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Chapter 26






















Ella looked at Jeff without saying a word, she found her voice lost that she can’t tell Jeff what she wanted to say. Her beat increased not for any reason but for the fear that it will be so childish for her a lady to tell a guy how she feels about him.


“I’m sorry Jeff “she apologized looking while Jeff knew something is wrong



“Was that what you wanted to say “? Jeff asked looking deeply into her eyes


“Yes “she lied looking away but Jeff was so fast to know it as she called her name.


Silence took over again as Jeff stopped teaching and looked at Ella in a loving and pleading eyes.


“Can I tell you something “? He asked as Ella nodded her head in a yes gesture while Jeff swallowed hard for the feelings he had been hiding for so long now it’s time to let Ella know he has been feeling for her.


“I love you Ella ” Jeff said holding Ella’s palm caressing it carefully as she found it hard to believe just then the door cracked open and Mr Lanz walked in and Jeff immediately switched over to his teachings.




Richard sat in the house thinking critically since he has decided to make a move by inviting Mirabel to a private and cool place where they can talk without any distraction ,his fear was that if Mirabel will show up but Gentle his main man assured him.




Mirabel on the other find it difficult to concentrate on her books she was trying to read just then she recalled that Richard invited her over which she kicked against it but her instincts kept disturbing her as if Richard is her guardian angel.


“Send me the address now ” Mirabel said on phone praying it will lead her to a safe ground while Richard smiled widely like a man who had lost his senses, immediately without time wastage he send the message across to her and also to Gentle telling him of the latest news on ground that Mirabel will show up.




“It looks like Eric is no longer having anything to do with Ella again ” Rachel said as Josephine looked up



“How sure are you “? She asked while Racheal smiled


“It’s true sha due to the shame and everything ” Nelson said walking out from the room well dressed in his sport clothes, it’s obvious they are about going for sports so as to prepare themselves for the competition.


“I’m not sure I will come today I’m feeling weak ” Josephine complained while Nelson walked to Rachel and kisses her passionately on the lips while Josephine narrowed her brows at them.


“You better do that in the room not here “Josephine said and hissed as Nelson and Rachel moved to the field while she followed from behind.




Richard located a cool corner and sat down while cool blues was playing on the background, Gentle his left hand man didn’t leave him from behind he always stands by him to see him through.


He glanced at his wristwatch looking dull and weak


“Calm down dude she will be here soon ” Gentle said smiling as Richard smiled too a bit.


He was dressed in a long sleeve Blue shirt with blue Jean trouser too which made him look cool.


Soon they saw Mirabel coming in from the front door looking more cute than ever, that made Richard drilled.


She was lost as Gentle stood up walking to her taking her to where Richard waited patiently for them.





Jeffery was done Witt the lesson of the day as Ella walked him to the gate as usual, they didn’t exchanged words. Ella’s heart was beating so fast as Jeff stopped immediately they crossed the gate to the road. Jeff stopped looking directly into her eyes as she looked back seeing what Eric threw away because of a common mistake.


“Jeff….Ella ” the both of them called at once as Ella gesture him to continue.


I’ve been so disturbed seeing my heart being taken away and I stood and watched without doing anything” Jeff said in parebles and Ella was lost


“I’m confusing ” she said as Jeff smiled


“All I’m saying is that you have taken my sense and my heart away to an unknown destination which jm not requesting for you to return it but all am saying is for you to keep it safe for me, and allow me have yours too ” Jeff finally said and Ella found herself lost. She felt her heart beating for joy.


Her dream was coming true because that’s what she has been praying for, Jeff watched her smiling but pretended as if not nothing.


“I’m not understanding you, I’m losting somewhere ” she said as Jeff smiled


“Please Ella Lanz will you be the queen of my heart “? Jeff asked just then the gate was opened and Ella was ordered inside by one of the guard telling her it’s his father that wants her presence.


Ella left immediately without saying a word to him.




Richard and co were still at the joint.


Mirabel was not dancing to his tone due to how the place was so crowded and other reasons best known to her.


Blue light illuminated the area thus giving it a cool and romantic season for two


lovers .



Richard stared directly into Mirabel eyes and she adverted her eyes from his.


Gentle gave Richard eye signal and stood up pretending as if he wants to use the restroom leaving the both of them all alone.


“Sorry i can’t stay here anymore its getting late already ” Mirabel complained


“How are you preparing for the competition “? Richard asked


“I won’t compete ” she replied




“I don’t know ” she replied harshly as Richard swallowed hard thinking if it will work.


“See its just that….i….” he paused looking at her thinking of where to start


“See what “? Mirabel said almost shouting making to jerk and then gathered himeslf making a decision that he’s going to try no matter how it will be.


Like I said Mirabel, I’m in love with you and I want you to be the queen of my heart and my smile keeper ” he said and silence creep over.


“Say something please ” Richard said pleadingly


“Hmmmm, I’m sorry Rich I can’t date you ” she replied as Richard heart was almost about to stop pumping blood.


“Why “? He asked almost crying




Next day



It’s just few days left firm the competition as everyone were busy to be the best and the winner and in the case of Nelson, Rachel and Josephine they made sure they trained real hard so as to represent their school in the states level.


Eric sat down alone, Jeff walked to the class and stopped right in front of him looking at him and then decided to strike up a conversation with him.


“We spent a lot of time building our relationship and now it’s because of a girl issues you are trying to messed up ” Jeff said boldly as Eric looked up knowing that what Jeff is saying is true not because of a lady that they separate but need to stay strong and see others following their footsteps.


“You are right bro, I was so foolish to take things so far due to the fesr of loosing her but our friendship is what matters to me, Ella can go but I value our friendship


he said while Jeff nodded his head knowing that he had been praying for the day their friendship will be restored back to normal which his prayers had been answered.


Jeff and Eric embraced each other In a friendly hug and Mirabel smiled from where she sat knowing that they have reunited.


“What if Ella is taken “? Jeff asked waiting to see his reaction


“Back then when I over reacted I knew that I’ve lossed her to someone else which it won’t be easy to get back ” Eric said in pains and Jeff nodded not hide anything from, he told him everything that he’s in love Witt her. Eric understood him and gave him a go ahead and his full support.




Richard was so dull and weak everyone who saw him knew that everything is wrong with him because that’s unlike him. Mirabel refusal to answer positively to his proposal is weighing him down seriously, his eyes was red and his mode changed.


It was only Gentle who knew what was happening to him but pretended as if he didn’t know.



Mirabel told everything to Jeff who gave her the go ahead telling her that Richard is a cool guy to chill with.




“Richard what is wrong with you? You’ve been dull since morning and you have failed to carry out your duties as usual in a proper way ” Mr Pius scolded him Witt a straight face as Richard stood before him not knowing what to say to defend himself.


“Sir I’m sorry ” Richard said


“Is that all you’ve got to say? You have nothing to say Richard ” Mr Pius said angrily.


“Leave my office ” he shouted at Richard as he left praying he recovers fast from the heart break problem he’s facing.


Mr Pius angrily ordered for the calling bell to be rang as all the students gathered after hearing the bell. The angry principal mount the podium looking more angrier than before.


His look showed it all as all they students wondered what could have annoyed him because he has never been found in this mode before. .










To be continued


What does the principal wants to say??


Will they still hold the competition??


Will Richard recover from the shock??



Will Ella’s secret be revealed??


What is Ella hiding from people??





(The unexpected)





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