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We stop kissing but that didn’t break us from that sudden drama. He leans his forehead against mine as his eyes meet mine. And that was when I got back my senses. I just kissed a boy , not just a guy , but a tatted stranger Gray.


I flinch and move away from him. He smirks and shove his hands in his pockets. I want to speak but my eyes couldn’t help but check him out. Even if I was a nerdy depressed introvert , I could obviously tell when I see an absolute pretty person. He was one of those. His toned self would make any normal girl lick him all over. But I wasn’t that normal girl.


Why did you do it ?” I stutter.


You liked it.” Of course I don’t. Or maybe i do.


We should stop this , please. I really don’t wanna get into more troubles hanging out with you.”


Troubles ? What troubles ?”


I really need to leave. We should stay away from each other. I don’t wish to continue this , please.”


He smirks again.” You taste good.” Is he serious ?


Of course he’s not.


He’s obviously a crackhead that ran away from rehab and then bump into my car.


His smirk is something I really don’t like seeing. It makes me feel weird. Naturally he’s intimidating to me. I could barely breathe with just standing so close to him.


” I need to leave.” I turn to walk out but his hands grip to my arm.


He pulls me to himself and lock eyes with me. I really don’t like the way I’m feeling. I’ve always wished I could avoid him but he’s always coming back.




He run his thumb on my cheek and that seems to rise up an unknown heat inside of me.


“It’s a deal right ?” He asks with his eyes not leaving mine. His lips is rubby and inviting. My eyes scan every of his black ink on his tone self.


“I can’t handle you.”


He smiles and nod.


“Why did you return the phone ?”


“I don’t need it.”


” Do you have a phone ?”


I raise my brows and sigh. Where’s he driving to , cause I’m not really enjoying this ride.


I’ll be late for work.” He let go of my arm and shove his hands back into his pockets.


There you go.” I bite q the inside of my cheek and nod before turning around and walking out of his millions called a house.


My eyes met that Manny guy who referred me as one of Gray’s bitches. I sigh and hurry out of his house. He was called boss, what is that supposed to mean ? I entered my car and ignite the engine. The ride was intense for me cause my head was occupied by that kiss. Why did I kiss back in the first place ? Of course i don’t have an answer.



I park my car outside Sandy’s and walk inside. I’m really early.


Ariel..” she smiles at me. Sometimes I wish she was my mom. She’s obviously patient and knows how to amend every stupid situation.


Good morning , Sandy.” I greeted her walking to the counter.


You’re okay ?” She ask me cleaning the counter.


Lemme help with that.” I said reaching to collect the napkin she’s cleaning the table with.


Don’t worry I can do this.” She smiles.


“I wish.” She sigh defeatedly and hand me the napkin.


Where’s Vickie ?”


On her way.” I nod and clean the counter. “So how are you ?” She ask me.


“I’m great. At least I’m still breathing.” She laughs and nod.”Fact. I like that.”


“I should get ready.” “Go ahead.”


Sandy barely hang around the restaurant. She’s always out with her husband and every other activities. I changed into my work dress and clean every tables before Vickie showed up.


“Hi Ariel.” She wave at me walking to the counter.



“Welcome latecomer.” I tease . She laughs and nudge me before walking to the change room.


“Coffee please.” A female customer says, and motion to her table.


“Sure.” I reply. She smile and retire to one of the booths.


I make the coffee and take it to the customer. That morning wasn’t easy for me. I’m always thinking about that Gray incident. Something inside me didn’t really regret the act , but i obviously do. It was so wrong but yet it feels so right. He’s weird and strange to me.


But it seems every freak around new york knows him. Or maybe around United States actually , doesn’t really matter.


“Are you okay ?” Vickie asks after taking a customer’s order.


“Yeah. Just thinking.”


“About what ?” I sigh and look at Vickie who’s so eager. Of course I can’t tell her I had a proper kiss with Gray Carter. It’s gonna be stupid. And plus, I’m having issues trusting people.


“It’s nothing.” I shake my head sideways.


“Can you both stop gossiping.” Sanya, the manager snap at us.


I really don’t like her. She’s an ass and always act like she owns Sandy’s. Vickie roll her eyes and arrange a glass of juice and snacks on a platter to take to a table.


“Table four please..” a cheesy lady shouted.


I scoff and carried her meal to her.


“Anything else ?” I ask politely after arranging her orders.


“Please excuse yourself.”



“Sure.” I nod politely and walk out.


“Are you okay ?”


I look down at myself and avert my gaze back to Vickie. She shrug an arm and raise her blonde eyebrows.


“I look okay, right ?”


“You do, but your mood doesn’t. Are you okay ?”


“Yeah, I’m fine.” I sigh and look at our customers eating.


“You look like someone whose boyfriend broke up with her.” I laugh at her hilarious joke.


I don’t even have a boyfriend.” I snort.


Why ? Haven’t seen the guy you liked ?” And that’s a tough question. I roll my eyes and tap my fingers absently on the counter.


After what ever thing Freddie did , I really don’t see men nice or even attractive.


It’s really stupid , Gray was cute to me , worse still beautiful.


I really don’t want to date. Like I’m not ready. It takes a lot of heart to date someone.” I said feeling my own stupid motivational speech.


It’s true though. I’ve gone through several heartbreaks since highschool and now. I’m still dating someone though , hoping.” She shrug and tuck her blonde hair with a smile. Now I wish I didn’t lie , I should have told her my reasons.


The door swings open as Alexa and Leslie walks in chattering. Leslie looks happy , like genuinely happy. I really can’t remember when last I was genuinely happy. But it’s sometimes awkward , Gray makes me forgets my pain each time I’m with him.



“Arie..” Alexa squeal loudly buying the attention of gossips in disguise of customers.


You’re not looking bad..” Leslie snorts .


Hey Alex. Hi Les.”


You look awesome.” Alexa smiles.


“You look really beautiful.” I widen my eyes at her new hairdo. Bleached blonde hair and a tanned skin. Her blue contact lens really suits her. Alexa is a weirdo.


You’re pretty.” I mutter to both of them. Leslie looks the same , just extra sΒ£xy clothes that i always wonder if my parents ever sees her dressed like this . What are they doing here in the first place ?


I’ll be back.” I told the girls and walk out with Vickie to clean up the tables since most customers are done eating.


We walk back to the counter to see Leslie laughing to something Alexa must have told her. She looks crazy chewing a gum that way.


Ariel , why are you working ?” Alexa asks. I sigh.


Your parents aren’t broke. They are cool. Why are you working ?”


Alex , I’m fine. I’m tired of staying at home doing nothing. So looking for a job was definitely gonna save me from my parents abusive words and my sister’s nosy act.” I reply.


So you’re saying I’m nosy ?” Leslie bat her lashes still chewing that gum.


I ignore her and smile at Alex.



That’s really a nice step though. Who wouldn’t run away from parents like yours. And about Leslie , she’s an Asshole. Ignore her.” I chuckle and shrug.


How’s that my fault ? I saw her texting a guy named Gray. The same guy whom she spent the night in his house.” Leslie says. She talks a lot and i hate her a lot for that.


Alexa smirks and raises her brows leaning carefully on the counter.


What !”


You really haven’t told us about this Gray. His he as hot as Gray Carter ?” Alexa pressures .


Of course he can’t be as hot as Gray Carter. What will a guy as hot as Gray Carter want from Ariel ? No offense boo.” Leslie scowl.


I roll my eyes and look at Alexa who sneers at Leslie.


“What’s up sis ! His he hot. Did you both have sΒ£x ?” Jesus , what the hell.


No we didn’t.”


You woke up in his bed wearing his sweatpants and of course t-shirts. What’s that supposed to mean dummy ?” Leslie asks. There’s jealousy in her tone.


I didn’t sleep with him.” I sigh and look at Vickie who’s already entertained. Why will they bring up such thing in my place of work.


So what does he look like ?”


I’m not interested in him and I really don’t wanna talk about it.”


Of course. It’s just father Benjamin that’s definitely gonna ask girls like sister Ariel out ? I’m perplexed.” Leslie snorts.


She’s jealous.” Alexa scoff and ask me to make coffee for her.



Talking about Gray Carter. Damn , he’s a hot gig.” Alexa smirks and wiggle her brows.


True. A lot of girls would do anything to be his girl for a night.” Vickie added. I almost choke on nothing but pretend like I didn’t hear them.


I really haven’t seen him , just magazines and social media. He’s totally hot.” Leslie moan and bites her bottom lip.


Les , don’t say that. The day I met him in Las Vegas , I almost pee on my panties. I just want a night out with him then I’m okay.”


Alex you have a boyfriend.” I huff loudly, getting irritated with their choice of conversation.


Does it even matter ? We’re dating, not married. So obviously , I have every right to grind with a super hot Gray.” She twist her waist snapping her fingers like she’s humming to a song.


That’s cheating.”


Who cares, let him cheat too.” Alexa scoff and roll her eyes.


I shake my head sideways and ignored her. What a cousin.


“He’s always busy. Driving tinted cars. I’ve always wished we meet in a club so that I can give him a good lap dance.” Alexa says. So she really haven’t come across him in a stupid club.


He eats here once in a while with some brunette sometimes.” Vickie says.


Really ? Do you have any vacancy , I wanna work.” Alexa says and I chuckle. I give her her coffee as she paid.


What’s so special about him in the first place ?” I sigh keeping Alexa’s payment.



You really don’t have to ask Ariel. He’s not for girls like you. He would never look at you , so forget it.” Leslie snorts. Now I wish I could punch her nose right now.


Why does she finds joy in talking bad words about me. Reminding me that I’m unfortunate. It’s stupid , cause I just kissed that same Gray Carter. He’s too good for the crowds and it seems almost every girl wanna hang out with him. Seriously !


You said he eats here sometimes ?” Alexa ask Vickie.


Yeah. I’m sure he’s gonna walk through that door any moment from now.”


Talk of the grey eyes devil and he just walks in. My breath is tensed and I could see shock in the eyes of the girls. Yeah , he’s attractive. His tattoos were visible on his simple black T-shirt. He looks perfect , but I don’t care. Seeing him standing few feets from me reminds me of that weird kiss. Who kiss a boy they don’t know ? A normal person. Most ladies avert their gaze to Gray Carter.


Hi , welcome to Sandy’s. What do you care for ?” Vickie asks giggling like a high school student who just saw her crush. So silly.


Alexa and Leslie stayed still watching this grey eyes God. Yeah , those who cared to stare at him , continued straining their necks.


Vickie takes his orders as he slowly avert his gaze to my nervous self. I tuck back my loose hair and look at Leslie who is tensed.


“Dick me hard and get me pregnant.” Alexa mutter close to Gray.


Sorry…” Gray says and whip his head to look at Alexa who’s already smirking like a temptress. Holy hell. I barely can concentrate.


Hi , Gray.” Alexa greeted him.


Hey.” He smiles plainly at her. I feel weird , like jealous.



Can I lend your phone ? Wanna call my ma.” She pouts and smirks. Alexa is pretty and also a model. I bet any normal and cute guy would never ignore her. Why am I thinking so hard , i thought I wanted to end things with him.


“Sure.” Gray hands his phone to her as she dialed in a number and press the call icon.


“That’s my number.” She give him back his phone and lean a bit closer to him with a smirk. She trail her fingers on his shoulders as Gray looks down at her perfectly manicured expensive nails.


(Join Telegram Group) Now I feel weird.


She lean closer to him and whisper .”Call me..”









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