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Chapter 33




















Everything was set just for the main competition to start. The governor who was the main organizer of the sport fiesta was seated on an expensive chair while his men stood behind him all Witt their guns waiting to shoot when commanded.


They were at the upper part and no one was allowed there only the governor and his fellow entourage were there.


Looking at the down stairs, everywhere was filled with both students and teachers from different schools even guest from other other places and other top people who came to witness the great event of the day. Mr Pius the principal of vision school was seen with his long white trouser and w pair of glasses in his eyes looking around as if he missed something.


Eric and Jane was seated next to each other while Mirabel and Richard the head boy sat close to each other giving each other romantic eye contact.


Soon the whistle came on while all the competitors came out from the different tents which they were having w break so as to be strong in the competition.


Ella came out in her sports outfit looking more hot and sΒ£xy while Jeff allowed the crowd to feed their eyes on him as if he’s the hero of the world or the winner of the competition already.


Cheers and shout filled the environment seeing their representatives coming out neat and beautiful, Mirabel couldn’t held her happiness as she shouted Ella’s name who looked at her direction and smiled while while she gave her a thumb up.





The referee took time to explain the rules of the game to each and every competitors in the game to make sue the value the rule more than their lives because if you miss any, you are disqualified which is damn scary.


After all the talking made by the referee and other officials who came to judge the game to see the best winners.


All the participants too time to do some exercise while others didi some jogging.




They were six schools to compete in the competition which was the top schools in the states.


“Now listen up everyone, when you hear your name you take your track ” the referee announced as all paid attention to their names.


“It’s the girls first before the boys, here are the names ” he continued


“Jane Austin kings academy, Mia Khalifa nobles high school, Ella Lanz vision high school, Victoria Alex Vein Miles college, Beatrice Dave heaven’s Dew college and Meda Anderson Stars college “the referee said while the girls took their position but looking at stars college line, nobody was there thus causing another moment of shock as the principal stood up in annoyance and angry mode.


“Where is Meda “? He asked no body jn particular and that was when Jack noticed her absence Which he knew nothing about.


Josephine too looked around if she will see her but she was nowhere to be found.


Everything stood still and everything went silent thus waiting for the working team to say something which was the officials and the governor.


“I think there should be replacement of the missing students ” the referee said


“Yeah I think so ” stars high school principal added while other principal stood up in anger and pain



“Never ! The lost sheep must be found to represent their school while the others should be in their places” Mr Pius said in anger and the arguments was too much as the governor finally spoke up.


“No changes everything has been in place so the competitors shouldn’t be joking around, since she was here as said by one of the competitors, I think the security need to search around for her but the game needs to start now ” he said and dropped the microphone while the men carried out his order.


Josephine could be seen looking so restless and angry, she looked around but Meda was nowhere to be found, even the security agencies came back with the news that Meda is nowhere to be found which was strange. Other competitors were present how come she disappeared??


Without them wastage the governor commanded for the commencement of the competition which the order was carried out within a twinkle of an eye.


State College felt sad not seeing their representative, Meda was known to be the best amongst the best, how come she’s absent, where could she be? Jeff too was surprised likewise Ella who saw Meda the previous night during the dinner night that everyone were celebrating.


The referee voice got them back to reality, which he commanded them to be on the track. Ella could hear her heart beat increasing while she held her heart, looking at Mirabel again she smiled at her an gave her an assurance smile. Eric too gave her a thumb up while she smiled, all their students encouraged her as she smiled and then concentrate again.


The competitors were far more taller and more balanced than Ella.


on your tracks, get set,,,,, ready,,,,,,,, go ” he shouted qnd like a troop of soldiers going to attack Boko Haram, they moved with full speed not allowing one to pass the other while the audience kept encouraging them


At first all of the were on their tracks but same position while running, Ella inserted another gear and topped them which made everyone screamed. It was a



#1000 metre race which will exhaust their breath. They were already breathing fast due to the long distance while Ella gave them a little gap before she proceeded.


The shout of victory from vision school filled everywhere as the student without waiting for the final race, jumped up In happiness and excitement that Ella will win. Just then she stumbled and fell down to hard that her face was on the floor, Mr Pius stood up in alert likewise othere too who were now silent. After Ella fell down Jane took the lead from the kings academy while Victoria Alex from vein miles school followed.


“Ella Noooooo, please be fast, get up and do your best ” she was feeling the pains while others were still going and it was only remaining two rounds for the race to end.


Ella stood up walking like a dog who has been deprived of its leg, Ella was not walking well.


“Go girl Ella ” Mirabel shouted meanwhile all her opponents were far from them. Ella shook her head negatively walking to the line to step down of the field but she was still maintaining her track.


Everyone looked dissapointed especially Jeff who stood and watched her walking in pain and agony shook his head disappointedly.


Remembering all the suffering, all the mocking, all the shame and pains she went through just for the sake of school and the competition.


Josephine was smiling now that Ella Is out of the game while other students from other schools kept encouraging their team.


Remembering all this, Ella turned back in anger and no fesr in her eyes she was in her main sense and self


The Ella that has never be seen was seen running with her full speed and last strength as if she’s running for her life, the speed which Ella carried made everyone to stand up in shock wondering where she’s from while the rest of the competitors were now weak looking back to see the strong Ella coming for them.



Jeff smiled for such w brave girl called Ellaz, Mirabel couldn’t held her happiness and excitement.


“Go girl, go” she shouted.


“What a brave girl ” the governor said nodding his head in agreement. The stadium couldn’t contain people again as the shout and scream of Ella’s name was just unbelievable.


The whistle for the final round kept sounding and sounding while Victoria was still


carrying the lead, Ella couldn’t meet up with her last strength everything she was


panting and breathing so hard. The end line was just few metres away from the


competitors while Ella put on her very best, she passed Jane who was the 4th on


the line and then in no time she passed Beatrice who was the 3rd, the shouts and


scream on students couldn’t help as Ella overtook the 2nd person who was Mia


Khalifa and then just before the ending line Victoria and Ella’s legs crossed the line


at the same time.






To be continued






Where is Meda??


Between Victoria and Ella who will they take as the winner??


Will Meda be found?? If yes where?









(The unexpected)

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