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Okay, can someone tell me why you guys left the restaurant just like that ?” Piper asks from the back seat of the car as we drive to the store.


Brandon cross his arms as they stare at us. Yeah , that was a bit weird. I couldn’t even look into his eyes because they were just looking into my soul. His eyes spark in recognition and a glint of emotions that I barely could decipher. I look at Alexa as she turns to look at me. She smiles awkwardly and shrugs as she steers the wheel like a maniac she is. She’s obviously a crackhead driver like Gray.


Some weirdo was staring at us awkwardly , so we had to leave.” Alexa answers.


Some weirdo ? Staring ? I mean why ?” Piper asks.



I don’t know. They look wealthy and unpredictable. We weren’t ready for any shitty games and we left.”


What shitty game ?” Brandon asks this time.


I don’t know guys. They look weird.” Alexa answers and exhales.


What’s up with your restroom hookup ?” I change the topic. I look at Piper through the rearview mirror and her cheek already flush. She rolls her eyes and bites her lip.


Brandon chuckles and look out the window.


Sup Piper..” Alexa calls out and grins at her through the rearview mirror.


Okay , fine. We did nothing cause I freaked out at his boner. Fuckin hell. He wanted us to hook up this Sunday and I actually thought about what Ariel said…”


What did I say ?” I smirk and turn around to look at her.


She sighs.” Jamie.” She slyly smiles and pick on her nails.


I thought you said you’re not In love with Jamie.” Brandon retorts. I chuckle with Alexa.


I know okay. But we’re literally in a relationship and it’s unfair to cheat.”


How come you didn’t thought about that before running after his boner to the restroom ?” Alexa asks.


Shut up , you advised me.” Piper huffs and rolls her eyes.


Yeah , yeah, you said you wanted a weekend hookup and i talk you in. I see nothing wrong with that.” Alexa defends and dance to Justin Bieber’s ‘Intentions.’ playing slowly from the stereo.


Dumbf**k..” Piper hisses and scowls at Alexa.


Whatever. You’re still hanging out with him this weekend. You horny f**ker.” Brandon says and we laugh.


Seriously , I thought this Miami weekend is for us. Like no hook-ups or weekend s£x.” I say.


Boom. Piper didn’t thought about that.” Alexa says as she sway to the song.


Okay , can someone tell Alexa to put her hand on the damn wheel. Bitch the speed is deadly and I’m too young to die.” Piper says.


Alexa squeals and throws her hands in the air.


Alexa , hands on wheel please.” I tell her.


Whatever, scaredy cats.” She says and slow down the car. She parks the car in front of the store as we get out. Alexa pushes a button and the sunroof closes.


I look around the busy city. The tall buildings and fancy cars. This looks like New York. She gives the valet man the key and we walk in. Dresses on mannequins decorates the store. A tall brown skinned girl walks to us as she greets politely. She leads us to a closet covered with dresses. Piper giggles with Alexa as they scamper through the wares.


I roll my eyes and rub my temple. I’m really not in the mood for shopping. That awkward meeting with Sinclair is never getting out of my head anytime soon. I look at my phone for a missed call but I got none. You know it’s funny sometimes I wished Gray would call. Like i always want to call him so that I can listen to his voice. Brandon stuck his hands in his pocket at the end of the store and mutters ‘women’ as he takes a seat.


Ariel , you ain’t buying ?” Piper asks as she and Alexa turns to look at me.


Not really. I’m fine guys.” I shove my hands in my hoodie pockets and stalk to Brandon who look busy with his phone.



Damn.” I breathe out and sit next to him.


You’re okay ?” He asks.


I sigh and rest my head on his shoulders. I nod slightly and shut my eyes. Maybe I shouldn’t have suggest this weekend Miami trip if i was gonna end up thinking about Gray. I look like a lady whose husband ran away from. Brandon wraps one hand around my shoulders and stroke my hair. I smile and snuggle into him.


Seriously Ariel.” I hear Alexa’s voice. I puff and and open my eyes.


I thought we planned to shop together. What’s up with you two ? Brandon did you get a heartbreak ?” Piper asks.


Fuckin hell. We took a long trip and it has really worn me out.” Brandon answers.


I smile.” Credit card ?”


They scoffs. I open my clutch and give her my credit card. She takes it and drag Alexa to a corner. Brandon and I talk for several minutes and they won’t stop trying out several dresses. Damn, I’m bored. I look down at my phone , not a single call from Gray. Why do i want him to call me so badly. Each time I close my eyes , all i could think of is Gray and just Gray. He has finally turn to my addiction and I can’t get him out of my head. Finally, Alexa returns with Piper with each of them holding three separate bags. Great , I’m going broke.


They grins as she gives me my credit card. I take it and we get up to leave.






” Damn…”


I remove my sunglasses and look around the beach. Obviously a lot of people visit Miami today because the beach looks crowded.



Come on. I’ve seen a spot.” Piper calls out to us as she walks ahead of us. Brandon goes to the bar to get us drinks. I spread my towel on the sand below my umbrella. I remove my shirt and lay on the towel. Piper lay next to my right while Alexa sleep on the left.


Okay. This is fun.” I say and we giggles.


Where’s the sunscreen ?” Alexa asks.


I point to the bag close to Alexa. She opens it and bring out the sunscreen. She asks me to to help her apply on her back. I press the sunscreen on her body and massage it on her back.


Piper you need some ?”


Thanks, babe. I’m good.”


I give the sunscreen to Alexa and motion for her to apply on my back. I lay on my belly as she rub the sunscreen on my back. She rub down to my back and smack my butt before covering the bottle.


Silly.” I mumble and sleep on my back as i stretch my body on the towel.


So what’s gonna happen once we go back to New York ?” Piper asks.


Simple , we gonna read for exams all night.” Brandon says and rolls his eyes at us.


He gives us our drinks and we sit up. I fold my legs and glance around the beach. My phone rings and I look down at the dialer. Gray. I stand up and excuse the guys to answer.




Seriously , a white bikini ? Why did you have to dress that hot ?”



What the! I look around the beach and I’m pretty sure Gray isn’t here. Did he fly down to Miami. The sea breeze made my hair fly to different directions as i stuck it behind my ear. Just his voice and I’m wishing he’s here. I’m f**ked up already and i don’t mind.


Don’t tell me you’re in Miami.”


What if I am in Miami ?” And i could literally feel him smirking right now.


You’re not in Miami , are you ?”


I’m not.” He sighs. ” Look at your right.”


I look at my right as Nick waves at me with his right hand that’s holding a beer.


Really ? A spy ?”


Yeah. I wanna make sure some d**kwad don’t ask you out.” He says on the phone.


Seriously. Why did you have to ask Nick to look after me ?”


Not just Nick. There’s Spencer at the bar and Toni too.”


And who the hell is Toni and Spencer ?”


Breathe. I just wanna make sure you’re safe. I like your bikinis though. You look hot. And it has to be white.”


You said you’re not in Miami, Jamal. How did you know what I’m wearing ?”


I’m staring at you right now. Nick sent me a photo.”


What !” I turn to look at Nick and he winks at me.


I stomp my feet on the sand and walk to his direction.


I thought we agreed on something. I’m still angry at you.”


I know. And I’m really sorry.” He says and hangs up.


I flare and cross my arms as I stand in front of Nick.




Hi , Mrs Carter.” I cringe at his choice of last name for me.


What are you doing here ?” I ask him.


Checking on you. I need to be sure you’re safe or Gray’s gonna cook me for breakfast.” He shrugs and smirks.


Nick.” Alexa says from behind me. Nick and i turn to look at her as she smiles at Nick. Yeah, crazy sparks.


Damn. Those bikinis.” Nick says as he bites his bottom lip checking out Alexa. She’s wearing a red bikinis while Piper choose to go with black.


What you doing here ?” She cross her arms.


Looking out for her majesty.” He motions to me.


Alexa nods and smiles at me. I scoff and walk out of their flirty conversation. I dial Gray’s number and he’s not picking up. I seriously don’t know why I called back but deep down i just wanna listen to his voice. I tuck back my loose strands of hair behind my ear and go back to Piper and Brandon.









I light a cigarette and stare at the photo Nick sent me. Now I wished I was with her , to probably cover her naked body which is supposed to be seen by only me. The white bikini bottom hugs her skin and she looks irresistible. The thought of some horny f**k face wooing her irritates me. I couldn’t risk her safety and I had to send Nick and the others to look after her.


It’s nearly a week after her declaration that i should stay away from her and I’m missing her badly. This past week was terrible for me. I feel like a high school dork who got dumped by the hottest girl in school. Love is so f**kin annoying. I tried to fight the feelings but I couldn’t. She’s gonna be the downfall of me and i don’t really mind. I’m an asshole. Probably a big asshole who don’t even deserve her. I feel selfish for putting her in between my mess. Mess that i tried to fix but yet nothing’s happening.


I remembered what happened years ago. How I f**ked Sinclair up and live under the shadow for a year. Running and hiding from rivals. I had to hide underground and return whatever thing I took from him before he willingly left me. I’m such a f**ker. Like I usually f**k people up and now I had to spoil everything with Ariel.


I aggressively toss the half smoked cigarette on the ashtray and remove my tie. I throw it on my couch and walk out of my room. I need to sort out Sarai. She’s been snooping around for too long. She walks in with a file as she smiles. Fuck , I hate her smile. Reid appears from the kitchen with a pipe in his lips as sarai gives me the files. I hand it to Reid and grab her wrist.


Um , is everything okay ?” She asks as she walks behind me.


Yeah. Need to tell you something.” I tell her as we take the stairs to the basement.


Reid follows behind slowly. We climb down the stairs and the basement as usual looks dark except for the white bulb that illuminate half of the basement and it looks a bit bright. Sarai turns swiftly to look at me. Fear is written all over her face. She knows what happens in the basement. Torture.


I pull her to stand in front of me. Manny place a chair in the middle of the room and she panics.


Breathe.” I tell her and tuck her blonde strands behind her ear.


What did i do ?”


Nothing.” I say to her and gently grab both her hands behind her back. She tries to fight it and i glare at her.


Don’t fight it Sarai. I don’t wanna hurt you , don’t let me change my mind.”


She sob silently and nod. Manny gives me a handcuff and I take it. She try to panic again. I walk her to the chair and make her sit.


” Look at me. Do you trust me ?”


She blink her eyes and look at me. She nods once and breathe in sharply. Damn, how dare she trust me? I look into her eyes and cuff her hands behind her and cuff it against the chair. She yelp in fear. I lean both my hands on the armrest and look down at her.


What did i do ?”


Nothing. I’m gonna ask you some questions and you’re just gonna answer. Can you do that for me ?”


Her breathing is rapid as she nods.


Good. How did you meet Reid ?”


What ! Seriously , Gray.” Reid says as he scoffs.


I’m not talking to you , Reid. Sarai, how did you meet Reid ?” She twists her lips before answering.” Through Meghan.”


I nod and look at Reid. ” Did you f**k Meghan , Reid?”


You shouldn’t be asking me such questions.”



And I’m asking you and you’re gonna answer. Did you f**ked Meghan or not !” I yell at him.” I thought I made rules. No s£xual relationship with an employee and you had to sleep with Meghan.”


He scoffs and glares at me.” You know it’s irritating when you try to treat like Kennedy.”


I roll my eyes and look at Sarai.


What’s your relationship with Meghan?” I ask Sarai . She sob silently and blink her eyes.


I know she’s your girlfriend. I thought you were both straight. How long have you guys been dating ?”


A year.”


A whole year.” I sigh and lean both hands on her chair.


Why did she ask you to work with me ? If I could remember very well , Reid brought you to me. And you Reid, why did you bring her to me and advise me to take her in ?”


Are you interrogating me !”


Yeah. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Where did you find her ?” I ask Reid.


If you wanna ask me some damn questions , don’t do it in front of her or even Manny. I’m not your worker, Gray. I’m your friend.”


Then get out. Leave , Reid.”


He bites his lip and walks out of the basement. I look at Manny who cross his arms at the corner and shift my gaze to Sarai.



I need an answer. I want you to tell me why your girlfriend asked you to work for me.”


I don’t know.”


I shut my eyes and open them.


I don’t wanna hurt you Sarai. You’re gonna tell me everything I need to know and that includes what you and your girlfriend planned with Vladimir.”


I don’t know what you’re talking about. Reid and Meghan are friends. He told her you needed someone who’s gonna take her place and I’ve always wanted to work with the Mafia. Meghan have no connection with the Russians.” She says.


I snap my fingers at Manny. He brings another chair and a tool box. I take the chair and sit in front of her. I collect a switchblade and smirk at her.


You’re pretty and I bet you won’t be happy to have a scar. I will spare you if you tell me the truth.”


I’m telling the truth.”


I nod and trail the blade on her jawline as blood drip from her face. She whimpers and cry. I trail the blade to her ears and blood drip along with each trails.


Can I cut out one ear ?”


Please don’t. I don’t know anything. I swear.”


Alright. Maybe I should cut one ear then.” I trail the knife along her ear as the blade deep into her skin. She let out a loud wail and I stop.


Are you willing to talk or not ?”


She nods her blood filled face swiftly.



I’ll tell you what I know. Few months ago , Meghan found out about your underground warehouse through Reid. She drugged him and he told her about it. Painfully, he doesn’t where it is. It seems no one knows about it. She told me you fired her because of your girlfriend and she hated her. She planned to hurt her and make her feel the pains of loosing her job. Reid told her you needed someone and she decides I take her place. He doesn’t know about her plans. So he brought me to you.”


Why ?” I ask.


Because she wanted me to continue with whatever plans she had. She found out Vladimir wanted same thing after you took his drug deal. Then she worked with him.”


Wow..” I laugh and rub my temple. Why are they making a story out of whatever thing that happened between me and that Russian prick. It’s like I stole the deal when he’s the one who sabotaged me in front of the Chinese just so he could get the deal. I had to take back what’s mine.


About a week ago. Ariel got kidnapped. Who told them I was traveling to Chicago and where to find Ariel.”


I told Meghan you’re leaving. She’s been keeping an eye on your girl for a long time. She wanted her dead.”


And the Queen’s attack ? Also the first attack ?”


It was all Meghan. I never wanted to plan with her. I didn’t have a choice , trust me.” She whimpers and shudders in fear.


So she used you as a mole to steal informations from me…” I look at her and laugh. This is so hilarious. And Meghan had to manipulate Reid. He’s such a pu**y.


So all this is because of money ?”


I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me. I’ll never hurt anyone. I just had to do it.”


And seduce me too.”


She ask me to seduce you. Maybe you might fall for my seduction and tell me where to find it. I’m really sorry , I didn’t plan to hurt her I swear. Meghan hated her and plan to kill her in order carry on with her plans. She tried to manipulate Reid to kill her but Reid refused.” She says. I nod and stand up.


Manny go get Meghan. Tell her i got a job for her. If she refuse to come , shoot her….”








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