benz car.

“Run” Mr. Ikem shouted at Austin who jumped the


and took to his heels.

“All of you lie down” The guns men shouted, running


their house. they searched every corner of the house,


inside and outside but couldn’t fine Austin.

“where is he?” they asked Mr. Ikem slapping his head.


in Lagos” Mr. Ikem replied and they left him for their


they beat mr. Williams and throw him out of their car

and zoomed off.



The Next Day.

shantel was seen seating beside Austin at Austin’s


“Is good we stay apart for a while. so that we will


some peace and plan ahead. let everything be as we

discuss” shantel

said and Austin nodded his head.

“I love you very much”

“I love you very much too. I will call you as soon as


get to Lagos” Austin replied.

“I know you will. I hope you have finished parking your

things?” shantel asked.

“Yes I’m set” Austin answered.

“I hope you’re not forgetting anything”


I’m not forgetting anything”

“My regards to your friend when you get to Lagos. I


miss you” Shantel said. Austin smiled sadly.


will miss you too” He replied and they embrassed each





(In Mr. Richards house)

Shantel was seen climbing down the stairs with a


face, rushing to the sitting room. meanwhile, Mrs. Doris


reading a newspaper in the sitting room adjusting her

glasses Continuesly

wen shantel walked in.

“Mummy. have you by any chance seen my phone?


was charging it in my room but I can’t find it again” shantel asked


“Yes” Mrs. Doris replied adjusting her glasses.


is It. I want to make a call” Asked shantel.


father took it” Mrs. Doris said.

“Does he

want to make a call then?” Shantel asked.

“He seized it” Mrs. Doris replied.


he said his going to return it after buying you a new

line” Mrs. Doris added.

“Why will he seized my phone and want to buy me


new line. I have all my contact in my Sim card” complained


“Shantel please, wait for your father to come back. I am


in the mood to talk” Mrs. Doris replied. shantel stared

at her and left angrily.



Shantel visited Vicky at her office as one could see her


to reach Austin with Vicky’s number.


don’t understand what they are saying oh” shantel


dropping the phone disappointedly.


down. what are they saying?” Vicky asked.


the number I’m calling does not exist on the network” shantel said and Vicky


“What!! are you sure is Austin’s number that you have

been trying?” Vicky asked.

“Hell oo oo!!!

even in my dreams, I know his number” shantel said.


is from the network or the line has been blocked” Vicky


“Who will banned Austin’s number?” shantel asked not

buying what Vicky said.

“That’s the only reply you can get when a number


banned” Vicky said and shantel thought for a while.

“Vicky. is my father again”

“Your father?”

“What wrong did I do? is it a crime to be his daughter?


I have a say anymore. don’t I have a choice?” asked

shantel crying.

“calm down Is okay” Vicky replied consoling her.






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