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“What did you do to me ?” I sob silently.


His cold stares not leaving me and I’m about freezing up. How can I be so stupid to drink that cock devil.


What did you do ? Why am I wearing your clothes ?” I ask. I’m standing in front of him and he barely look away.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


What do you mean ? Why would I wake up in your bed dressed in your clothes. How could you touch me ?”


What ?” He smirk.



Are you trying to tell me you won’t be able to know if someone touched you ?” He ask and that rings a bell.


Wait you thought I took advantage of you ?” He ask me after I’ve stayed quiet.


Why would I do that ?” He blink his eyes and cross his arms. I couldn’t help but look at his intimidating self in front of me. He makes me speechless and that’s new.


I thought..”


You thought I had s£x with you ?”


I’m in your room and wearing your clothes. What am I supposed to think ?” I sniffle. I never knew I was crying earlier.


He scoff.” You’re too naive..”


He turn to leave but I stopped him.


Who changed my clothes ?”


I did. What ? You’re shy ?” Oh no , this can’t be happening to me again.


Jesus. My house help did that. She changed your clothes and she’s fourty years old.” I was relieved after he said that. He turn his back and left the room.


By the way where’s my dress ? I ponder and rush to get my phone. 20 missed calls. Dad , mom , Leslie and Alexa. Where was I when my phone was ringing ? I’ve never spend the night out before and I’m sure they won’t spare me. I deserve it in the first place. I should have stayed at home , I won’t end up drinking that cock demon.


A knock startles me. I turn around and a lady greeted me. Probably that stranger’s maid.



You’re awake. You need to shower and wear this before eating breakfast.” What ? This is not even my dress and not my house. It’s 10: am and I’m not at home yet.


Um.. where’s my dress ?”


Master Carter ask me to get rid of it.”


Carter ?”


That’s his last name.”


What’s his name ?” I ask forgetting the fact this master Carter just get rid of my dress.




Thanks.” She drop the black lace dress on the bed and turn to leave


“There’s a pill inside that drawer and it will help with your hangover.” She smiles and shut the door.


I glance at the dress and it’s far better than Alexa’s choice of clothing. It has sleeves not like last night’s dress with a brassiere’s strap.


I enter the bathroom and it’s huge compared to mine. Without being told , he’s rich. I scrub my body with the body wash and let the warm water rinse my self. I dried my skin and get dressed. Thank God my underwear is still intact. I put on the dress and carried my bag walking out of this room. I have a lot of explaining to do once I get home. I know I’ll be grounded that’s for sure .


I climb down the spiral staircase and step on the last one. The view was amazing. The walls are originally made of translucent glass and you could see the large swimming pool outside. I stare at every piece of furniture and I knew this isn’t just a dime. My eyes land on Gray’s shirtless self smoking. Is he aware of lung cancer , maybe he’s not really scared of death.



Gray.” I call out. His shoulders were tensed when I called out his name. He exhale the smoke out of his nostrils before turning to look at me.


He raise his brows at me indicating what ? What type of man is this ?


I’m leaving.”


I noticed. You’re not eating ?”


I’m fine. Thanks.” I reply standing like an image in front of him.


You’re weird.” I find myself telling him.


How ? Because I didn’t nag you about staying behind and eating something before leaving. I’m too grown for such shitty attitude.” He smirk and stick his cigarette back in his mouth.


What did you do to my dress ?” I ask feeling really uncomfortable inhaling his smoke. I’m feeling sick.


Got rid of it. Don’t ever dress like that. You look like a slut.” I gulp. Why does he care about how I look ? Look at his house and cars , it’s obvious the type of ladies he would like are slutty models with expensive hair extensions and wigs.


Thanks.” I sigh and turn to leave.


I walk out of his building and noticed two guys on suits stood outside with their cold stares. I quickly look away and hurry out of this millions called a house. The cab ride was terrible cause I was thinking on what to tell Mom and yes dad. I step on our front porch and twist the doorknob. Here begins my headache . I didn’t even take my medications last night.


Where are you coming from ? Your boyfriend right ?” Mom ask standing few feets from me with her arms tightly crossed.


Is she back ? That rebel called a daughter.” I heard dad’s voice from the kitchen. Leslie looks at me and I really don’t know what to say.



I .”


Go on. Start lying.”


What am I supposed to say. I went to party with Leslie and Alexa and I followed someone home because I was drunk. They will definitely call me a whore.


I went out with…” I point to Leslie who widen her eyes at me.


Leslie ?” Dad ask shooting daggers at me. I gulp and fiddle both my fingers.


Did she spend the night in a man’s house ?”


It’s not what you think. I got lost cause I couldn’t find Alexa and Leslie. I saw someone who decides to give me a lift but I don’t know the address.” I said almost half the truth. I can’t say I was drunk. I’m gonna be dead.


You got lost ?” Mom ask walking slowly to where I’m standing. I’ve not left the door post since i walked in.


I’m telling the truth.”


What truth ? Leslie went down the street to meet some church friends , she returned last night at 9:pm.” What ? I look at the direction of Leslie but she couldn’t meet my eyes cause of guilt. How could she do that ?


Ariel, where are you coming from ?”


I’m telling the truth.”


You didn’t went to party with your sister. You went to visit your boyfriend again to have s£x. What type of daughter are you ? Your bad luck is the reason we’re here. You brought same bad luck to New York by sleeping around again. Ariel don’t you wanna go to college ?” Mom question as my eyes start to water.


I keep on looking at Leslie but she’s avoiding my eyes.



Oh my God , Ariel.” Alexa called walking into the living room. She shut the front door and stare at confused me.


What’s happening ?”


Ariel is just coming back. She said you took her out.”


Yeah , we went to church.”


And she’s just coming back from church ?” Dad glared at Alexa.


Alexa sigh and cross her arm.


“Fine. I ask them to party with me.” Alexa says.


“Them ?”


Yes. Arie and Les. They’ve been staying indoors and a friend is throwing a party down town. My boyfriend showed up and I left with him to a corner. Leslie left too but I really don’t know who she tagged along with. Ariel was drunk and lost , I couldn’t find her either since I was drunk too.”


And she woke up in a man’s bed , right Ariel ?”


No .. I mean yes. He gave me a ride cause i was stranded and…”


“..Drunk.” mom cuts me short.


Alexa are you trying to corrupt my daughters ? Is that the reason you choose to stay the weekend. To take them to parties and make them drunk.”


It’s not what you think..” Alexa mumble.


Really ? That you have boyfriends and you’re not even a virgin. What are we supposed to think. You don’t have the fear of God and you run after men , you



choose to take Leslie with you. I don’t even care about Ariel , she’s already useless.” Mom yell. I sniffle silently to hold back the tears.


Fuck me, I’m just gonna leave.” Alexa scoff and turn to climb upstairs.


Mind your language , Alex.”


Alexa snorts all the way to get her bags.


Ariel , you’re grounded. You’re staying in your room till you decide to cultivate a little form of dignity and discipline. You won’t eat anything for the rest three days. Get out of my presence.” Dad yell.




Get out.” I flinch and run upstairs.


I meet Alexa in our hallway with her bag. She smiles at me and hug me.


I’m sorry about Leslie , she’s such a dildo.” Alexa says and kiss my cheek.


You can keep this. I overheard your mom telling mine she stopped your therapy. I’m sorry about that.” I open my hands and it’s a bundle of money.


You can eat with that. Once we resume college we are gonna hang out more often and you’ll tell me about that hot stranger I saw you with at the club. I didn’t get to meet him.” I roll my eyes and thank her.


I’m sorry about my parents.”


It’s fine. It runs in the family. My mom’s like that sometimes. Becareful.” She walk past me and climb down the stairs.


I sigh and entered my room before locking my door. I hate my life. With my shoes still on , I slump on my bed and wipe my tears. I feel stupid for going in the first place.


My phone buzz and it’s a new text message. I click on it and read the text.


From Gray: Tinkerbell , are you at home ?


I roll my eyes and toss my phone aside. How could he steal my number and even save his number in my phone. I ignored it and press my face on my pillow. He’s gonna end up like Freddie. Always after your pants.


I wanna be far from him. He’s trouble in disguise and he was part of the reason I got stuck in some cocktail rubbish. If I didn’t agree to drink that I will be at home , sleeping in my room in peace and not getting grounded and reminded countless times how I messaged up in Georgia. I remembered my drunk state last night , I can’t believe I called him hot. I mean he’s hot , but a normal Ariel won’t call someone hot.


My phone pings again. One new message.


From Gray : Where’s my t-shirt and sweatpants , did you take it ?


I chuckle and scoff.


To; Gray : No. Why did you steal my number ? And why would i wanna take your T-shirt and sweatpants ?


From; Gray: Because it looks s£xy on you. You got beaten ?


To: Gray: No , thanks I’m fine.


I sigh and tried to hide my blush.


From; Gray: Let’s hang out. I won’t bite.


I scoff and bite my lip. His he serious ? I’m not even comfortable around him. I’m always speechless with him standing close to me. My brain stop working at that moment and I end up embarrassing myself.



To; Gray: No , I’m not interested. I don’t wanna hang out with you. I don’t even know you.


From; Gray: it’s better you don’t know me. I’m outside your house get dress.


What the hell ! I text him back immediately , how can he be outside my house ?


To; Gray: you’re joking right ?


From; Gray: Look through your window.


My heart beat is already drumming in my chest. Why’s he getting me scared ? I don’t want him but he’s not staying away. I breathe and look through my window. He’s not here.


To;Gray: Why are you lying ?


From;Gray: I know your address, Snow White. Are you scared of me ?


I sigh and tuck back my loose hair.


To; Gray: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just hanging out with you last night and I end up getting grounded.


I wanted to delete the message but I already sent it.


From;Gray: Grounded ! Your parents are f**ked. You’re not sixteen , are you ?


I ignored his text and toss my phone aside. He’s trying to make my life miserable. I look down at my ringing phone and it’s Gray. What does he want ?


I ignored the call and text back.


To;Gray: please don’t call me. I really wanna stop talking to you.


From;Gray: like you can. You can’t avoid me , princess.


I roll my eyes and try to imagine him smirking right now.


To;Gray: I’m sorry to burst your bubble , mister Carter but I don’t want you. Stop texting me. I’m really not your type of girl. You already explained you don’t really like naive girls and I’m grateful I’m out of your league. I won’t be able to give you my body in exchange for whatever thing you’re planning.


And now I regretted why I typed that. He was nice , made me sleep well and ask his house help to change my clothes even if he look like a bad guy.


I stand up from my bed and wrap my hair up tightly to shower. I haven’t taken my medicine and I’m grounded from eating and going out. What about Leslie ? Nothing , I’m always the bad egg. I look at my phone and he hasn’t replied my text. I scoff and thank my stars he didn’t reply but same time I was guilty. I took my bath and walk out of my bathroom only to find Leslie going through my phone.


What are you doing ?”


Confirming my claims. I saw you walk out of the club with that hot guy and this..” she points to my phone.” This made everything simple. You’ve been secretly dating ?”


Why do you even care ? You lied to Mom about last night and I got grounded.”


That’s because you left with a man. Boo.”


Please hand me back my phone.”


And why should I do that ?” She bat her lashes and smirk.


Leslie , please. My phone.”


“You know you are a weirdo right ? I just thought about highschool. How you would ask Alexa to make you up , so you would look presentable for Freddie..” she chuckle. Wait she knows Freddie.


“You know Freddie ?”



She scowl.” Who doesn’t. You having a secret crush on him in highschool. Always hanging out with him because you want him to look at you the same way you look at him. It’s stupid you didn’t realize every hot asshole in highschool liked you.”


“You knew I was raped ? You knew about me being raped and you couldn’t defend me.”


“Why would I defend you ? You deserved it sometimes. Let’s just say, you look really cute each time you cry..” She laughs and that spark the anger Inside me.


“Give me back my phone now.”


I won’t do that shit. I’m gonna show mom you’ve been keeping a second boyfriend with the name Gray and he’s the guy you followed to his house. You’re dead , Ariel.” Leslie smirks and rush out of my room with my phone.


Leslie.” I call out to her but she’s already gone down the stairs.


Oh no. Why is she trying to make my life more miserable.


Ariel…” Mom yell my name. I’m dead.





Someone’s in for it









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