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Episode 6.

On the way going home Prisca received a call from her neighbour informing her of the hospital Debbie was taken to.

“OK thank you I’ll be there, Prisca said and dropped the call.

Prisca arrived at the hospital and met with few of her neighbors there..

“What happened to Debbie? Where is she? Prisca asked.

“Calm down, I didn’t know i was the only one in the compound with Debbie, when I woke up I went out to pick my clothes but I saw 2 huge guys walked out of the compound followed with a lady. I wasn’t interested who they went to see but the way they looked make me suspect something is wrong. I decided to check it out, your door was not locked but I heard a voice of someone who was in pains. I opened it and saw Debbie on the floor bleeding and I noticed she was on call which I ended it and rushed out to call for help, her neighbor narrated.

“2 huge guys and a lady? Oh my God who could have done this but where is she? Prisca asked.

“We haven’t seen her since we brought her here, the doctors and nurses are attending to her, her neighbor replied.

“Since then? Is it that serious? Oh please God help her, Prisca said in her heart pacing around and the door opened.

Prisca ran to the doctor, “doctor please can you let us see her? Prisca asked.

“Who are you to her? The doctor asked.

“I’m her best friend and room mate and there are our neighbors, Prisca said.

“No family members? The doctor asked.

“Hey they don’t base here but I’ll reach them on phone. But please you can tell me anything I’m her friend I’m begging you, Prisca said.

“OK can I see you private in my office? He asked and she nodded following him.

“Your friend was pregnant, are you aware of it? The doctor asked after they arrived in his office.

“Yes I know, is the baby safe? Prisca asked.

“She lost it, we tried to do something about it but we couldn’t, I’m sorry for that, The doctor said and she heaved.

“Its okay doctor but I hope she’s okay? She asked.

“She will be, just that she had a hard hit on her head, but she’ll be fine don’t worry, The doctor said.

“I’m glad to hear that doctor, please I hope there will be no complications? Prisca asked.

“I don’t think so, are you thinking of informing the police about what happened to her or do you have any suspect in mind? The doctor asked.

“I have no idea but I have to inform her family about this first, I think its their place to inform the police, what do you think? Prisca asked.

“However you want it, do you have money presently for the bills? The doctor asked.

“Ermmm I’ll go check that right away, thank you doctor, but can i see her now? Prisca asked……….

Princess arrived at the hospital smiling at Veronica who sat up on the bed, “what’s that smile all about? Veronica asked.

“So I shouldn’t smile again? I am just happy you’re okay and a mother of three and I’m so sorry, I haven’t congratulated you yet, Princess said.

“Its okay, how are the kids? Veronica asked.

“They are fine, Princess replied but Veronica kept looking at her.

“I know you too well princess, what have you done? She asked.

“Ahh what I’ve I done na? Princess asked.

“You know and I know you have done something, now what is that thing? Veronica asked and Princess burst out laughing.

“Ahh even my husband doesn’t know me this much, anyway I gave that brat just a small lesson that’s all, Princess said.

“Princess why did you do that? I thought I told you to forget about it, Veronica said.

“There she goes again, Princess said rolling her eyes.

“Please please i beg you, just let her be. Beating her up will not solve the problem on ground now, Veronica said.

“What’s is gonna solve the problem? And who says beating her up will solve it either? I just wanted her to have a bit of what she deserves, she is lucky she didn’t do it to me else she would have drank acid I swear, Princess said and Veronica shook her head.

“I hope you didn’t kill someone daughter? Veronica asked.

“That shouldn’t be your business o, have you seen or heard any news about your son? Princess asked changing the topic.

“Yes I spoke with the doctor few minutes ago and he’s doing fine, Veronica replied…………

Prisca hurried home and saw the room scattered with some stains of blood. She heaved and leaned herself on the wall, “can that woman really do this? Even though Debbie called for this but should it be this fatal? She asked herself and her phone began to ring.

“Hello mom I’m home now, she picked up.

“Have you seen her and how is she? Her mom asked.

“She’s still unconscious but the doctor assured me she’ll be fine though she lost the baby, Prisca replied.

“Oh my God, that was bad, Her mom said.

“Yes it is though the man begged her to keep it. But i don’t understand why he was so obsessed with the pregnancy when he has a pregnant wife, Prisca said.

“What will he do now its gone? Anyway i want you to be careful okay, I’m just happy you were not a home and I don’t know what would have happened to you, her mom said afraid.

“Mommy don’t even think about that, I wasn’t part of it and I believe God will always find a way to vindicate me, I’ll call you later, Prisca said.

“No problem bye, her mom said and dropped the call.

She took Debbie phone she saw at the side of the wall, unlocked in and was shocked to see the chats she was having with Matthew.

“He broke up with her? Oh my God why! Prisca shouted, got his number and called him with her line.

After 2 rings he picked up with a moody voice, “who is this? He asked.

“This is Prisca, Debbie friend, she replied.

“What’s the problem? He asked.

“Debbie was attacked in the house today, she’s presently in the hospital so i thought you should know about it, Prisca said.

“Is this some kind of joke or what to make me see her? Matthew asked.

“You know very well I wasn’t in agreement with this relationship but i am only informing you about this because its very serious. She’s unconscious as we speak, Prisca said.

“If this is a set up you’ll get it hot from me, which hospital is that? Mathew asked……….

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