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Chapter 24






















Jeff was well dressed sitting on the couch as Ella walked down looking surprise, looking at her face to will know that all is not well.


Even Mr Lanz recalled Jeff’s face as the man who almost killed her daughter back then.



“Are you not Mr Kenz son “? Mr Lanz asked pointing at Ken who smiled and nodded his head in a yes gesture.


“Larry this boy is too young to teach my daughter, what if he impregnants my daughter In the case of teaching “? Mr Lanz said as Jeff narrowed his brows


“Dad “? Ella called giving her father “don’t say it look


“Lanz take it easy, he’s a calm man and he will even do the introduction here for us ” Larry said as they concurred


“Fine, Ella here is your new home teacher. Be careful with him and always dress neat, don’t dress on what will tempt the young man to so the undoable ” Mr Lanz said jokingly as they all laughed including Ella.


Mr Lanz took time to delibrate on issues that he won’t tolerate in the case of studying, all this while Ella didn’t do as if she knows Jeff neither did Jeff too.




Jeff got home after having a long day Witt Lanz family on how to drill Ella of course it was a perfect time for him to know more about the family but there’s something that keeps telling him that Ella is not truly how he thinks she is that is what he’s yet to find out.


The time was running fast as Jeff drove to a long lasting sleep.




It was like a flash of light the next morning came up just like a flash, Jeff stood up form the bed ,yawned meaning that he wasn’t satisfy with the sleep, he walked to the bathroom, brush his teeth and in no time he came out Witt his muscular body showing as a bouncer who is guarding the governor.


Jeff, meet me in my office today after school “!! Mr Kenz shouted from the sitting room



“Dad what for “? He asked


“You must be silly for asking me such rubbish, time is 4:00pm today ” he said and walked away.


“This man won’t even change for once ” he said smiling.


Ella arrived tge school very early smiling like never before maybe because she has got a new home teacher or because of how relieved she is feeling. She walked to the class to see Mirabel lost in thought, she touched her as Mirabel jerked in fear, looking up to see Ella she smiled.


Eric didn’t exchange words Witt Jeff since the incident took place, Jeff tried his best to talk to him but he keeps avoiding him.


Jeff walked in form the door looking more fresh and handsome, seeing Jeffery Eric stood up trying to walk away as Jeff grab his hand.


“You need to act like a guy dude not like a kid “Jeff said to him


“And you are the one acting like a kid here Jeff, how could you? You betrayed me, I trusted you but….. He paused as he noticed that people’s eyes were now on the both of them which was because his voice was loud


“You know what Jeff, you are a betrayal ” he whispered to him and walked away while Jeff sighed walking up to the two girls.


“Hey girls”


“Jeff what’s the matter with Eric “? Mirabel asked


“Eric is behaving like a kid, he thinks that I’m dating Ella” ‘he said as Mirabel turned and gave Ella a look that said “Is that true “?


“Never worry you will soon get over this, he needs just a little time. So that means he broke up with Ella “?she asked as both gesture their head in a yes direction.



“Girls no time to waste again, Ella you know you are too dull and slow while Mirabel is too slow and dumb” Jeff said


“So what are you saying now, or are you trying to humiliate us “? Mirabel narrowed her brows.


“We need to be prepared guys, it’s on our shoulders. So we need to buckle up and carry this task. All I’m saying is that we need exercise and physical fitness ” Jeff said looking at the both of them.


“What is going onning hering”? Ella asked


“This evening we are starting normal sports activities, I mean the three of us ” Jeff instructed them like a coach instructing his players. And Ella looked at him in the eye that says “Don’t even try it ” and instantly he knew what it means.




Richard I call you here for a reason ” Mr Pius began as Richard and gentle stood before the old man who adjusted his glasses to have a clear view of the two images before him.


Looking at Ricard and co it was as if they were in the court room as thier hands were backwards.


“Fine and good, all I want you to know is that the time is fast approaching, your position will be given to other people to govern the school too, so in this little time and chance of yours, use this time to mobilize the school and students to a wonderful standard” Mr Pius said as Richard nodded his head in a yes gesture.


Mr Pius took time to advise them on what to do and how to be successful in life, which for Richard thanking him for such a great advice.


“Thank you sir ” Richard said and left as Gentle followed from behind. All his thoughts were on how to see Mirabel the one had missed, he’s even expecting to see her but it failed him when he saw the school compound was deserted.





Jeff could be seen standing before his dressing mirror to see if the dress is okay or not, he nodded his head when he sighted that it was okay.


He picked his stuffs glancing at his wrist watch and then left, remembering his father order to meet the man at his office. The time for his lessons With was 4:00pm how is h2 going to do it??




Mirabel couldn’t think straight thus making her jerk in fear. Why am I even thinking or him “?She asked herself that was when she realized maybe she feels the same way for Richard the head boy.




Jeff forgetting about everything finally Jeff opened the hiw bag bringing out some stuffs .


Jeff was ushered inside as he sat down comfortably on the couch feeling the air conditioner blowing his hot temperature away.


Soon Ella emerged from her room with her books and writting materials.


“Welcome teacher “she said as Jeff smiled


“Best Way of greeting, no time to waste let’s get started ” he said opening his small bag bringing out his materials that will be used.


“Let’s start with Magnetic field in physics ” he announced as Ella laughed thus making Jeff wondered why she’s laughing but pretended as if he hears nothing and then continued without distraction.



Jeff took time to explained everything clear to Jeff in his own understanding of how he was taught , he later found out that Ella is chuckling while he’s busy wasting his time.


“What’s this Ella? Why are you not serious for once “? Jeff asked angrily but acted cool.


“Never mining me, let’s just continue but I’m sorry sir. Hope I doing forgiveness “? She said giggling.


Jeff sense that something was wrong right from the way Ella speaks, including how she behaves when he corrects her anything adding to what he gathered already when Ella came new to vision school.


After 1 hour of serious lesson and lectures, Jeff packed up his things he used in teaching Ella, grab his bag and then walked to the door, trying to grab it he remembered that it’s a door opened with a password as he signalled Ella to open the door.


Meanwhile it was getting dark already, night was falling and darkness took over jn some places while some places had lights that lit up the arena.


Ella walked Jeff to the gate smiling standing next to Jeff. While Jeff’s hands were in his trouser pocket.




Jeff stood Witt Ella as she looked deeply into his eyes feeling her heart beat increasing.


“Jeff” She called as he turned swiftly


“I have a confession to make ” she said as Jeff wondered what it is.


“I’m listening but you are making me scared here ” Jeff said as Ella looked down and back to him



“Jeff I’ve loved you for a long time hoping you see that and make a move but you only pushed me to Eric who end up breaking my heart ” Ella said almost crying while Jeff looked up in amazement hearing that Ella is feeling the same way for him.


“I’ve loved you too but seeing you hurt back then killed me and I wished you are always mine ” Jeff said as Ella hurried towards him and just stop just an inch as their lips were not far from each otther


“I love you Jeff ” Ella said bitting her lower lip and crossed her hands over Jeff’s shoulder


“I love you too Ella ” Ken said as they both embrace each other, just before they knew what was happening Eric came out from nowhere like a flash of light with a sparkling dagger it was too late for Jeff. He send the dagger directly into Jeff’s heart cause it was too late for Jeff to react, he held the place in pains as Ella tried to shout but two other men from behind grabbed her and forcefully placed w white substance on her nose as she breathed and became unconscious instantly.


Jeff was struggling with the knife and he was in his own pool of blood, he stretched his hands to save Ella Witt his last strength but it was too late as he gasped for breath.


“You deserve to die Jeff, you betrayed me”Eric said and walked away as Jeff


passed out.










To be continued






What has Jeff noticed about Ella??


Who will save Ella now??


Eric has killed Jeff because of Ella



What next will happen??


Will Ella ever forgive Eric??





(The unexpected)

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