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Episode 6
















Veronica and Mirabel thought of a way out of the mess they are in.



“Veronica… finally I’m dead. Is my mum’s creator sleeping all this while? Can’t she see what am passing through? Can’t she help me out?” Mirabel questioned tearfully.


“Mirabel dear, I know and understand the situation you are in. But, you can’t blame your mum. It’s not her fault she’s dead. It’s not her fault Dammie is your step sister. It’s not her fault your step dad’s gone. Neither was it her fault you’re pregnant.


None of these are her fault. She’s a human just like we are. This is your own fate. Live it. There is always hope my dear. Don’t try to harm yourself or the innocent baby. Keep yourself and the baby healthy so you won’t sinned against God and the baby’s creator. Besides, you don’t know what the baby will bring for you or become in the future. Mirabel.. don’t harm yourself for goodness sake.” Veronica said with all cares.


“Veronica…what or where is the way out? It’s like everything is turning and working against me. There’s no place to live now. Dammie has kicked me out of the house without allowing me to take a pin. Is that a life? Is it a sin I’m serving God? You that’s not holy like me, you’re still surviving well. Veronica… I’m dead!” Mirabel said crying harder.Kindly read more interesting and erotic stories from


“Stop that! Don’t compare yourself to me. You really have a bright future dear. You don’t know what God has in store for you tomorrow. Yes! You serve Him wholeheartedly but God isn’t a man. He have so many good things for you. You’re way more better than me. Yes! Dammie kicked you out of her father’s house but not on Earth. She only have authority over his house, but don’t have authority over your life! She can’t kill you. So Mirabel, don’t think like this. ” Veronica said crying as well.


Mirabel’s still sobbing when a car parked outside. Veronica peeped outside and noticed the car.


“Mirabel…this guy is here. Take this money, look for a cheap house to live. I will be checking on you sometimes, you know I’m going far away. So please, take good care of yourself. Live a positive life. Don’t turn down any favor.” Veronica said as she handed Mirabel some cash.



“Thank you so so so much my dear friend. You’re really a God sent. Thanks for the cares and love you’ve shown me. I am very grateful.” Mirabel said and the guy entered.


“Welcome darling!” Veronica said and stood to hugged him.


“Thanks love.” He replied.


“Mirabel,meet Daniel,my fiance. Daniel,meet Mirabel my friend I told you about.” Veronica said wiping her face.


“Hello sir.” Mirabel said.


“Mirabel,hi. Veronica has told me a lot about you and I must say, you’re so good, lovable and all. I can’t find a word to qualify you enough. People like you are rare. You’re a gem,hard to find. Thanks for your attributions to Veronica’s life. You’re such a darling!”Daniel said.


“Thanks sir. It’s God ohh. No be me.”Mirabel said forcing a smile.


“And that God will continue to be with you.” He said and counted some cash for Mirabel.


She thanked him and thanked Veronica as well wishing them a great journey.


Veronica and Mirabel hugged and cried for a moment before they disengaged and


parted ways.








Mirabel sadly walked away to God knows where. She’s just walking, walking around with heavy heart.


When it’s getting dark, she has become so weak that she can’t walk anymore. Then she sighted a shop not far from where she was.


She walked there and bought a bottle water to quench her thirst.



There, she met a lady receiving a call..



…and so what? How does that concerns me? The fact that where you work needs a cleaner does that affects me? Looking for a cleaner, does that affects our date? No problem. Live me alone! The lady shouted and ended the call.


“Cleaner?” Mirabel thought. She has really walked a long distance away from where she lives.


“…Can you imagine! Ruining my date because your place of work needs a cleaner.


I don’t care. Just let me be.” The lady said after ending the call.


“Sister… please. Can I talk with you please?” Mirabel asked politely.


“OMG! Who are you? Can’t you see I’m angry?” The lady asked.


“Please ma.. don’t be mad at me. I need your help..” Mirabel said again politely.


“Aunty, hear her out. You can see she’s humble.” One woman said then the lady nodded giving her a go ahead.


“Please ma, I heard you talking about….” She was interrupted.


“So, you overheard me talking about my ruined date? Unbelievable!” The lady said.


“No ma! It’s about cleaner. I will love to work there. Please.” Mirabel said.


The lady laughed looking at Mirabel from head to toe and from toe back to the head.


“You?” She asked.


“Yes,ma.” Mirabel said.



After giving it more thoughts. The lady helped her to get the job as a cleaner in one the most popular and prestigious hospital.


Mirabel thanked the lady wholeheartedly and started working there day and night.


She lives, sleep,eat and do everything in that hospital as she didn’t have anywhere


to sleep. Her tummy getting bigger everyday. And she couldn’t rest as expected of


an expecting mother.








Seconds rolled into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months..


It’s now 9 months since Mirabel started living alone without any help from anyone.


Her delivery date is fast approaching..








Emmanuel just returned from the office so weak and tired. His wife wasn’t in sight, probably in the bedroom.


Their maid appeared from the kitchen wearing a transparent cloth. All her body were out naked totally.


“What is it you’re wearing? Haven’t I warned you that you should stopped wearing this kind of cloth? Who really are you?” Emmanuel asked furiously.


“Sir …. don’t you like it?” She asked seducing moving towards him.


“What? Are you out of your mind?” He shouted.


“Wow! So, what you are doing with those sluts didn’t content you enough? Now, my maid?” Rose suddenly emerged from upstairs.


“Madam no ohh!” The maid said frightening.


“C’mon shut up and let me hear word.”She barked.



“Baby…no. I can explain.” Emmanuel started.


“Explain what? What’s there that you want to explain? Sleeping with my maid?” She asked.


“No dear…I just came in and found her wearing….” Emmanuel couldn’t complete


his statement when Rose took an empty bottle of a wine she consumed earlier and smashed it hardly on her husband’s head.


Immediately, he fell and blood gushing out of his head.


“Haa! Madam, you’ve killed oga.” The maid shouted and rushed to Emmanuel.


“What have I done? I don’t mean to smashed it on him. I just…I just…” Rose said closed to tears feeling guilty.


The maid rushed out to call the driver and they both carried him into the car taking him to the hospital.


Rose rushed upstairs in fears….


They got to the hospital and the doctor attended to him with immediate effect.











Hmm…. Mirabel really tried ohh. All alone, surviving all alone.



Wait ohh…works in the hospital? Rushed to the hospital? Is there any connections?





Accidentally In Love



[She’s Not A Prostitute]


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