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Finally breakfast was over and Zack put on his jacket and said “okay I’m off”


“can’t you stay any longer? ” Valery sighed and leaned into him.


“I can’t am sorry” Zack queried


“can I come with you?” she asked and grinned.


“Valery!! ” I yanked and she pouts “okay then good bye” she said lowly and he smiled and kissed Valery on her cheek before going outside.


“Valery come here” I told her and she walked towards me. “who’s your favourite me or your dad” I asked and she smiled “it’s you mommy” she said


“okay…go to your room and don’t worry he’ll come visit again” I said and her smile beamed as she walked away happily.


“do you really need to ask her that, she’s your favourite honey it’s just that she has been away from her dad and she just want to feel close to him.” my mom said behind me


“I know.. But..


“you’re just jealous, because she hasn’t been paying any attention to you but Zack, just give her time okay aren’t you happy she has a complete family?” my mom said.


“I know, but it’s not like I’m gonna marry him or something ” I seethe.


“I’m not asking you to marry him. I’m just saying you should be a little nicer to him” my mom said.


“I’m nice to him” I defended myself.


“you’re but not nice enough.” my mom said and I rolled my eyes and stood up and headed to my room. Today was going to be the longest Sunday ever. Everything was just happening so fast but today I have a felt it’s going to be slow.


just then I paused and the memory of me having my first kiss with Zack flashed in my head and i couldn’t help the stupid grin that laid on my face. .


Zack’s POV



I drove home happily. I had united with my little daughter but still Sarah had not fully accepted me. I could feel it, I remembered the kiss of yesterday and smiled it was my first with her and it was nice and one of a kind. the thought made me



remember Owen and my fist tightened on the steering wheel and I made a U-turn and headed straight to Owen’s house.


We used to be best friends in college but not anymore not today. he was going to my black list.


I pulled over in front of his goddamned house, and I got down from the car. I spotted him coming out from the house..


Perfect timing. I quickly approached him and punched him in the face which send


him to the ground.


“what the.. ”


I punched him again cutting him off and his lips became bloody. Good for him, he deserved more.


“what the Fuck did you tell Sarah, that I’m not good enough for her or what, she made a mistake forgiving me,? You’re an asshole Owen you hear me asshole ” I yelldd in his face and dragged him up by the collar of his shirt and pressed him against my car.


“the only mistake she did was ever knowing you, you d**k head, and you know what, I’ve got great news. you’re fired” I said and punch him one last time before going in front of my car and entering inside again.


“you just made the worst mistake of your life” I heard him say but I ignored him and drove my car away …



Fast Forward



Sarah’s POV


Monday morning.


I packed my stuff and head to work after taking pleadings from my mom.


I took the bus since my ‘car!’ was not with me.


I got to work and went to the office. I opened the door anyways but he was not inside I breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. Immediately the door pushed open and Zack walked in.


His eyes got brighter seeing me


“oh.. You um came” he said trying to hide his smile.


“yes.. I did turns out I didn’t get fired or neither did I quit I still need to get my salary I really need it” I said and he finally smiled revealing his manly dimples.



“so this belongs to you.” he said and handed me my car key and i shyly mouthed a thank you to him and he nodded and sat down on his chair.


“so I fired Owen” He told me.


“oh” I said .


Poor Owen he deserved it anyway


“yeah he’s a psychopath and a jerk” Zack laughed and I joined, it feels so good sharing a good laugh with Zack.


We did morning work together. I was feeling totally uncomfortable.


After everything was done it was lunch time. I stood up and went out when my mom called


“hey mom” I said into the phone


“is Zack there” she asked.


“yes I’m at work and Zack is here” I replied and Zack looked up wondering who I was talking to


“it’s Valery,i can’t find her I went to school to pick her but her teacher told me her father has already picked her and I was wondering if it was Zack ” my mom cried out.


“what!!?? Zack has been here the whole time and who was that and how did it happen who’s the young man” I yelled and my eyes was getting wet.


“I Don’t Know. I’m confused she’s no where to be found.” my mom cried on the phone.


“I’ll call you back” I said and cleaned my tears.


I hung up and turned to Zack who’s face looked pale.


“who was that ” he asked.


“it’s mom, she couldn’t find Valery she said she wanted to pick him up from school but the teacher said a man had already picked her up claiming to be her father ” I cried.


“what??” he yelled and immediately my phone started to ring.


“who is it” he asked


“I don’t know” I said staring at the strange number “pick it up ” he said and I did and put it on loud speaker “hello” I sniffed


“oh hey Sarah is Zack there” Owen voice calls “Owen?? ” Me and Zack called the sake time



“oh thank goodness you guys are together. I happened to be with a young girl about six years with black hair and brown eyes. The cutest dimples ever and who asks a lot of questions” Owen laughed and I gasped.


“son of a bitch” Zack yelled.


“don’t you dare go calling me Zachary or your daughter’s going to get it” Owen












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