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“Boss , he’s here.” Manny says and I nod.


” Be alerted.” I tell him.


He nods and I take the stairs below. We’re at the top of a casino building. I take the flight of stairs down and I appear at an empty passage. I worry about Ariel , I actually told Carl and Spencer to keep an eye on her once i leave just to be sure she’ll be safe. First thing , I actually didn’t travel with a mobile phone because of this shitty business stuff.


After I left Chicago , I had to fly to italy to sort out an asshole who thought it was nice to rat me out to a goddamn dectective.


I shove my hands in my jacket pocket and stalk past the empty passage. The faint music from the club blast through the passage. I sigh once i arrive at the club. Gamblers were everywhere. They chant and laugh with shots of tequila in their grasp.


” The infamous Gray Carter.” He smirks and stops in front of me.



You’ve grown.” He snickers.


Sinclair , what do you want ?” I ask him. He chuckles and look down at me.


Who are you planning to kill this time ? Who’s the unfortunate soul Gray ?” He asks and lights his cigar.


Mind your business , Sin.”


He laughs again and he’s wasting my time. Sinclair was my father’s friend or probably my father worked for Sinclair and he made me clear his dirty deals for Sinclair. He’s never getting old.


You still owe me Gray. I haven’t forgotten your sins yet.” He says and this time I’m the one who’s laughing. He’s so f**kin hilarious.


Fuck , Sinclair. I’m passed that bullshit level.”


I wonder how many people you killed just to be on top. I took you as a son but your greedy inner man thought it was nice to go behind my back. What type of shitty man are you.” He says , reminding me what happened years ago. Fuckin hell. I didn’t even regret killing his so called biggest client. A desperate man will have to do anything to get what he wants even if you have to hurt some people.


You know the rules , Sin. You take out the ones on top to be on top. Move out of my way.” I push past him and walk deep into the club. The braless strippers entertain this horny men with their drunk friends.


Boss..” I scoff at Meghan. What’s she doing here ? Now I remembered , I picked her up from a strip club.


It’s been so f**kin long. What are you doing here ?” She smirks. Always trying hard to be seductive.


Later Meghan.” I need to meet with someone. Someone who thought it was nice to tell on me.



I see his guard at the corner of the dark club. He push himself from the wall and begin walking to the direction of a door. He twist the doorknob and we entered before he shut the door. I walk behind him in this empty passage till we arrive in front of another door. He tap his knuckles on the door as someone order us in. He opens the door for me and I entered. There he was , stupid f**ker.


Gray , please sit and play chess with me.” I draw out a seat and sit opposite him. My eyes scan around his room to his guard that stand beside him.


Tell him to leave.” I say.


What ? He’s not a threat and he’s my guard.”


No one’s trying to kill you. I want him to leave.”


He sighs and motion for his guard to leave. The guard walks out and shut the door.


So Mr Carter…” He begins as he move his chess piece.


We were doing fine before you decide to introduce Romeo to me. You know what happened at Chicago three weeks ago. I lost a lot of shit. 30 kilos to be precise.” I say and move my chess piece.


I don’t know Gray. It was a coincidence I think.”


It wasn’t. Someone had to tell on me and they planned it with Romeo. Stole my shit and rat me out. You knew he was an Italian but you promised everything was gonna be okay. I worked hard for everything. Everything Asin out of the cops slash CIA. You’re a politician and you know your duty.” I keep my eyes on him and move my piece.


I know Gray. Like i said it was a coincidence.”



And I’m telling you it was a set-up. Someone sold me out to a f**kin detective. That wasn’t supposed to happen , Tucker.” I glare at him. I quietly shove out my gun and load it calmly. It has a silencer , probably it won’t alert the others.


Did you tell on him ?” I ask him calmly.


His face pales out once. Such a f**k face. He tenses and chuckles to regain his guilt filled face.


I would never do that Gray.”


You did it , Tucker. Can I know why ?”


His pulse moves rapidly and it’s obvious. I nod and continue the game.


I’m sorry if you think I would betray you , Gray.” Fuckin politicians. Lying thieves.


I look up at him and meet eyes with his. I pick up my chess piece and kick his own piece with mine.


Checkmate.” I pull out my gun and shoot his head. He falls back on his chair and died with blood oozing out of his head.


Bitch.” I cuss and stand up.


I walk to the side of his desk and draw out his drawers. There are bunch and list of different files. I scamper through the files and see what I wanted. I pick up the flashdrive and stuff it in my pockets. I take one last look at his corpse and bring out another gun from my Jacket pocket. I check the bullet on the gun and cock the gun. I twist the doorknob and open the door. Before his guard could make a move , I shoot him. The gun shot alerted the others as they pile in with their guns. I aim at their heads and shoot at each one of them as they rush in.


Damn , Carter.” Another man cuss as he tries to pull his trigger. I slam my gun across his face as the man groans and crash on the floor hissing In pain. I scoff and shoot him.



Fuckin bastard.” Another of Tucker’s men yell as he shoots at me. I duck and shoot him. He falls down on the floor in his pool of blood.


Damn..” I breathe out and look around the passage. Lots of Tucker’s dead men. He’s such a traitor. And i hate traitors. And then I have one mole to deal with too. I’ve always suspected Meghan with Sarai. Even if she isn’t working with me anymore , that bitch has something within her sleeves, especially when I found out Meghan is dating Sarai. I thought they were both straight.


The guy I shot last whimpers. His hand moves slightly as he tries to open his eyes. I shake my head and shoot him on the head.


Dick.” I chuckle and shove my guns inside my Jacket and walk out of the casino. I took the stairs to the top of the building where Manny and Nick is waiting.


Romeo is dead. Reid shot him.” Nick says.


Boss , you should come look at this.” Manny who’s leaning on the edge of the building with a sniper rifle in his hand, says. He motions to me as I take the sniper rifle. I look into the telescope and the sight made me gasp.


Ariel. Fuck.”


Vladimir’s right hand man drag her out of his car aggressively. I see Vladimir at the corner smoking his stupid cigar. The total of them were four , including Vladimir.


Take out the two on my command.” I say to Manny and rush down back into the building.


This is all my fault. I’m always getting her into trouble and seriously I feel selfish. It’s just a billion dollars and I have more than that. I’m giving him back his money if that’s gonna end this bullshit fight. How did he even fine her ? I thought I ask Carl and Spencer to look after her. I take the backdoor through an abandoned room in the casino and it leads to the warehouse.



She means everything to me. I’d give my life to see her happy. She makes me happy and hurting her and I’m gonna loose my mind.








Leave me alone..” I thrash at the huge man to free from his grasp , it’s fruitless. I’m tired of this stupid game. And if i walk out alive this time , I’m moving away from him. But that’s impossible. He makes me want him despite his shitty act. This ruthless fella drags me out of the car and he shuts the door. Vladimir smiles at me and inhale his cigar. The odor is so suffocating and I feel like puking.


Where’s Gray ? I feel like I’ve literally lost it.


Look who decides to join the party.” Vladimir chuckles with his cigar in between his lips. I look up and my eyes meet with that one man who makes me want him. That same man who I just can’t avoid. I breathe out and silently whimper. Why did I have to be in the middle of their mess.


Just seeing him right close to me makes my heart melts. He’s always so dangerously perfect. Why do I have to fall in love with him. I knew his world was dangerous but I didn’t care. I saw through his flaws and saw a man who deeply cares about me. A man who always wanna make me happy. A man I’ve come to fall in love with. The huge man push me to Vladimir as the three men point their guns at Gray. Vladimir has his own gun against my temple. I’m already whimpering as usual. I’m sobbing and this isn’t funny. Am I gonna die miserable ? What if I die.. oh God Ariel think positive. He cocks his gun against my temple and that’s it. My spirit left my body and I can’t feel my feet. I panicked.


Drop your gun Gray.” Vladimir order. I look at Gray and he’s obviously holding a short gun. I actually know a short gun when i see one. Thanks to Alexa.


Gray nods his head and slowly squat down to drop his gun. He stands up and exhales sharply.



Kick it over.” Vladimir says with his gun still pressed against my temple. This isn’t funny , i want to get the hell out of here.


Gray , kick the gun away.” Vladimir says through gritted teeth and I’m sure he’s glaring right at Gray from behind me.


Gray quickly nods and kick the gun away.


Vladimir , don’t do this. I will do anything you want, just don’t hurt her. Please.” Gray pleads.


Vladimir chuckles.” This is so unusual. He just said please..” Vladimir shakes his head. I sob and lock eyes with Gray. His eyes are soft and he’s apologising through them.


Let her go. I’ll give you the money you want. Don’t touch her.” He warns.


What if I don’t want the money ? What if I need something else ?” Vladimir asks.


What do you want ?”


Please don’t say you want the girl. Cause I’m not liking this game anymore.


” Your underground warehouse.”


Gray chuckles.” Fucker.” He quickly pulls out another gun from his jacket and shoot Vladimir’s hand including the man closest to him. The two other men falls on the ground dead and I think someone else shot them.


Vladimir chuckles and wince to his bleeding arm. He already drops his gun due to his already bleeding arm that Gray shot.


We shouldn’t do this.” Gray says walking to my frame that’s already huddled in a corner whimpering. I’ve seen too much dead people in this twenty years of my life.



Don’t come after her again and I’m giving you your one billion I got from the f**kin contract.” Gray says.


And the money you’ve been making from it ?”


That shit’s passed.”


You know if I don’t come after her , others will. You’re just a desperate f**k head. Why don’t you save your little princess and let her go.”


Shut the f**k up.” Gray yells.


I bet you didn’t tell her you killed…”


Don’t.” Gray cut him shot.


Oh I see. You didn’t tell her..” Vladimir chuckles.


Vladimir , shut up.” Gray glares at him. And this is making more sense. Who did he kill again.


Yeah. You know you killed your father.” He says as Gray pulls the trigger. I sob and cover my ears as Gray continues to shoot at him. I didn’t notice I’m curled up on the floor. My eyes meet Vladimir’s dead body on the floor with several bullets on his body. Holy, baby , Jesus.


Are you f**kin crazy ?” I yell at him.


Let’s get you home.” He grabs my arm but I snatch it away from him.


Don’t touch me. You just killed him.”


I have to.”


Yeah ? You’re just a sick head. You’re not okay , you need a psychiatrist.” I yell with tears filled eyes and begin to walk away from him. I hear a loud gun shot and I run back to Gray.



” Tinkerbell come on.” Gray groans and toss me on his shoulder.


I sob and shake my leg but that didn’t stop the sudden shootout. Gray points his gun at the two new shooters and pulls the trigger , both men fall down dead.


The shot didn’t end there. I shut my eyes and cover my ears already crying like a six years old. Who knew falling in love could be this hard , especially with someone like Gray. Gray groans and cuss and I think he run out of bullets.


I open my eyes and obviously as expected , he killed all of them. He was really an Hitman before. A ruthless one at that.


Let’s get out of here.”


Drop me now.” I order but that was fruitless. He hurry pass a door with me on his shoulder. I cuss and smack his back till I got tired. We arrive at the top of a building and a chopper is waiting for him at the top.


I am placed inside the chopper with Gray. I already lost my voice and my face is covered with tears. Gray help me with my seatbelt and i totally ignore him. I look worn out and empty. I lean against the window totally frustrated. Manny and Nick get in as the chopper take off. I didn’t bother to look at Gray or the others. I lean against the window through out the ride. He has done a lot of things. I can’t believe Vladimir is dead already. Part of me appreciated it but same time I hated it. He was fighting for what’s his and Gray took it. He even killed his father. What type of man does that ? After several hours, the chopper begins to land on an empty space. I slept all through the ride and it’s evening. I think we’re in New York.


” Tinkerbell , let’s go.” I didn’t reply him.


I step out of the chopper with Gray and the others. Two cars already awaits us. Nick and Manny entered one of the cars with the driver. Gray motion for the other driver to follow them and he oblige. The chopper take off including Manny and Nick’s car. Now I’m left alone with Gray.


Gray , I don’t wanna be with you anymore.” I say.


What if I wanna be with you ? What are you gonna do about it ?” He asks, walking slowly to my frame that’s still scared. I’m scared of him already.


You’re not Gray.” I silently say.


You make me crazy , Ariel. You drive me crazy if that’s what you wanna know.”


Why did you kill your father ?” I ask suddenly. He stops in front of me with his eyes lingering over mine. My heart is hammering against my chest. He’s the only person who always make me feel this way. Only him.


He was an asshole.”


Why ? That’s not even an answer. Who even killed their own father.” I sniffle.


I don’t wanna talk about it.”


Oh yes !” I yell.” You don’t wanna talk about it. Vladimir told me everything. So Summit is a Mafia ? Gray a Mafia. What am I supposed to do with you ?”


What ever you want..” he takes a step closer to me and we’re so close that I could literally feel his pink lips against mine , kissing me. You know the funny part, he didn’t deny anything.


His eyes flutters and I’m just hypnotized by just staring into his grey orbs. My heartbeat is so fast right now. His right hand wrap around my neck and he pulls me to him. Our eyes are locked against each other. His thumb caress slowly against my cheek and that surprisingly soothe my skin. Ariel , breathe. Buddy killed his father.


Gray why didn’t you tell me ? Do you know how it feels to hear something like that from someone else. Your damn rival! Gray a Mafia, not even some tiny criminal organization but some shitty organization with smuggling and drugs. You’re even their boss. A mob boss. I asked you if you were a mob , you lied to my face. You couldn’t even tell me. You made me look like a fool. A stupid nerdy



teenage girl. Fine I get it, i knew you’re criminal , but mob , blood of God. When did you plan on telling me ? When you must have gotten tired of me!” I yell.


Ariel ,it’s not what you think. I’m sorry i lied, even if I really didn’t lie to you. I have my reasons for withhelding such information from you.”


What reasons ? What stupid reasons ? You have no reasons at all. If I didn’t see you pull out a gun the first time , you wouldn’t even tell me you’re a criminal. Why did you have to keep everything from me. I’m tired of being in the middle of your shitty games. Vladimir had to shoot me.”


I’m sorry. For the shot. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to save you.” He mutters and cup my cheek with his thumb pad stroking my cheek.


Why did you kill your father ?” I ask.


He was an asshole, don’t bug me about it.”


The f**k! I shouldn’t ask why he killed his father ? How did I get into this mess.


I swat his hands off my face and wipe my eyes with my fingers.


I can’t do this. I can’t do it anymore. He was right. Even if he doesn’t come after me , your other enemies will. Gray you’re a Mob boss. I might be timid but I’m not dumb. I know what’s a Mafia. The fights never end. I can’t , just leave me alone.” I sigh and step away from me.


Stop walking out of my life. What am I supposed to do with it ?”


Do whatever thing you want. Leave me alone. Fuckin rich people…” I hiss and kick his car.


Damn. Pain travel through my shin at the impact of the kicking. He shove his hands in his pocket and watch me.


Do not come after me. Don’t stop at my apartment. Don’t call me. Leave me alone. Stay away from me. I can’t deal with someone like you. Why did you kill your father ? Nothing. You’re always too hard to deal with.” I groan.



Tinkerbell, I’m sorry.”


Don’t call me Tinkerbell. Are you happy ? Always running from enemies and guns.”


I don’t run , princess. A bullet don’t f**kin scare me. You’re the only thing that makes me run lately. You don’t even know how much you mean to me. You’ve made me done a lot of shit that i don’t even think I would do. I can’t watch you walk out of my life after you gave it meaning.”


Really ? You’ve got enemies everywhere. Now ask yourself , is it worth it ? You’re always on the chase. And you wanna risk my life because of your shitty games. What’s with you wealthy people ?”


Don’t act like being broke is pretty cute. I’m sorry and i mean it. I want you Ariel. You can’t just steal my heart and walk away with it.”


You’re a crackhead , Gray. You lied to me. Manipulated me. Put my life in danger and I had to fall in love with you. I’m in love with you how am I supposed to deal with that. I advised myself, but I wasn’t ready to listen because, you’re a god at making people do what you want. Stay the f**k away from me.” I poke his shoulders as I say these words.


You’re in love with me ?” Damn. Is he okay ? I mean out of all the things I said , the only thing he could ask me is if I’m in love with him. Oh my God. He needs a psychiatrist.


Answer me , Ariel.” He says and step forward.


Don’t come any closer. You asshole. Manipulating asshole.” I hiss and turn to walk away from him.


Fuckin rich people.” I mutter and begin walking. I don’t even know where I’m going but I keep on walking anyways.



And it hurts to watch him let me walk away. And part of me hated the fact that


he didn’t stop me. Why….








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