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She stood nervously opposite this grey eyes delinquent. No matter how hard she tried to avoid him , he’s always coming back to her.


Her breath hitch the more he leans closer to her. He smell so good , so she thought. Her back lean against his desk as her eyes lock with his . He was something words can’t describe.


“Why are you scared of me, Ariel ?”


“I’m not..” she stutter. She seems to loose her breath at just his sight.


“What if I kiss you right now ?” He asks and that seems to make her heart beat skip.


They were inch apart and all she could feel is his hot breath against her neck.



“I’m not feeling very well…”he told her trailing his fingers on the naive brunette.


“Why are you telling me this ?”


“I want you to be my nurse. Kiss me till I feel better. Or maybe…” He whisper leaning closer to her so she could feel him .


“Babysit me tonight..”








She is the good girl.


She is no different from a boring introvert.


She likes to read and stay indoors.


One dream she’d always loved was going to nun school.


Being a sister and serving in a convent.


She was about taking her vows in church, but all her dreams went down the drain when her male best friend stole everything away from her. Tearing away her holy garment as he stole her innocence. She hated herself, she hated her life and she despise her family. They despise her more for making them loose their positions in church. And that seems to break her down. She hated her world and maybe men.


Just when she was picking up her broken life , Gray Carter walks into her life.


But what happens when his world is filled with mysteries and secrets…











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