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Owen’s POV



Finally I had them under me now,Zack can’t try anything stupid now that I’m with his precious little girl, now I can get what I want.


“am with your daughter, and to get her back you need to give me what I want, I


don’t want money I have that already. You two should just come at earnest lane


street number 53 off elk street and don’t be late assholes. that word was only


meant for zack and don’t you dare call the police or bring anyone with you. you


guys should come alone” ..I said and hunged up, I turned to the little Valery on the


chair staring at the strange place. When she looked at me and realize d I was done


with the phone she asked,


“where am i”


“I can’t tell you that” I replied.


“but why”


“because.. Just Shut up okay ” I yelled. I can’t keep up with a little girl.


“why’s your hair white” she asked oh.


Kill me


“looks like your school teacher’s kind of an illiterate, it’s blonde not white ” I yanked


“you’re mean” she pouts.


“I know that, so maybe if you just shut up I’ll be a little nicer” I said and she blinked rapidly and I couldn’t resist the irritation that occurred to me when I saw Zack’s face in hers, anyone can notice she’s his goddamned father. “I’m hungry” she yanked.



“well will you eat my arm cause I don’t have any food.” I queried and she gave me her best glare..


“I can’t eat your arm it doesn’t taste good” she said and I almost laughed she’s a f**king little pest.


I sighed and dipped my pocket and brought out a big bar of wrapped chocolate .. “will this do” I said as I unwrapped the chocolate.. She nodded happily and got down happily from her chair, “sit down” I told her But she snatched the chocolate with her tiny hands from mine and sat down. she ate the chocolate In peace and I breathed a sigh of relief at least she’ll stop talking.. “do you know who your dad is ?” Isked her.


“yes, mommy calls him Zack but I call him dad. he’s very sweet he’s not mean like you.” she replied.


she talked a lot. it was just a question she’s got some attitude like her f**king father..


“hope you’re enjoying your chocolate ” I asked and she nodded.


“I’m thirsty” she said.


What the hell?


“I don’t have any water what do you want me to do” I seethe.


“go get me some water” she ordered, she’s such a little wench.


“who’s gonna make me?” I yanked, she pout and faced the chocolate.


Few minutes later I heard a screeching car outside the building and when I peeped


at the window i saw Zack’s car.


Lovely, just like I imagined


“stay here and don’t move” I told Valery and she gave me a glare, as I walked out of the room. I told two built men who worked for me to keep an eye on Valery and they nodded and walked into the room.This house was my father’s but not anymore, he handed it to me Before he passed away but I didnt want it but I didn’t know it will come in handy one day and today’s the day… ..


I met Zack and Sarah outside .


“Zack my Goodman and Sarah, so good to see you guys ” I said with a smile.


When Sarah turned to look at me I scanned her face she looked pale. Her cheeks


flushed, her eyes were red and looked baggy and her nose was almost huge and


red.. Oh no she’s been crying.


“where’s Valery” Zack yelled


“don’t go all yelly In my house this is peaceful place” I queried pissing his ass off.



“don’t you dare give me shits okay where is she.” he yelled again his hand fisted and his face red..


“please where is she ” Sarah chipped in her voice sore and cracked, from crying Fuck,


“she’s fine” I told her. I can’t believe I was falling weak for Sarah, she’s my goddamned weakness, that’s because I f**king loved her.


“what do you want owen.” Zack asked me and I laughed lightly.


” I want her ” I said and pointed to Sarah


“you son of a bitch” Zach said and immediately punched me in the face, he’s so going to get it..


“stop it..” Sarah yelled and walked up to Zack and held him to stop “if I come with you will you let Valery go” she asked and I nodded. “no Sarah don’t do this.” Zack begged her but she ignored his words.


“I’ll be fine” she told me and I smirked at him, the two built men who’s name’s are bolin and Niko came out with Valery and let go of her and immediately she ran to hug Sarah


“mommy you’re here, that man is so mean” she said pointing to me


“look I want you to go home with your dad I’ll be back. Okay” Sarah said to her “promise??” Valery replied and she nodded, hmm. I didn’t think that promise was coming true. Sarah gave Zack a look I didn’t understand and Zack took Valery and they both entered his car and drove away while I smiled at Sarah and we both walked in my house..


While walking through the hallway she stopped… “owen” she called and I turned to look at her. she was in tears already, damn it “what is it” I sounded like a f**king ass hole


“what do you really want?” she asked gripping more tightly on the tiny bag she held.


“I want you” I broke the words.


“do you even listen to your self you want me, but I don’t want you, I have a child


Owen I have a life ahead of me and you do too but without please don’t ruin


anything for anyone please, do. You think by kidnapping Valery I’ll accept to be


with you, you can’t force love it has a mind of its own, I don’t love you Owen


please understand ” she cried.


Dang it I’m getting weak


This is bullshit..


“where’s the smiling owen I knew. I didn’t realise you could do such a thing, do you think that I’ll be happy without my family but with you. Happiness doesn’t



work that way if two people don’t love each other, so please just drop the act please Owen I beg you” she cried.


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Dammmmmn it!!!!


She was right. I hated that she was right .


“But you don’t love him” I said


“maybe you think I don’t but I know I do” she said and sniffed “leave!! ” I told her.


she should get out of here before I changed my f**king mind..






He understood. Thank God he did. it’s true I do love Zack but I’m afraid to admit it and Owen is the first person I was admitting it to..


I cleaned my tears and said “thank you, for understanding I hope you find someone better than me, smarter than me and prettier than me” ..


“I hope so” he said almost quietly but I heard him and I walked away,


I hurried out of the building and glanced at my watch it was almost six thirty. I didn’t even know my way around this goddamned place. it was strange and unfamiliar and Zack had left already. Before I knew it Zack car pulled over in front of me and I gladly entered and Valery was asleep at the back seat of the car.. “thank god you’re okay” he said and hugged me and I buried my face in his Chest and cried,


“I almost lost my mind ” he said and his voice cracked and he kissed my hair. I appreciated the warmness that followed his lips.. .




T. B.c








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