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Chapter 5


Written By Goddy Francis




I nervously rub my already sweaty palm against my arm. I’m nervous as usual and funny part he’s smoking a cancer stick. He Inhales the stick , exhaling out the smoke through his nose. I cough giving him space since his cigar is still stuck in his mouth.


My bad.” He takes it out and throw the blunt on the ground before stepping on it , squeezing his shoe on it.


We’re cool ?” He ask and raise his brows.



I didn’t reply but stare at his eyes. I’ve already lost my breath. It’s so annoying he makes me nervous.


You really don’t have to keep on checking me out.” He states. I look away embarrassed and face this bartender who was standing in front of us.


That’s really crazy. I’ve been standing here for minutes and the bartender didn’t even bother to look at me or ask what i needed. And this cute stranger showed up and he’s already here to take his orders.


Tequila for me. Take the girl’s orders.” The bartender nods and then look at me.


Do you have any liquid that’s basically not alcohol ?” I ask. Stranger looks at me weirdly including the bartender. Did I just make a fool out of myself ?


Get her cocktail.” Stranger answer. The bartender nods and left to get what he ordered. I badly wanted to ask what’s a cocktail but I shamelessly seal my mouth. All thanks to my parents.


So what are you doing in a club ?” He asks and look at me taking in my figure. I know i look shamelessly different tonight.


It shouldn’t be your business. Thanks for saving me by the way.” I sigh and tap endlessly on the counter trying to hide my nervousness.




I stand impatiently close to this stranger and for some reasons best known to him, he’s always staring at me. Am I that horrible ? The bartender returns with a bottle and I’m sure that’s tequila. He drops the bottle on the counter and three glasses of what I assume is cocktail.


It’s not really bitter, Snow White.” I roll my eyes and look at the bartender.


How much ?”


Nevermind.” Stranger said and dig out his wallet to pay.



Please don’t. I can pay my bills myself.” I don’t even know how much.


It’s fine , Tinkerbell.” He paid the bartender.


You don’t have to be annoying. You helped me out the other day and I really didn’t say thank you.”


I open my mouth to talk but nothing comes out. He looks breath taking and intimidating.


” You can join my table if you want.” He smirks and I really couldn’t speak.


I thought about Leslie and Alexa. They might be looking for me and on a second thought they are drunk and they wouldn’t care about me.


” I’m fine. Thanks for this.. cock..” I scoff.”Whatever.”


He nods and left with his tequila and a glass. I watch him walk back to the darkest part of the club. I carried my drink and head back to the girls. Just like I pictured they are both drunk.


Sup Ariel. Having fun ?” Leslie asks gulping a liquid which I assume is alcohol.


Yeah.” I drop the cocktail on the table and sit down. I sip it and it tastes like mix fruits. I smile to it’s taste and continue to sip.


Hey babe..” a black haired guy said kissing Alexa. I roll my eyes and slurp my cocktail. That must be her boyfriend.


Hey babe” She giggle and playfully caress his hair. He whisper something to her and she giggle again.


Bye ladies.” Alexa says and left with this brunette. Just like that.



I roll my eyes getting tired. Seriously this place called club is boring. I wish I was at home ,maybe reading my book. And then it dawn to me about my parents reactions tomorrow.


Ariel , don’t think about it. Have fun.” My conscience whisper. I hate her.


I’ll be back sis. I wanna dance.” With that said, I watch Leslie walk out too. Now I’m terribly bored.


I look around the club scared to get woo again by some drunk aggressive man. I already consumed a glass of cocktail and I’m in my second glass.


” You shouldn’t get used to that. It’s like poison.” I heard that familiar voice.


I look up and his amazing grey eyes greeted me before his smirk. He sits on the opposite chair and drop his bottle of tequila that’s already half consumed.


You look tipsy.” I didn’t reply but stare far from his eyes. Continuous staring at those eyes and I’ll be humiliated. I barely could make out words when I’m with him.


What are you doing here ?”


Your friends abandoned you to f**k some random boy.” Great. How can he be so comfortable talking so rough.


I hate cursing.” I tell him and it burst out like a whisper.


I noticed.” He mutters and gulp his alcohol.


His eyes stare at me and land on my figure in front of him. His eyes were all over my body and I’m scared. He’s unpredictable and not readable.


You club ?” He asks landing his eyes on mine.




” Then what are you doing here ? Dressed like that ?”


My hands left my half consumed cocktail and sneak beneath the table as i fiddle them. I know i look stupid. Like some random girl and I hate feeling that way. Stranger scoffs and shake his head sideways before gulping his drink.


I don’t even know you.”


I think it’s better that way.” He states and sit back his drink. I take out the straw and empty the remaining cocktail with just one gulp. I feel different again, like I’m a bit drunk.


I rub my temple and raise my eyes to meet this tatted stranger looking right back at me.


What are you doing here ?” I ask him.


To party and get laid.” He replies flatly.


Getting laid ?” I find myself touching my hair and that’s not likely me.


Yeah. Why ?”


I giggle. Great , when did I start giggling ?


Every random hot girl would wanna lay with you.” I bite my lip and sip my third cocktail in a really s£xy way. This isn’t good. I’m drunk and I can’t stop myself.


You’re hot.” I tell him and slowly touch his hand that’s resting on the table.


His stare his dark and not leaving my eyes. I withdraw from his hand and shift on my chair. I’m sweating and that’s really weird.


You’re drunk.”


I’m not..” I giggle.


You like to play ?” I touch his hand and his gaze isn’t leaving mine.


You wanna play ? I bite hard.” He flirts and I think my heart skip a beat. Being drunk is stupid.


How hard do you bite ?” I flirt back and twist my hair again before sipping my third glass of cocktail.


Really hard.” I smirk and it’s crazy I want someone.


What’s your name ?” I ask him.


He didn’t reply but look at me with those breath taking eyes of his. He’s making me hot in every uncensored parts in me. He glares at me and drink his tequila till it’s empty. He stand up and grab my arm leading me outside. I giggle stupidly following him from behind.


” Why don’t you want me ? Am I ugly ?” I whine behind him.


He stays quiet and continue to walk on the concrete floor outside the club.


You’re too mean and cute.” I laugh Insanely.


Enough of your nuisance.” He spits but that made me giggle again.


Why do you have tattoos ? Why do you cuss ?” He stop and push me gently against a car.


Meany cutie.” I giggle and poke his cheek.


Stop talking.” He snap.


Why ? Do you hate me now ? You’ve been staring at my body back there.” I whine . I reach out to touch his chest but he grab my arm and lean closer to me. I’m loosing my mind.



Don’t make me touch you. You gonna get addicted. Now stay here and don’t move.”


Promise.” I seal my mouth and laugh. ” I won’t move my ground off the feet , I mean I won’t move my feet off the sheet. Whatever that means.” I giggle and watch him turn to leave.


Where are you going ? Are you leaving me ?” I call out to him but he ignored me.


I touch my neck and smile. I begin humming to whatever song that sneak Into my head.


Sup pretty.” A guy said from the dark. He walks forward and smirk at me rubbing his palm together licking his lips.


You look like jack , that Nanny’s mad dog in Georgia.” I giggle.


That mad dog wanna lick you all over, sweetness.” He licks his tongue and proceed to touch my booty.


A hand grip him from behind and slam his head on the car.


You f**kin prick.” My cute stranger rescues me. Again. Alright , I’m going insane.


He groans and rub his bleeding nose.


I’m sorry man.”


Piss off, f**k boy.” Stranger yell as the other guy ran away.




Punk , drink this.” He scowl and push a bottle water on my chest.


Why are you being mean ?”



Get in the car.” He orders and open the door of his black car. A wing door Mercedes. His he that rich ?


Can you be…” He cuts me short by gently pushing me inside.


Don’t ever take alcohol. Annoying church girl.” He mutter and drive out of the car park.


How rich are you ?” I ask still holding the bottle water.


He didn’t bother to look at me but stare at the road. I watch the way he handles the wheel , he’s so hot.


Meany.” I whine and throw the water away.


And what did you do that for ?” He yell.


You don’t care about me anymore. You didn’t even give me attention.” I whine.


Fuck me.”


Say that again.” I flirts and climb on his laps touching his well built body.


He glares at me and that made me giggle. He groan silently and lift me off his laps to sit back on the passenger seat. Strapping the seatbelt, he gives me a death glare and sigh fully frustrated by my stunt.


Where do you live ?” He ask me through clench teeth.


I don’t even remember.” I said as a matter of fact.


Just keep on driving , babe.” Did I just say Babe ?








I yawn and stretch myself on my bed. It’s morning and I’m really exhausted. I can’t really remember what happened yesterday but I remembered I was drunk. My body aches and I wasn’t ready to wake up. I’ve never been drunk or even visited a club , so I basically don’t know what it feels like having a hangover. It’s terrible with severe headache. God remind never to listen to Alexa again.


I groan to my ringing phone and touch every space in my bed with my eyes still closed. I touched it and answer the call and slightly press it to my ear with my eyes still closed.




Who’s this ?”


Jesus , you didn’t save my number ? It’s Alex.”


Oh. Hey , hi.”


Where are you?”


I’m at home.” I reply with sleepy voice.


Home ? Which home ?” Is she kidding me ? How many homes do I have ? I groan and reply.” I’m in my room , Alex.”


For goodness sake , what are you talking about ? I’m in your room and we’re worried. Where are you ?” I blink my eyes and slowly open them.


What’s she saying ? I look at the wall and the stainless white walls greeted me first. I look to the right and a fancy glass door closet is right there. This isn’t my room, I don’t have a glass door closet. That’s a lot of money. Whose room is this ? I sit up at once and look around. The dresser , nightstand curtains aren’t mine. This is not my room.



It can’t be. I push the blanket aside and hop out of the bed. Where are my clothes


I’m now wearing an over size black T-shirt and grey oversized sweatpants. ” This is not my clothes.” My mind drift to one person , that stranger.


I look up at the door and there he is , standing shirtless beside the door with his grey eyes prying all over my body on his bed and in his clothes. My eyes scan his godlike figure and I couldn’t breathe thinking the unthinkable. Did he take advantage of my drunk state ?


Oh no it’s not true.









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