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So who’s this Sinclair ? And what does he look like ?” I ask Gray on our way to God knows where.


He’s nothing Ariel. Just a mob boss and don’t take that personal.” Gray answers.


Another mob boss. First it was Cage and now Sinclair is also involve with the mobs.


Why did you glare at Trent to stop talking ?”


I notice you were being uneasy and uncomfortable. Imagine someone asking if you’re a daughter to some weirdo. You didn’t like the choice of topic , I had to help.” He says.


He’s right. I was uncomfortable. Yeah , I didn’t like the topic at all. Why did he have to ask me such questions. It’s irritating.


Are you also a mob boss ?” I ask and turn to look at Gray. He doesn’t look tense or even bothered.


Why are you asking me that ? You should know me better than the others. I’ve given you a lot of information about me that I haven’t given anyone.”






I’m fine, Jamal. You worry too much about me.” I sigh.


Where do you wanna go ?” He asks and I’m grateful he chose to change the topic.


A bridge.”


He nods and speed into the night. I stay quiet and look out the window. Gray parks his car close to the bridge and we get out. My feet already aches because of these killer heels.


You’re okay ?” Gray asks beside me and wrap his hand around my waist.


Not really. Leslie told my parents I was pregnant for you and you threatened me to get rid of it. She had to make me look like I’m the one who got pregnant and aborted it.” I sigh and lean my hands on the railing. The water flows gently and i bite back the urge to jump inside.


What did your parents say ?” He asks and leans against the railing too.


I didn’t wait for a reply , I punched Leslie. Alexa had to punch her yesterday and she almost beat her up.”


Gray chuckles. I chuckle and smile.


She’s crazy and i like her.” Gray says referring to Alexa.


Yeah. She’s been like that since we were in highschool and she’s always protective of me. Most times I wish she was my sister instead of Leslie.”


Do you want me to have a word with your parents ?”


I smile and turn to look at Gray.” I’ll be fine. I just wanna be far from them.


They just bring out the worst in me.” I say as a matter of fact.


Gray sighs and look down at me.


” Did Alexa tell you what happened ? At the hospital.”



Yeah. Vladimir sent someone to kill her. She fought the man and took his life.” I explain.






Why did you choose to come to the bridge ?”


I love to watch the water at night. It’s pretty.” He smiles and nods.


What happened to your father ?”






Why are you asking ?”


I see nothing wrong in knowing about your father. What killed him ?”


He was shot.” He replies dryly.


Who shot him ? A mob or maybe a mob boss ?”


He looks at me and raises his brows. He smirks and bites his lip before looking down at the water.


Have you ever thought about changing your major ? I have a list of good ones that suits you. Journalism ?”






You make me look like I’m snooping.”


I didn’t say that. He was a bad man and maybe he made so many bad decisions and he got shot for it.”


You missed him right ?”


Fuck , no. Shit , why would I ?”


I mean he’s your father. Bad decisions or not.” I say. He nods and doesn’t say a word.


Alexa wants us to visit Miami.”


Florida ?”


I nod. He scoffs and looks away from me.


Why ?”


It’s just for the weekend. She wants us to visit the beach and have a girls time.”


And when’s that ?”


Friday ?”


“Tomorrow? Fuck. I don’t want you to go.” He sighs and watches me intensely.


” You miss me already ?”


He laughs and run his hands down his hair.


” Sort of and I don’t want anything to happen to you. You mean a lot to me Ariel.”


I move closer to him and wrap my hands around his torso from behind. He smells so good and I’m never getting enough of him. I rest my head on his back still hugging him and he stays still.


It’s just the weekend and nothing’s gonna happen to me.” I whisper audibly for him to hear.



Gray.” I bite his back when he doesn’t answer. He laughs and turns around to look at me.


I like your hair.” He smiles and run his fingers down my hair.


And I like your eyes.” He whispers and pulls me to himself.


He cups my cheek and rub his thumb on my bottom lip.


” You’re cold ?” He asks. I shake my head and smile.


He looks into my eyes and pull me into his arms. He caresses my back and hug me firmly like I’m gonna slip away. We’ve been together for so long and Gray has never voice out ‘i love you’. I might find it weird but he treats me better , like I’m the most important thing in his life.




I lay on his bed in only his t-shirt and panties. I feel weak , like feverish. I open my eyes and turn to my other side. Gray’s not around and I’m alone. It’s morning and I don’t feel like going to class. I feel sick and too weak. I shut my eyes and try to go back to bed. God , today is Friday.


Someone shut the room door and I’m certain it’s Gray. His cologne fans my nose and I smile. He lay beside me and feel my temperature.


Are you okay ?” He asks and kiss my temple. I open my eyes and shake my head sideways.

Are you on your period ?” He asks again.


I chuckle and turn around to look at him. He caresses my hair and tuck every loose strands of hair from my face.


I already passed that time of the month. I think it’s fever. I can’t stand up because I feel weak.”



Want me to cook something for you ?” I bite my lip to hold back my laughter.

Thanks. The last time you tried , you almost burn down your kitchen.”


He rolls his eyes and leans down to kiss me. He bites my bottom lip when i didn’t kiss back.


I need to use the bathroom.” I push him back gently and try to sit up. I feel so weak and dizzy.


Gray groans and carry me on his back to the bathroom. I smile and clinge unto him as we walk to the bathroom. He help me with my toothbrush and allow me brush my teeth while i stay on his back. He leans against the washbowl while I stare at our reflection in the mirror.


Thanks.” I murmur and begin brushing.


Yeah ?” He rolls his eyes and pull out his phone from his sweatpants pocket.


I rest one hand on his shoulder as the other brush my teeth. Gray switches on the water and I spit out the toothpaste from my mouth.


Hmm..” I hum and look at his phone , he was scrolling down his contact.


So who’s Catherine ?” I smirk and try to rinse my mouth which made the water drip down his chest.


He looks up at me through the mirror and smile.


A worker.”


You have too many female workers.” I whine and squirm a bit to rinse my toothbrush.



He groans and keep his phone before snatching my brush from me and he rinsed it.


I didn’t ask you to do that.”


You’re too slow.” He says and keep my brush.


Really ?” I whisper and trace my forefinger down his chest to his torso.


Ariel , you’re sick.” He mumbles and watch me through the mirror.


I didn’t say that. I’m weak actually.” I bite my bottom lip and trace it down to the waistline of his sweatpants.


I look up the mirror and our eyes meet. I snap the waistline of his sweatpants against his skin and kiss the spot below his ears. He shudders and bites his lip. I kiss down his neck to his shoulder blade as I trace my fingers on his s£x. He’s already getting hard. Since I’m on his back , my hand is being limited because he’s carrying me on his back.


” I want soup.” I say and kiss his temple.


He breathes out at my seduction and nod. We go back to his bedroom and he lay me down on his bed.


Are you skipping school today ?” Gray asks.


Yeah. Happy now ?” I pout at him. He chuckles and turns to leave.


What about Florida ? Still leaving today ?” He asks and turns to look at me.


I pout and shake my head. He smirks and walks to the door. He opens the door and shut it once he’s out.


I pick up my phone and go through it. Missed calls from my parents and friends.


Alexa sent me a message too.


FROM ALEXA: are you coming to school today or you are stuck with Daddy ?


Daddy ? Did she really have to call Gray, daddy ? I chuckle and reply her text.


To Alexa; sorry , I’m a bit sick and maybe feverish. I’ll skip this one out.


In less than a second she reply my text.


FROM ALEXA; Damn. Was he that hard on you ? Please don’t tell me you’re pregnant.


To Alexa; Jesus , no. I’m not. Alexa I have fever and maybe I’ll be home tomorrow or even today. How is your stitches. Does it hurt that much.


FROM ALEXA; you’re making me fall in love with you. You care too much about me and I’m loosing my mind already. Yeah , I’m fine. After class, I’m getting my meds. See ya later muffins.


I scoff and reply her text.


To Alexa; sure. Tell Piper and Brandon too.


I drop my phone on the nightstand and switch on the TV. Gray returns with a plate on his hand and a bottle water. He drops it on top of the nightstand. I sit up at once. ” Don’t tell me you made this ?” I ask and smirk at him.


He chuckles and sits next to me on the bed. ” I learnt my lessons , Tinkerbell. My maid is downstairs , she prepared this. And these.” He drop the pills on the nightstand next to the soup.” Are for your fever. Eat up.” I roll my eyes and pout.


He looks at me and pick up the plate to feed me. I smile and poke his cheek.




Open your mouth , will you ?”



I nod like a kid and open my mouth. He shove the content inside my mouth and I swallow. Gray feeds me till I’m full. He drops the plate back on the nightstand and give me the bottle water. I take it and gulp down the water.


Don’t forget about your drugs.” I smile.” Ooh.”


Gray frowns and watch me take it. I’m not a fan of drugs so, i literally act like a stroke patient just to swallow these. Gray force me and I luckily swallow everything.


Seriously.” He chuckles and pick up the plate and walk out with it. I lay on the bed and watch a movie.


Gray returns and pull me closer to himself. I wrap my arms around his torso as we watch the movie in silence.


So what’s gonna happen once you return from Florida ? What about my trip proposal ?”


You know I’m not turning that proposal down. I can’t imagine us being alone.” I smirk and trail my forefinger down his stomach.


Gray bites his bottom lip and look down at me. My cheeks flush to his smirk and i know the meaning of that.


I wasn’t kidding about what I planned on doing to you. Take as much pills as you want because I won’t be easy on you.” He smirks and turns to his side to look at me with his hands on my waist.


I’m sick.” I whine and pretend to shut my eyes as my hand trace down on his spine.


You’re sick ?” He chuckles. I open my eyes and pinch his back. He pinches my hips and caresses my legs.


Where do you plan on going ?” I ask.


What about a boat ride ? A yacht.”


No way.” He chuckles and pull me closer to himself.


Don’t worry , just get better already. Go to sleep , you need it.” He says. I smile and nod and snuggle into his arms.






It’s evening when I wake up. I rub my eyes and look around the room , there’s no Gray. I feel better than usual and I’m grateful. I get out of bed and open the door to go downstairs.


You wanna give me an explanation for what you did ?” I hear Gray’s voice and it’s coming from the living room.


How come you’re just asking me that ?” That’s Reid.


Maybe I thought you might develop some decency and tell me about it.” What the heck are they talking about ?


It was a mistake Gray and I don’t want to talk about it.” Reid scoffs.


A mistake ? You got her pregnant Reid. You knew they were sisters and you thought it was nice to hit it bare. Now what ? You asked her to abort it right ?”


What was I supposed to do huh ? Tell her to keep it and tell i love her. Fuck , man , you know i won’t play that dumb shit. I don’t need a f**kin kid. Even if I want one , it shouldn’t be from a slut. I picked her from a f**kin strip club man.”


Why did you have to hit it bare if you see her as a slut ? Man , you f**ked her without a f**kin condom , what’s that supposed to mean ?”



Maybe I just wanted to have fun. We’re over this issue a long time ago. You know what we’re involved with , kids aren’t part of it.” Reid says and I think he walks out.


I shake my head and go back to his bedroom.


‘You know what we’re involved with , kids aren’t part of it.’ what does that even mean ? I walk to the balcony and lean against the railing. I need to be at home and check on Alexa. The door to the balcony opens and I feel his presence behind me. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and his head nuzzles my neck. Thank God I feel better.


Hey.” I say.


Feeling better ? Or you want more soup ?” He teases and I chuckle.


Thanks , I’m fine. I heard you fighting with Reid again. You guys act like exes sometimes.”


Yeah ?” He chuckles and rest his chin on my head. ” I confronted him about Leslie.”


I sigh and nod.


I wanna go home today.”


Stay the night.” He demands. I turn around in his grasp and flatten my hands on his chest.


I need to look out for Alexa today. She got shot remember. I need to be with her today. And also we might not visit Miami this week. Maybe we’ll go next week since today is already Friday” I tell him and bite my bottom lip.


Next week ?”


I nod and wrap my arms around his torso. ” I will drop by tomorrow.” I whisper.


He caresses my back and kisses my temple.



” I might travel tomorrow.” He says.


I disengage from the hug and look up at him.” Again ? For what ?”


Business. I’m visiting Chicago. But I’ll back before Sunday.” He smirks and cups my cheek to kiss me. I turn my face to the side so he kisses my cheek instead.


Why did you have to do that ? You’re going to Miami and you’ll be fine. I’ll check on you by the way. And maybe if you return we’ll be going on our ship ride.”


Miami isn’t possible until next week. We’ve not even made arrangements.” I tell him.


Breathe, I won’t stay long.” He trails his forefinger down my jawline and lean closer to kiss me.


I wrap my arms around his neck to kiss him back. He grabs my thighs and lift me off the ground, so my legs are around his waist. He walk back to his bedroom and lay me down on his bed as we kiss. I’m already missing him and it’s annoying i don’t want him to leave tomorrow.




I tap my hands on my wheel as I drive to my apartment. I dial Alexa’s number and she picks up immediately.


Arie. Where the f**k are you ? Are you driving home ?” She asks on the phone. She sound so giddy.


Yeah. Where are you ?”


In my apartment. Gotta check things out and maybe pick up few things. I’ll be home soon.”



Sure. I’ll be waiting.” I sigh and hang up. I toss the phone on the dashboard and steers the wheel.


My phone rings in my dashboard and it’s my mom. I mute the call and park my car. The call ends and my phone rings again, this time it’s my dad. Yeah , they wanna talk about me being pregnant for Gray. So pathetic. I shut my car and walk inside the building. I take the elevator and press my floor button and wait till the elevator reach my floor. The door slides open and i step out. I open the door and walk in. I shut the door behind me and switch on the light. Where on Earth is Leslie ? She’s never at home.


I toss my bag on the couch in my room and undress myself. I take a quick shower and change into my night ware. I go to the kitchen and look through the fridge , Alexa thought it was nice not to prepare anything. I groan and shut the fridge furiously. The door swings open and Leslie storms in with a guy whose arms is around her waist. They both look drunk and wasted. She giggles to nothing and they walk down the hallway to her room. The next thing that follows Is their loud moanings.


I need to have a word with her to stop bringing men in here. A soft knock comes from outside the door and i wonder who it is. I stalk to the door and open it wide for whosoever. My heart drops to my feet at his sight. How did he find me ? I thought he was gone. I thought he flew back to Russia. How did he ever find me ?


Surprise ?” He smirks. I quickly shut the door but he beat me to it. I scream but he covers my mouth with his hand. I feel a sharp sting on my neck and I feel weak.


Please don’t tell me he just drugged me ? My feet go weak and I’m gradually going numb.


” Gray’s gonna miss you by the way.” Vladimir says.


I see two other guys but I can’t identify their faces. My vision is already blurry and I barely could feel my feet. One of his men toss me on his shoulders as they shut my door. I try to scream but I couldn’t cause I black out.












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