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I stand up from my chair and rush after Leslie.


Ariel.” Alexa calls out but i ignore them.


Leslie.” I call out her name.


She stop walking down the sidewalk with Hazel. She turns to look at me and cross her arms. I stalk towards her and sigh. Her mascara already smudge her eyes and she looks pale. I take a step forward and stuff my hands in my back pockets.


” I’m really sorry about what happened.” I say.


She raises her brows and laughs. Hazel chuckles and glares at me.



Stop acting like I’m the cause of whatever thing that happened back there. I wanted to make sure you’re okay.”


Why should you care ?” Leslie asks.


Maybe because we’re sisters and we should always look out for each other.”


I don’t f**kin care about you. I mean you’re this little tiny girl who’s got popular and almighty Gray wrapped around her fingers. And you have a f**kin Ferrari too. Don’t act like you care about me , you don’t f**kin care about anyone.”


Oh yeah really ? You think if I don’t care about you I won’t be out there telling Mom you got pregnant for Reid ? Reid , Leslie. Gray Carter’s closest friend. And then you secretly abort it because what ?”


Fuck you, bitch. Don’t think you’re better than me. You’re still a slut who got lucky for having to sleep with Gray.”


Really ? Why are you hard on yourself ? Why are you even jealous of me? You’ve always wanted everything I have and thankfully you’ve got it. Our parents liked you more than me and hopefully they listen to your bullshit.” I scoff and turn to walk away from her. I stop and turn to look at her. She’s still standing there and Hazel is whispering something to her.


And also I’m glad Hayden dumped your cheap ass.” I say and leave. I walk into sands and winches and sit down on our booth. I’m so angry right now and I regretted ever going after her.


You’re okay ?” They ask.


I nod and sip my drink.


She’s annoying. I wanted to be sure she will be fine and then she just blow out on me. What an ass.” I groan and bite my lip.



You shouldn’t have followed her. You and I know Leslie is a lunatic.” Alexa scoffs and rolls her eyes.


Damn you really uploaded this on Snapchat.” Brandon mutters and turn his phone to face us.


Alexa ?” I scowl at her. She winks and stuff her mouth with tacos.


Woah. A lot of views. Leslie standing on the way of love.” Piper smirks and laughs.


I shake my head and scoff. We finish our meal and leave the restaurant. I attend my last class and drive home with Alexa. We get out of my car and walk into the building. She’ll be staying at my apartment for the day because of whatever thing that happened. I’m also driving her to the hospital to change her bandage and make sure the gun shot wound Is well treated.


I can’t believe Hayden will leave me for that ugly brunette.” Leslie cowers as we walk in.


Alexa slumps on the couch and drop Blue on the floor.


” You’re okay , Leslie ?” Alexa asks with her taunting smirk.


Leslie doesn’t look okay. She looks like she’s been crying. Her knees her pull up to her chest with her arms around her knees.


Why don’t you mind your business.” Leslie says through gritted teeth.


Damn , you’re already famous on Snapchat.”


You uploaded that ?” Hazel asks.


Yeah. You have issues with that ?” Alexa asks.


You’re so annoying. I mean why would you do that ?”



I don’t know. Maybe I just thought it’s a nice idea to let the world laugh at you.” Alexa says calmly. She points at Leslie and burst into squeals of laughter. This is so embarrassing.


Why are you here in the first place ?” Leslie asks.


Fuck you.” Alexa spits and pick up the TV remote. She cross her legs and tune the television.


I sigh and go to my room. I’m really exhausted right now and what I want is a good sleep and maybe a massage. I quickly shower and clean myself off the water. I open my closet and decide against skirt and dress. I put on a black flay dress with sleeves and white collar. It drop on top of my knees as I step inside my flats. I brush my hair and curl it. I stare at my reflection and sigh. I comb the curls and it turns to waves. I smile at my reflection and pick up my bag. I walk back to the living room and stop in my track. Alexa is exchanging words with Leslie.


Jesus , Alexa. Let’s get out of here.” I grab Alexa’s elbow and drag her out of the apartment.


She breathes in once we step inside the elevator and brush her black hair off her face.


What was that all about ?” I ask.


She’s a hoe.” Alexa replies and scoffs.


She’s so f**kin lucky. If not for this stupid bullet wound , I would have beat her up so bad.” She sighs.


Blue whimpers on the floor. I bent down and pick her up as I caress her.


“I’m really sorry about that.” I say. She nods and tuck her loose strands behind her ear. We walk out of the elevator and slide into my car.


I drop her off at the hospital and she ask me to leave that she’ll be fine and she’ll hail a cab. I give her Blue and leave. I ignite the engine and start driving. 10



minutes later , I arrive at Sterling Corp. Now I’m nervous. What am I supposed to tell him ? I remember his coffee and drive back to the Cafe to get it. Thank God , there’s no que. I paid for his espresso and walk back to my car.


I pull my car close to other cars and step out. I rush into the building and greet the lady at the reception. She reply as I walk past her. Most workers stare at me for some awkward reasons but I’m sure it’s because of my outfit.


Hey , there.” The manager greets as she stands in front of me.


Hi. Good afternoon.”


She smiles weirdly and nod.


I like your dress. Where did you get it ?” She ask.


At the store.”


What store ?” I roll my eyes at her ridiculous question as i walk past her.


“Sleeping with Gray Carter shouldn’t make you feel special. You’re still a slut.” I hear the manager mutters.


I bite my tongue and breathe in. I’m not gonna reply that. I take the elevator and press Theo’s floor button. I lean against the wall and wait till it ascend. It stops and the doors slide open. I drop my bag on my desk and knock on his door.


” Who’s there ? Whatever just come in.” He says from inside.


I open the door slowly and walk inside. I shut the door and turn to face him. He has a visitor and they seems to notice my presence cause they stop talking. Both men turn around as I stare at Freddie. What’s he doing here ?


Miss Peterson.” Theo looks down at me. I gulp and shift my gaze to Freddie who won’t stop looking at me.


I’m sorry.” That’s the first word that escape from my mouth.



” Wait outside.” Theo says and dismiss me. I nod and drop the coffee on his desk.


I give Freddie one last look before leaving. I take a deep breath and relax on my chair. I switch on my system and I’m guilty that I haven’t used it for ages. Not too long Freddie walks out with his hands inside his pants pocket. He walks to my desk and lean on it.




Freddie. Hey.”


I never knew you worked here.” He says and look down at my face.


Oh , I’m actually an intern.”


That’s great. Why Sterling ? Why not Summit ?”


I shrug. I can’t just tell him my reasons.


It’s been so long. You look different ,Beautiful actually.” I nod and give him a fake smile.


Thank you.” I stand up to go to Theo’s office.


Your boyfriend warned me to stay away from you. I missed you though.” He says.


I sigh and bite my lip. Yeah maybe I missed him too. The old him. The him that will never take advantage of me because he liked me and couldn’t tell me he liked me.


” Later , Freddie.” I flash him a tight lip smile and knock on Theo’s office door.


Freddie sighs deeply and walk to the elevator. I open the door and walk into Theo’s office.



Your boyfriend told me why you skipped two days.”


I’m really sorry. It was an emergency.”


Sex emergency ?” He smirks and furrows his brows. I look everywhere but him.


Why are you dressed like that ?” What’s wrong with my outfit ? God , not again.


Is it that bad ?”


You look hot.” He compliments. I mentally roll my eyes and stand still.


You will have to work past your normal closing time.” He motions his head to his shelves.


Take the files at the top , you know what to do with that. And also order me McDonald’s.” He says. I nod and walk to the shelf stack with files.


I carry the top files from the top shelf and it’s a lot. I groan and flash him a fake smile before leaving. I order the McDonald’s and begin working. It took it about 30 minutes before it arrive. I take the delivery and take it to his office. The day rolls by and I’m already done. I pick up my bag and inform Theo that I’m leaving. He ask me to get him coffee before leaving. I groan and shut his door before rushing to the elevator. Gray already filled my phone with missed calls including Alexa.


I shove my phone out and dial Alexa’s number. She pick up at the second ring.


Ariel.” She drawls.


Are you okay ? How are you feeling ? Did the doctor check the wound ?” I ask walking down the sidewalk to the Cafe.


I’m fine. Leslie had been sulking like forever.” She chuckles.



Yeah , she just got her heart broken and it’s all over the internet.” I say sarcastically and walk into the Cafe.


Where are you ?” Alexa asks.


In a Cafe , to buy coffee for Theodore.”


Aww. Is he asking you out already ?”


Really Alexa..” I laugh. Theodore always check me out and that’s obvious but ask me out , I bet he won’t dare.


The waiter give me my coffee and i paid. I walk out of the Cafe and hurry back to the company.


There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re gonna leave for Gray’s right ?” She asks.


Yeah. You know he wants me to come over.”


Ooh. I can already hear you moaning his name.” She muses on the phone and I’m already blushing.” Yes Gray , that spot Gray…” she fake moans on the phone.


Alexa , please stop.” I bite my lip and walk faster to take the elevator. I can’t believe I had to imagine us making out.


She laughs on the phone.” Whatever. Enjoy yourself okay. He’s all yours , do to him whatever you want.”


Yes, mother.” I roll my eyes and press the top floor button on the elevator.


Take care , will you ?”


Sure.” I smile and hang up.


I knock gently on Theo’s door and he order me in. I walk in and drop his coffee on the table. He leans back on his chair and eyes my form.


I’m just gonna leave sir.”


Sure.” He answers softly and watch me walk out of his office. He’s always a pervert. I quickly rush inside my car and drive out of the lot.


I stop by at the store to buy a dress. My phone buzz in my bag and it’s a text message from Gray. Telling me he’s waiting for me and he misses me. I drop a quick text , telling him I’m close as I shut the door. I walk into the store and the salesgirl welcomes me. I look through her closets and mannequins. I settle for a silver colored strap dress with glitters and it’s mid thigh too. It has a choker too. I bought a strapless glass stilettos and pay. I decide to buy a new set of bikinis since Alexa wants us to visit Miami. I need to tell Gray about it. I bought three different colors of bikinis and paid before leaving. I fasten my seatbelt and drive out of the store.


I halt my car in the garage and step out of it. I walk into the living room and everywhere looks quiet as usual. Manny walks out of the kitchen and smile slightly at me.


Where’s Gray ?” I ask Manny.


Rush out with Reid. He’s gonna be back soon.” I nod and climb up the stairs. I walk into his bedroom and keep the items i bought in his closet.


I look around his room and walk to the balcony. I lean on the rails and look at the swimming pool. It’s bright blue waters sparkles and it’s inviting. Maybe I can just take a swim. I walk back to his room and change into a yellow bikini. The clothing is so tiny and it fits perfectly. I pick up a blue towel and rush down the stairs. Manny look up from his phone and he’s checking me out.


I sit on the deck and slowly get inside the water. I shut my eyes and duck under the water. The water is a bit warm and it soothes my skin. I bring my head out of the water and sweep my hand through my hair. I swim from one edge to the other and dive beneath the water. I stay there for minutes till I heard voices. I swim to the top and bring my head out of the water.



Gray stands next to Reid and they stand afar from the pool. Not that far though but it isn’t close either. He is always hot in every simple clothing. He wears a red colored hoodie and black Nike sweatpants. A cigarette dangles between his lips as he stares at me while Reid talks. His hands are tuck deep in his pockets as he takes out one hand to puff out the smoke.


I smile at him as Reid turns to look at me. Reid looks at me and bites his bottom lip. His eyes are dark and different this time from the eyes I’ve come to get used to. I get off the water and wring out water from my hair. They talk some more and both men are always staring at me. Reid sighs and look down at my body through the tiny little bikini that I’m wearing. I can’t believe he is checking me out.


Gray say something to Reid and he shrugs. He hands his half cigarette to Reid as he puffs out the smoke. Gray looks at Reid and then tells him something. They are too far from me and I can’t hear a thing. It sound as if they are murmuring. Reid looks at me one last time before walking away. Gray walks slowly to the deck with his hands in his pockets. He squats beside me and turns to look at me. Great! He smells like who just passed through hell.


What are you wearing ?” I raise my brows and smirk at him , wiggling my feet inside the water.


Don’t like it ?” I smirk and wink and stylishly tuck my damp hair beside my ear.


Don’t try to seduce me.” He says calmly.” Come on. Let’s get inside.” He stands up and shove his hands in his hoodie pockets.


I’m not yet tired.” I dive back into the water and swim to the middle.


Tinkerbell , you’ll get cold.”


Why don’t you get in with me ?” I ask.


Is that why you decide to wear that. That’s so tiny and too exposed.” He whines.


I thought you like exposed.” I taunt him.



He leans closer to the deck and squat. ” Exposed for only my eyes. Now come on , let’s go. You’re going out with me tonight.”


Is it a club ?” I ask.


It’s a surprise.”


Will you tell me ?” I pout and push my hair to the side.


Swim closer.”


I smirk. I know he’s trying to play naughty and I like it. I swim to the deck and get in between his legs. He grabs my waist and pull me out of the water.


Jamal.” I squeal. He ignores my ranting and tosses me on his shoulder.


Shit..” he groans when he touches my butt. The bikini bottom cover the up of my butt while the bottom is exposed.


Why did you wear this ?” He groans as he walks into the house.


Where did you go with Reid ?”


We went to handle business.” He simply states. I roll my eyes as he walks into the living room. Reid is the first person I see, before Nick and Manny and two other weirdos that work for Gray. I don’t even know their names. I’m still on his shoulders as he takes the stairs.


Did you see their eyes ? They were staring at you. Checking you out.” He whines and shut the door to his bedroom.


Gray, it’s just a bikini and girls wear this at the beach.” He drops me on the floor with his hands around my waist.


You are wet.” He smirks and trace his hand down my spine to my waist and then he grabs my butt. My hands flatten on his chest and I bite my lips.


Is it one of your clubs ?”


No. Just a random club. I’m meeting someone and I want you to come so i won’t get bored.” He leans down a bit to kiss me. I stand on my toes and wrap my hands around his neck to kiss back.


He grabs my thighs and wrap my legs around his waist as we kiss. Gray walks me to his table and sit me on it. He stands between my legs and kisses down my neck. I moan as he adores my neck with his lips. He kisses down my collarbone and then in between my br**sts.


” Gray.” Reid’s voice calls from outside with a knock.


He groans in between the kiss and bites my bottom lip. He gives me one last kiss and walk to his door to answer Reid.


Busy ?” I hear Reid’s voice from the door.


Maybe. Called him ?”


Yeah. We gotta leave.” Reid says.


Gray groans and turns to look at me. I’m still sitting on his table with my bikinis.


Hold on a minute.” He walks back to me and wraps his hands around my waist. His head nuzzles my neck and he smirks in between my neck.


I’ll be back. Need to settle business with someone.”


And you’re going with Reid ?”


He moves his head back to look into my eyes. ” Yeah. And I won’t be long. We’ll skip the party for tomorrow , I’m really sorry.” He kisses my forehead and bites my earlobe.


” What’s my surprise ?”


He smiles and shove out a necklace from his hoodie pockets. It’s a pendant.


I saw it yesterday and I liked it. Thought you might like it.” He says and wear me the necklace


I hold the pendant and smile. It’s a gold pendant and without doubts this is gonna be expensive.


” Thanks Jamal.” I kiss his cheek.


He bites his lips and pinch my hip. I swat him and chuckle.


It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I say and smile.


I’m glad you like it. You’re just gonna change into something less s£xy and wait for me. I won’t stay long.” He says.


I nod and pout.


Don’t look at me like that or, I’ll bend you on this desk and take you right here.” He whispers and runs his forefinger down my spine.


That won’t be a bad idea.” I smirk and rub my palm down his chest.


He leans closer and whisper.” Stay awake for me tonight , will you ?” He kisses down my neck and pinch my hip again.


I suck in a deep breath and nod.


That’s a good girl.” He kisses my cheek one last time and turn to leave.


Becareful.” I tell him as he leaves the room.


I look down at the pendant and hold it. I hop out of the table and saunter to the bathroom to take a shower. I change into his t-shirt and oversized sweatpants before going down the stairs to prepare dinner in the kitchen. After making dinner, I go back to his bedroom and text the guys till I fall asleep.







I hurriedly prepare for work since I don’t have classes today. Gray is still not yet back. I microwave the remaining of yesterday’s dinner after Nick ate some. I got dressed on my previous clothes and drive to my apartment. I was a bit angry. I mean he told me he was gonna come home and he’s not yet back. His phone number isn’t going through and it’s annoying.


I quickly take the elevator once I arrive in my apartment. I shut the door and go straight to my room , Alexa is not around. I change my dress and rush out of the house. I drive straight to Sterling Corp and park my car. Today will definitely be stressful for me. Mom called that she missed us and she wants us to come visit. Deep down, I don’t feel like going but i have to. I round up work for the day and go back to the apartment. Gray hasn’t called or even reply my text.






Leslie and I helped my mom in the kitchen as we take the food to the dinning table. Leslie has been shooting me unending glares and I don’t even care about her right now. We sit down to eat after dad said a prayer.


Ariel , who owns the Ferrari you brought ?” Mom asks.




Yours ?” Dad asks and look at me.


It’s mine.” I say and look around the dining room. Leslie smirks and snarls at me.


Who bought you a Ferrari ? That’s a lot of grand Ariel and you’re in college. You can’t afford a Ferrari.” Mom says.


Gray bought it. You’re okay now ?”


Gray bought you a Ferrari ? Your mom and I don’t even have a Ferrari.”


That’s because you chose not to have one.” I sigh and roll my eyes. This conversation is disgusting.


I thought you guys are done. I mean we advised you to focus on school and get a better man and you still had to date Gray ? You’re aware of what you’re dealing with right ? If you get pregnant before marriage, you’ll have to deal with it alone. Because me and your father won’t have nothing to do with whatever thing you decide to bring. I mean it Ariel and that goes for you Leslie. I won’t tolerate fornication in our family ,not even a stupid pregnancy with or without the father.”


What on Earth am I really doing here in the first place. First of all, Gray didn’t come home last night , and he’s not picking my calls or replying to my texts. And now my mother. It’s really funny they didn’t find out about Leslie’s pregnancy and abortion. I’m too annoyingly nice.


“So how’s school ?” Dad asks diverting from mother’s rantings. I didn’t reply , not sure of who he’s talking to.


School’s great.” Leslie replies.


What about you Ariel ?” Dad asks.


Fine.” I reply flatly.


Of course it’s fine , you’re sleeping with Gray Carter.” Leslie hisses.


I drop my fork and turn to look at her. ” And what’s that supposed to mean ?”


She chuckles.” Seriously , Ariel. Why can’t you tell our dear parents you got pregnant for Gray Carter and you aborted it because he told you he never liked you and he’s just using you for s£x.”


” What !”















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