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Shantel was seating upright on her bed when her


came into her room.

“Shantel. your mother told me that you have refused


eat since yesterday. why?” Mr. Richard asked. shantel

Stare at him in silence.

“He’s asking you shantel” Mrs. Doris said.


heard him mum. I don’t want to eat” Shantel replied.

“Why?” Mr. Richard asked.

“We don’t eat to stay alive, we do stay alive to have


and joy. without Austin I don’t have peace and joy


I won’t eat to stay alive” Shantel answered.


are you doing this to yourself” Mrs. Doris asked.


my parents do not care how their actions affect me.


it a crime that I’m your child?” Shantel shouted.

“Hey hey hey

look here let me tell you. If you think by not eating


blackmail me to allow you marry that idiot in thorns


you lie. Never” Mr. Richard shouted back at her.


I will not only refused your food but, I will also refused


car you bought for me. this is the keys” throwing it on

the floor.

“You can take it. I don’t need it. very soon I’m going to


out and stay on the street, then die there is better for

me” shantel said sorrowfully.

“Shanteeeeel, stop. stop all this NONSENSE.stop it.


forget this criminal, this idiotic thorns, he will break


heart in future. He will. but, your mother and I, we don’t


anything like that to happen to you because, because


love you. we love you very very much” Mr. Richard said.

“Goodnight dad” shantel

said surprising mr. Richard. He turned to his wife

Mrs. Doris.

“Did you hear that? is it all she can say?” he asked

Mrs. Doris

who was speechless. He left followed by his wife.




It was 9pm already. Darkness has already covered the


building in which only the rays of light could be seen.

Mr. Richard

and his wife was seen seating beneath a tree outside


of next action to take.

“What do i do now? this idiot has refused to show up.

affter all

my effort to nail him out,ha!! I have to do something


fast. otherwise, I will loose my precious daughter” Mr. Richard said.

“My king. I plead, I suggest we let them get married” Mrs. Doris


faintly. Mr. richard turned to her with an angry look.


if I hear such rubbish again from you I swear, I will

divorce you.

nonsense” Mr. Richard said with a frown. Mrs. Doris


at him feeling for her daughter shantel.



The following day( # At_Lagos )

Austin was seen moving to and fro in the sitting room.


am I doing here? hiding away and losing a woman


has become interior part of me? God forbid. I have


rise up, breaze up and face whatever storms and challenges


my way and claim that which is mine. Yes, no real


gives up in a fight. shantel is my right. I love her and


am going to fight for her. Let heavens fall, even mountains

” Austin said to himself.




smile…are you enjoying my story?

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