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Written By Goddy Francis




Stop checking me out and please drive , Tinkerbell.” He said with so much sarcasm and a really cute British accent.


I can’t drive a total stranger. I don’t even know who you’re.”


Snow White please drive..” he whine tiredly.


He’s bad without being told. I mean he has tattoos and he looks really bad in a cute way though. What if he has something bad install for me. Hell no , I’m the driver and I’m in charge of the wheel. But he’s a man and he can easily outstand me. I look at him and his eyes meet mine. I gulp , scared to death and look away. I hope I don’t go to hell because of this stranger.


Ariel stop talking and drive this cute stranger.” That’s my subconsciousness. She’s really different from me.


I heave a deep breath and take the wheel. I don’t even know where he’s going and he didn’t bother to tell me. I decide to ask.


Where am I supposed to take you to ?” He didn’t reply but look at me with his index finger on his lip. Alright he’s intimidating.


What are you doing ?” He ask after the long silence. This time it was American accent. Why’s he changing his accent ? I swear it’s disturbing.


What am I doing ?”


I’m asking.”


I’m driving Mr stranger.” I sigh and for once I regretted I’m not this type of girl who’s aggressive and stubborn.


Pull over.” He said with so much order.


What !”


Tinkerbell can you please pull over ?”


Why should I do that ? I thought…” Without completing the word , my passenger already pull the brake. I breathe in and out and look at him. Did he want to kill me



Let’s swap seats. I’m driving this time.” He says with his grey eyes not leaving mine. Wait , did I talk about his hair ? Uhh..


I can’t let you drive my car.” I fire. He undid his seatbelt and look at me.


I’m waiting.”


I won’t let you drive my car.”


This is not even a car. It’s a box.” He said with his British accent and I hated that it carries sarcasm.


Don’t insult my car. It’s not like you have one , if not you won’t be stuck in my car.” I tell him as his brows furrows.


He snorts a chuckle and reach out to lift me off my seat.


What are you doing ?” I explain. He didn’t answer but successfully creep underneath me to take the wheel. My butt had to gently touch his lower body and i feel humiliated, maybe because I felt weird with that contact.


I stumble to my passenger seat and tuck back my scattered hair.


What’s the meaning of that ?” I ask him still trying to swallow whatever thing he just did.



He starts the car and change gear. The speed was terrible and I hopelessly slam my head against the window. I turn to look at him and I could see a smirk at the corner of his lips. I think he just came out of rehab. I quickly fasten my seatbelt before I die of hypertension.


What type of speed is this ?” I ask him with a high pitch voice.


That’s how you drive a f**kin car.” He scoffs. How dare he curse in my car. Now i feel unholy. How am I supposed to make heaven with such a man in my car.


Stop cussing in my car.” I said and sigh.” I don’t like it.”


He chuckle not even sparing me a glance.” You’re seriously f**kin me up right now , Tinkerbell.”


You did it again. You don’t curse in my car and secondly I’m not Tinkerbell.”


Alright Snow White.” He says and glance at me. My heart almost freeze at his smirk. He roll his eyes and glance back at the road still in speed.


He’s weird.


You’re weird. It’s obvious you’re just getting out of rehab.” I utter lowly. He didn’t reply and I watch how he handles my wheel.


I’m too cute for that , Snow White.” Great ! From Tinkerbell to snow White and then Ariel.


So what’s a naive Christian doing at this side of town ?” He ask and stare at me , still wearing that smirk.


I’m not a naive Christian . And what I’m doing at this side of town is not your business.”


You’re naive. At least this could tell.” He says and motion to the rosary hanging on the rearview mirror.



Don’t mock my faith.”


Why would I do that ?”


You called me naive.”


It’s the truth. This isn’t 2003 and now I think I’m living backwards.” He scoff.” I feel like traveling to Mars.” He says with British accent again.


Why are you swapping accents ? British accent and then American. What’s with you ?”


I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Great , this time he spoke in his obvious American accent. Why his he faking a British accent.


You know i feel like I’m gonna burn in hell for accepting to give you a ride.”


It’s really weird you’ll definitely burn in hell.” He says and stop for a red light. We’re at the main side of town and I don’t see my house.


Stop judging me.” I scoff and look out of the window.


I feel his eyes stare at me before he continues driving again.


You’re too pretty to be this naive.” My heart beat freeze again. He called me pretty. But then I remembered Freddie said same words and took advantage of me at the end.


My mood changes and I was forced to bite my thumb. For some reasons I’m glad I’m away from home. Away from torment and this total stranger just made me forget I’ve been through a lot of shit. My head begin pounding a bit and I already forgot I had to take my medicine. I reach for the bottle water at the backseat. I pull out a capsule and throw it inside my mouth before gulping down the water. I feel my driver’s eyes on me. I just hope he doesn’t ask what it’s meant for.



Still holding the water I wipe my forehead and look out of the window. The sudden silence was really weird for me. I don’t know about him , but he looks like a jerk. He barely cares about anything. I think that’s what bad people are.


Ariel , don’t be quick to judge.” My inner woman snap at me. I turn to look at this stranger and his grey eyes meet mine. He shakes his head slightly and focus back on the road.


Do you have a direction ? It’s Almost late and I need to be at home.”


Christians ? Your mommy is gonna beat you right ?” He turns to look at me and furrow his brows.


How can he be awkwardly perfect ? And weird too.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. And just stop talking about my religion. You don’t even look like a believer.”


He scoffs and stay silent. I roll my eyes and look at the window. I don’t even know where we are or where we’re going . We’re far from town and I’m really scared. Is he trying to sell me or probably rape me ?


” Where are we going ? Where are we ? I don’t even see my house.” I whine.


He didn’t reply but just stare at me and look away. Luckily he halts the car and I’m grateful I’m driving my car back to my house. Surprisingly he pulls the key out of the ignition and get out of my car. I sigh and come out too. Of course i can’t fight him. I’m this nerdy weak girl.


Stranger , what are you doing ?”


I won’t stay long. You can stay there if you want.” I look at his direction and it’s a coffee shop.


I pursue suit hopelessly and follow him inside this shop. It’s not that crowded , just few customers maybe five. The average man behind the counter seems to shriek at the sight of this perfect tatted figure.



Where the f**k is my shit ?” My car partner yell.


I…” He stutters and it’s clearly obvious he’s scared of him. Yeah me too , we’re not alone.


I what ? You douche ass prick got my package and you couldn’t pay up. Nigga where’s my shit ?” How can someone cuss freely and he’s still comfortable.


The guy tries to speak up but tatted stranger slam his head on the counter. I felt his pain cause I jolt in my position. This isn’t the guy I drove with. This one is super aggressive. The customers in the coffee shop couldn’t interfere. Are they scared of him ? They just stare in awe.


The coffee man gives him a bundle of money with a red face.


I’m sorry man.” He says after this weirdo collects the money and shove it on his pocket.


Fuck you.” He cuss and turn to look at me with his super cute smirk. He’s insane. With no one ready to talk back, they return to their business and i was force to freeze on my spot.


You’re ready to go snow white ? I’m sorry Tinkerbell.” I try to talk but his hands held my arm and pull me out of the shop. I dare not restrain not with what I saw out there. Without saying a word i slip inside the passenger’s seat and buckle my seatbelt.


Are you okay ?” Why does he care all of a sudden ?


Yes. Thank you.” I tell him as he continue driving.


The silence is crazy and I was force to turn the radio on. Luckily a pastor is preaching. Stranger scoffs and tune the radio endlessly. He finally stops when he heard a pop song pops out of the radio. I wanted to ask him why he changed the radio but my mind drift to the weirdo I saw at the coffee shop. Of course just a snap and my ankles might be broken.



That wasn’t fair.” I decide to say. He rolls his eyes and nod his head to the music. I don’t listen to this type of music since I’m living with a semi pastor. I really hate myself he had to be demoted because of me.


Are you always that aggressive ?” Why do I even care ? He’s a stranger and we’re never gonna meet again. Just like I picture , he didn’t reply. I sigh and slump back on the seat.


“You just moved in right ?” He asks. Thought he has gone automatically dumb.


“Why do you care ?”


“You’re too pretty to be around this side of town.” I sigh and cross my arms.


I didn’t reply but just watch how he handles my wheel. He relax a bit and run his hand down his messy hair. The sides of his hair and back are a bit low as it curly strands are everywhere. His eyes snap me out of my trespassing as he raise his brows with a heart melting smirk.


“What ?” I ask him.


“Stop checking me out like you wanna eat me. It’s rude to stare.” I huff and bite the inside of my cheek. Now he’s gonna think I’m interested in him.


“What makes you think I was checking you out ?” I raise my brows and lean against my window to look at him properly.


“It’s fine. I was checking you out too. Nice sweaters.” What an asshole.


I glue my face to the window to hide my blush.


I’m tired same time I’m not tired. My house is filled with ranting parents. Parents who finds joy in making you look useless. The car stops as this stranger got out. He didn’t pull the keys out this time. I got out and surprisingly I saw two cars. Not just any type of cars . I might be a nerd but I can easily tell if I spot an expensive car. One is a red Lamborghini and the other a Bentley.



I watch the stranger stride to the Bentley as one of the men on black suits give him a champagne bottle.


Seriously..” he turns around and smirk at me.


You’re okay ?” He ask me.


Is that your thank you ?” I ask not even remembering the men on suit who stand beside the two expensive cars. I feel like hiding my car in my pants pocket.


He roll his eyes as one of the guys open the back door of the Bentley as he enters inside. The suit man shut the door and I watch the car drive away.


What type of man is that ?









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