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I got home that afternoon and met my mom on the couch.. She turned and sighted ME immediately she heard the door slam.


“hey sweetie how did it go” she asked as she switched off the TV..


“it went great and I got the job ” I said as she smiled


“I told you, you’ll get it” she said.


“The boss is way too nice and he picked me as his personal secretary, this is amazing ” I said happily and my mom smiled.


“I’m happy for you honey. Finally you can save up and buy a car” my mom said and I nodded.


I had always wanted a car so I don’t have to pay for taxes or buses and I’ll always be the one to drive Valery to school…


“so what time is it” my mom asked and I glanced at my watch “2:54pm” I told her and she sighed.


“well I guess I have to get going to pick Valery from school ” she said and was about to stand up but I stopped her..


“it’s okay mom, ive got this, it’s not like I’m busy or something I can go” I said and


my mom nodded and I hurried out..




“Mommy mommy!!” Valery said immediately she saw me and hugged me as I stood in front of her class.


“hey.. Sweety, come-on let’s go home ” I said and held her little hand as we both walked out together.


“why didn’t grandma come to pick me up today” Valery asked Huh?


“because she’s a bit tired and I’m not working why do you ask” I asked.


“nothing , but it’s because grandma always brings me candy ” she said.


Oh Mom


“oh.. Candy’s not good for you honey all your teeth are going to fall off” I told her.


“I know.. but it’s so sweet” she said slowly and sadly.


“I’ll tell you what, when we get home I’ll make an ice-cream sundae just for you, to celebrate” I said and she asked “celebrate what? ” she asked


“I got a job, so we’re going to celebrate with ice-cream ” I said “yay! ” she said happily and I smiled.


On getting home, I made e an ice-cream sundae as promised to valery and went to my room to pick tomorrow’s outfit for work. I was just madly excited about it..


As I was done I laid down and sighed. I need enough rest as possible tomorrow’s gonna be so tiring.


Now that I’m close to the ‘boss’who knows, he might load so much for me tomorrow, but why the hell did he choose me,.. I didn’t know when I fell asleep that afternoon


.i woke up the next morning very early, I couldn’t believe I slept since yesterday.. I glanced at my table clock and it’s only six thirty, I took my time to bath, get my hair done and and finally decided on an outfit,..


I didn’t want to eat not because I couldn’t but I was a little nervous. I took a taxi even though they were a little expensive. I gotta take the bus next time but I just feel like spending a little today,.


I got to the marbella and people were there already, and I made my way to the boss’ office so I could ask him where or whatever I to begin with..


I got there and knocked but there was no response so I decided to enter. I was


surprised to see another new made desk beside the boss’ desk but wasn’t too


close.On the new desk there was a blue, red and black pen with a pencil beside it


and a plate at the middle that says


“Sarah Sydney”


Oh my goodness I can’t believe it. This desk is for me, I walked closer to it and admired the way the name was carved I looked below the name and saw “boss’ personal secretary” wow this is a dream come true not actually a dream come true but absolutely incredible, just as I admired the table, Mr Zachary or Zachary or.. Whatever I call him came in and he paused seeing me.. “oh you’re here early that’s nice” he said and smiled. and I nodded.


“just so you know your work start at exactly 7am and closes 7pm and your lunch break is 3 o’clock” he said and I nodded



“so work doesn’t start until three minutes from now ” he said and I nodded and everywhere became silent. The tension between us was awkward ..and he kind of noticed it.


“so what do you think of your new desk” he asked and closed the door, Walking closer to me, oops I was wrong his desk..


“I think it’s nice, very nice” I said and he nodded.I sat down on my new chair, feeling a little awkward about all this but still, happy, yeah..


Just then Ken walked in, “good morning Mr Zachary, ” he said but Zachary just nodded his head..


He turned to me and gave me the fakest smile he could get, I could feel it “and good morning to you miss Sandra” he said but I gave him a real happy smile and said “it’s Sarah, not Sandra ” he glanced at the plate on my table and turned away,.. “I just wanted to give you this information early, the chairman wants to see you this afternoon in the conference at exactly three o’clock ” Ken said and Zachary sighed


“what the hell does that old man want.” Zachary said fiercely . “Not to be rude but you do know that, that old man is your father, ”


“I know that, now Fuck off I’ll be there” Zachary told Ken and my eyes widened. Wow Zachary is so not whom I thought he is, I can’t believe he actually used those negative words and called his father old man, Ken adjusted the collar of his shirt and walked out..


“um..sarah, can you take this to the soap sales department for me, give to anyone to print it for me ” Zachary said and passed a bunch of documents on my table “sure thing, Mr Zachary, I mean Zachary, or sir” okay seriously I have to work on what to call him


“you can call me Zachary but put sir because I just like the title ” he said and laughed lightly and I smiled and took the papers and hurried out.. After coming out from the elevator just three feet left to enter the soap sales department, I bumped into Owen


“hey.. Sarah, I see you’ve already started ” he said and I nodded theb tucked my


black hair behind my ear.


“so what’s that ” he asked.


“it’s um.. Actually Mr Zachary said I should hand it over to anyone in this department to print it out for him” I said and he smiled.


“well lucky you because I’m the manager” he said, wow he collected it from me “wow um thanks ” I said and was about to go but he stopped me.


“want to grab lunch with me today” he asked


“I don’t know my lunch break is actually three o’clock” I told him.


“it’s everyone’s lunch break time, so you and me? ” he asked


“sure” I replied and he smiled , I looked inside the soap sales department and there


were a lot of workers it was nice and wide and some were talking while some were


working, I immediately removed my gaze from there then walked away and back


to my boring office but with a cute boss,




When I entered inside the office there was a typing machine on my desk..


“sorry but you have a lot of work to do ” Zachary said and I nodded does he have to put sorry.


“okay no problem ” I said


“I need you to type these, then print it out and photocopy it” he said and handed me some blank papers and a written one..


“make sure you get all that before three so you can catch up and eat, I don’t want people to think I’m giving you a hard time ” he said and I nodded and got to work .


. At exactly 1:pm I headed to the photocopying room to photocopy what I did and wow I was fast, and after that I arranged it on Zachary’s desk before going back to my chair and fell asleep




“hey wake up” I heard Zack’s voice


“wake up, Sarah, I’m sorry okay I raped you big deal.let’s just get over it” his voice says again and I flinched


“wake up!!” I heard mr Zachary’s voice and my eyes flipped open, and I breathed and sat properly, I must have been dreaming, “oh I’m so sorry sir ” I said and he smiled


“no need, just go to the cafeteria it’s your lunch break I didn’t want you to miss it” he said and I smiled gently and nodded, then stood up and walked out, I got to the huge cafeteria which was way down the building and I bought my food and sat down alone on a chair placing my food on the table, and just then Owen joined me “you made it” I say and he smiled


“yeah I wouldn’t miss it for the world ” he said and I smiled back..


We ate silently until he said “so.. You’re done with college”


“I didn’t go to college” I replied “oh” He breathed



“I mean there was no money and I lived with my single mom and I needed money badly to raise my little girl” I said and he suddenly dropped his soda.


“your little girl?” he asked


“yeah my daughter, she’s five ” I said and he looked surprised.


“wait like you gave birth to her ” he said


“yes Owen, I did she’s my daughter I carried her for nine months ” I said and he shook his head negatively.


“you don’t look like a mother at all, you look like a teenage girl ” Owen blurted out and I laughed.


“that means you must be married I guess ” he said


“no not really, it’s actually a long story ” I said and he smiled and said “I’m all ears”












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