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I shove the phone in my bag and walk inside our apartment. Mom and dad are having dinner with Leslie. They seem happy. They talked and laugh and it’s really great. I ignored them and walk past them but mom stopped me.


“Your dinner is served.”


Thanks mom.” I reply and rush upstairs. I toss my bag on my bed and climb downstairs to eat. I’ve been starving and i didn’t even notice.


I sit close to Leslie and pick out a fork to eat after praying.


So sinners do pray ?” Mom tease, drinking her glass of juice. I secretly roll my eyes and continue eating.


So how are you enjoying your job at Sandy’s ?” Dad ask.


Very fine , thanks dad.”


Can I know the reason why you choose to work ?”


College is starting in a week’s time. I’m tired of staying at home without having something to do.”


Wow. That’s epic.” Leslie scowl.


“Do you have male customers ?” Mom asks and that bothers me.


” We do.” I reply looking at both my parents.


“Have you gotten a boyfriend yet ? A customer boyfriend ? It seems you’re always good at getting guys to look at you.” Mom snorts.


“I bet she throws herself at them.” That was Leslie.


I sigh and look down on my food. She’s always good at making me feel inferior.


I hope that’s not true. Cause it’s gonna be dead bad for you. The fact that you’re out of nun school doesn’t mean you can mess around. We forgive you about that club nonsense and that’s the reason we allowed you to get a job. You should always try and be like your sister.” Dad scold. My eyes meet Leslie’s. she wink and smirk.


Why would I wanna be like her?


Always faking everything in front of my parents. It’s really weird my parents don’t see that. My eyes scan her newly made manicured nails , so my parents didn’t say a word. They’ve always hated things like that.


Sure Dad.” I reply in order to end their conversation. I ate in silence hoping they won’t talk more about me.



They talked about their new church friend Janell and I couldn’t wait to get out of here. I finished my pancakes and bacon and stood up from their gathering. After washing the plates, i return to my room. I remembered Gray’s word , i really don’t wanna call him . Same time he’s not joking. Knocking on my door and telling my parents he’s my boyfriend will ruin my life , including college. I hated that I had to meet him in the first place.


I shove out my damaged phone and removed the Sim card and place it inside Gray’s phone that I really didn’t want. I switched it on and wait impatiently. I don’t know why I’m doing this but I click on his name that he actually saved in my phone and dialed his number. I stand up from my bed and stand in front of my mirror. My reflection is always the same , never changing.


Hey..” I said on the phone making sure I wasn’t heard.


Are you this scared ?” I roll my eyes and locked my door.


What do you mean ?”


You called.” I sigh and run my fingers on my loose hair.


I really don’t have a choice.”


And why’s that ?”


You’re kidding me right now. You threatened me , that you were gonna knock on my parents door and tell them you’re my boyfriend.”


That wasn’t a threat though.” I sigh and sit on my bed.


I know, that was why i called. You’re worse than trouble itself. I could barely fathom what you want from me.”


He was quiet for seconds.


” What I want from you ?”



Yeah. Look Gray I’m not really your type of girl. I’m this naive Christian like you called me. You’re super different from me. So what do you really want ?”


Another second of quietness.


” Gray..” I call out.


He chuckle.” So what makes you think I want something from you ?”


You’re always coming.”


Really ? You want me.”


Of course I don’t.” I sigh and run my fingers down my hair again.


Yeah ? And why are you always nervous around me ?”


Cause I don’t know you.” I said half the truth.


You don’t have to know me. You’re definitely gonna run away from me.” Run away.






What do you want from me , Gray ?” “What do you think I want from you ?”


Sex.” And that came out unexpected.


There was silence till I heard Gray chuckle on the phone. I roll my eyes and it’s weird I smiled.


“Is that what you want ?”


” What ? No. Jesus.”



I can get sΒ£x from any random girl. I don’t like naive church girls.” And I hate to be referred to as naive.


“That’s not even an answer.”


“I’m picking you up tomorrow.”


Gray , don’t.”


Go out on a dinner date with me.”


I can’t. I’m working and I can’t stay out late.”


I’ll come pick you up by five , you don’t really have to say no. Get ready tomorrow.” With that said , he hang up. For crying out loud , I am the one who should hang up cause I called.


I remove my SIM card and switch the phone off keeping it back on it’s case. I’m returning it back even if my conscience don’t want me to. I sat on the chair opposite my mirror and stare at my reflection. My mind drift to Gray Carter. What does he really want ? I look back at the phone sitting on the headboard and avert my gaze back to my reflection.


I reach for my pills and swallow it dry without water. I look for my book and I can’t remember when last I read this. *How to fight against depression* I stare blankly at the book cover and toss it aside. I needed a good shower and a nice bath. After taking my bath , I slip on my pajamas and crash on my bed.




The following day I left rather too early for work. Hazel visited Leslie and they’ve been talking non-stop about boys and make up.


Good morning.” I greeted Brenda. She’s working only in morning hours and at noon Vickie and i takes over.


Morning.” She reply with a smile.



You’re early.”


I was bored at home.” I reply sincerely. There’s not much to do around my boring life.


Hope you’re good ?”


Yeah.” I smile and walk to the change room to change over.


At noon , Vickie showed up. She looks a bit tired and frustrated.


Are you okay ?” I ask her after she already changed her clothes.


Yeah. My mom’s a bit sick and I won’t stay too long. You’ll have to take my shift.”




It’s fine. I explained to Sandy , she said she’s gonna bring a girl who’s gonna assist you.”


I sigh thinking about Gray. Of course he’s gonna walk through that door and take me out.


Hope your mom’s feeling better ?”


Yeah , thanks Ariel.” She smiles and walk to a customer to take his orders.


Today’s gonna be the worse day of my life. The day was shorter than i Imagined.


It’s almost five and I look like a shattered widow. I’m tired as hell.


You’re closing by 7: pm today.” Sanya said.


I can’t.”


Why ?”



“Because I really can’t close by 7. I already handled half of Vickie’s shift.”


“We’ll see about that then.” She scoff. Just then Gray walks in. His dark hair is a cute mess. He smiles at me as he lean on the counter.


What are you doing here ?”


It’s five.”


I can’t, I’m working.” I reply looking at Sanya who’s watching.


Your boss ?” He asks referring to Sanya who’s tensed.




He walks to Sanya who smiled seductively.


I need to lend Ariel for the day.”


Uh.” She stutter disappointedly.


I need to take her with me. It’s 5pm.” She sigh and nod defeatedly. For some reasons I’m happy. I look broken… like tired.


Gray returns and shot me that crazy smirk of his. I sigh and walk to the change room to shower quickly and change.


So you’re his new toy ?” Sanya’s voice startles me.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


He just wants to f**k you , hope you know that right ?” The sound of her foul language almost made me throw up.



I’m just gonna leave. Thanks by the way.” I walk past her to meet Gray who I assume was outside.


I hurried outside and he was leaning against his black tinted sport’s car. Damn another huge machine that cost him a lot.


Look I’m grateful you bailed me out , but i really don’t wanna eat out with you.” He ignored me and open the door for me.


Get in.” I sigh defeatedly and shake my head sideways.


Will you please enter ?” He ask in his British accent.


“Why did you switch your accent ?” I asks. He proceeds to touch me but I hurriedly entered his car.


He shuts the door and turn around to enter the driver’s seat. He’s a crazy driver. The speed was terrible than the first time and I can’t help but steal glances at his figure. What type of psychopath is this ?


Did you just get out of rehab ?” I ask him.


No princess.” He reply and smirk.


Please don’t get me killed. The speed is too much.” I yell at him. I can’t imagine going to jail with Gray because of his murder attempt called driving.


After several speeding , he halts outside a restaurant. I heave a deep breath and look at his grey orbs.


I’m sorry to announce to you but you need to go back to rehab. You don’t drive like that.”


You’re driving us back to your house if that’s what you want.” He said getting out of the car. I jump out without waiting for him to open my side door.



I gasp silently at the restaurant. It’s fancy and of course wealthy. He takes my hand in his and I didn’t notice we had intertwine hands.


Welcome , mister Carter.” A waitress says leading the match. Her smile wasn’t genuine cause her eyes were glued to my hand on Gray’s. I politely sneak my hand out of his grip and walk beside him.


I don’t fit in here. Most ladies who steal glances from Gray and I had expensive hairdo and dresses. I look like a lost girlfriend with my pink hoodie and black jean trousers. Gray is sort of a black jacket freak. He draws out a seat for me as I sit down admiring his nice gestures.


” I’ll be back sir.” The waitress smiled and walk out.


I look at this side of the restaurant and it’s secluded with just a dim light. It’s sort of romantic in here . Once again I’m tensed just sitting across Gray Carter. His eyes not leaving mine for any reason. I nervously run my fingers through my hair and lock eyes with the table.


Are you nervous ? Or you’re scared ?” Just when I was about to answer, the waitress walks in with a platter filled with different kinds of meal. The sight of lasagna made me smile. It’s one of my favorite food.


She arrange the food on the table and filled two glasses with wine. She drop the wine on the table and left after shooting me weird glances.


Do you always pull the crowds like this ?” I ask.


I’m not a celebrity.”


Yeah ? But I see the eyes.”


Go on and eat.”


I’m not hungry.” Just when i thought I’ve won , my stomach disgraced me with it’s growl .


God..” I mutter and blush.


Go on.” Gray motion to the food holding back a laugh.


I throw away my nervousness at the aroma of the lasagna , grilled beef and spicy chicken. I take a deep breath and pick up my fork to eat. He wasn’t eating , just watching me.


You’re not eating.”


I’m fine.”


No you’re not. You should eat something , you need it.” I pressure. He smiles and take in my gaze.


Then you’re feeding me.”


What ?” I chuckle.”That’s not happening.”


“Why ?”


“I’m not playing mommy .” I shrug and drank the wine.


“Oh..” he laughs and nod.


” I’m good. Eat , I’ll watch.”


I sigh and look at my already consumed lasagna. This taste good more than my mom’s. Well that’s homemade.


“Where you supposed to be a sister ?” Gray asks out of the blue. I pause from drinking the wine and sigh. Why did he have to bring up this conversation. I look around the restaurant and avoid eye contact with me.


“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.” I sigh and nod , grateful that’s he’s not pushy.


“Why did you bring me here if you weren’t gonna eat ?”


It’s pretty hot to watch you eat.” He says and watch me with his extremely seductive smirk.


After dinner we left the restaurant and as promised, he didn’t eat a thing. He halt the car in his usual spot as I reach to get out.


” Thanks.” I halt, still holding the door.


He pushed a button as the door open on it’s own. I grt out and watch him drive away.




The following day I bathe early to go to work. College starts on Monday and I can’t wait to start. I picked up the phone Gray bought and shove it inside my bag. Yesterday’s memory not leaving my mind but then i remembered what Sanya said . Referring me as Gray’s new toy. I sigh and park my car in front of Gray’s resident. After the first day I got drunk , I haven’t step my feet here. I wanted to talk to him , give him back his phone and stop whatever thing we’re doing cause i don’t even know what I’m doing.


I need to talk to Gray.” I said to the emotionless guy outside his apartment.


Who are you ? You don’t look like one of Gray’s bitches.” Another guy said. He looks better than the first guy. His white dress shirt expose a glimpse of his tattooed chest.


I just wanna see him.”


What are you doing here ? You look different. Gray would never bang a girl like you. You should leave.” The emotionless guy said.


Shut up , Carl. Come with me.” I stare at Carl before following the other guy inside.



There he was smoking and shirtless. His back is against us and his black jean pants was a bit downwards exposing his Calvin Klein briefs.


” Gray.”


He turn around and he was sort of shock to see me.


Manny , leave.” The guy nods and walks out. I sigh and cross my arms looking at shirtless Gray and his tatted tone skin. Without doubts , he’s well built in and out.


He drops his cigarette on the ash tray and walk towards my figure.


“Hey…” I said. He still smells great after smoking hell.


” You wanna sit ?”


“Thanks , I’m gonna be late for work. I thought I should bring this back ” I say bringing out the phone.


I’m sorry , I can’t keep it.” I take a deep breath after saying that. I dropped it on his glass table and tuck back no loosed hair.


He smile and call out to Manny.


Throw that away.” Gray said motioning to the phone. Now I feel guilty. Why did I bring it back if he’s definitely gonna throw it away.


I looked at Manny who stare wildly at Gray.


You heard me.” Manny nods and walk out with the phone.


You really…”


It’s fine.” He takes two step and he’s standing right in front of me. Inches apart. I wanted to move back but my legs won’t obliged.


Why are you scared of me ?” He ask not breaking the eye contact.



I’m not…” I stutter. I’m not really scared of him , I’m just scared of myself. Freddie’s incident left a scar in me.


He tuck my loose strands of hair behind my ear and caress his thumb on my cheek , that seems to have an effect on me.


What do want ?” He asks calmly still running his fingers on my cheek.


I.. ” I stutter not too sure of my own words. I think I’m lacking oxygen right now.


“I want us to… Stay away from each other. I…” He cut me short at once with his lips.


My eyes already flutter shut on it’s own and I’m kissing back. He taste so good and I’m not willing to stop even if I really wanna stop. Automatically, my hands find it’s way to his nape and I run my fingers on his smooth thick hair. His hands grip around my waist pulling me to himself.


I kiss back like my life depends on it and he’s not slowing down. I feel his hands move up and down my back as he kisses me. My skin already heat up and it’s unusual I want him more than I’ve wanted someone. What’s he doing to me ?


I sort of moan in his mouth and i don’t know how that happens. And then it dawn to me that this is my first proper kiss.


“I’ve always wanted to do this the very first day I barged into your car….”















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