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The Scar: The Kids Are Watching (episode 9)


second-to-last episode!


Healing and deliverance mostly happens to those who first acknowledge that they have a problem and need help. Until a person genuinely wants something dearly, they never really get it except they are lucky. For the first time ever, Derrick was broken and needed help to heal his childhood scars that was greatly affecting his life. The fact that he asked Naya to help him through his healing journey was truly a good sign that he was sober and genuinely needed help. Glory be to God!


At last, the monster in human flesh was tired of letting his traumatising childhood experience detect his present reality. It was truly a thing of joy for a day like that to come in the life of this couple whom has been through hell since they got married. At this point, it’s safe to say that Naya was truly an angel to Derrick because she never truly gave up on him and their love; otherwise, she wouldn’t care to lend a helping hand to her deranged husband.



That day ended on a good note because Derrick was one step close to getting the help he needed. Due to the fact that it was already late, Naya couldn’t drive all the way back home so she decided to spend the night in her matrimonial home which she hadn’t stepped her feet into since the very day she found out that Derrick was behind her miscarriage. It was strange and weird for her to spend the night there but she had no choice than to do so.


Deep down in Derrick’s heart, he was happy that his wife was spending the night over and didn’t hold back to let her know how happy he was. “Thank you Naya, I truly appreciate all that you are doing for me. Thanks for spending the night over today, this house hasn’t been the same without you since you left. I know this might be off but I want to apologise for everything I put you through these past months. To be honest, I still haven’t forgiven myself for taking the life of our baby. My actions still feels like a dream because it’s hard to believe that I actually did a thing like that. My conscience has not stopped dealing with me since I committed that very act. You truly didn’t deserve such torture and treatment from a man that vowed in God’s altar to look out for you for the rest of your life. I failed you Naya, I was everything but good to you. I’m sorry from the depth of my heart and wish I can take back the hands of time to make amends. Please forgive me, I believe my healing starts with your forgiveness first” he soberly said.


Those words pierced Naya’s soul and melted her heart. She was more than shocked as Derrick spoke because she has never seen that emotional side of him before. It was truly a thing of relief for Naya because she could see ‘Brokenness’ written all over her soon-to-be divorced husband. Charity begins at home so it was right that healing begins with his wife.


After the heartfelt apology, Naya accepted it wholeheartedly and gave a faint smile after saying “I forgive you” to her husband. The atmosphere gradually became less tensed and more calming. Derrick leaned forward and gave her a tight hug of which she didn’t reject the hug. They hugged passionately for a while before Naya mistakenly kissed his forehead.


That innocent kiss triggered Derrick’s emotions but he held himself back from kissing back because he didn’t want Naya to think that he apologised just because



he wanted to soften her heart and make love to her. Derrick’s intentions and motive were genuine so he needed his wife to see the genuineness of his heart.


After hugging for a while, they loosed their grip from each other gave faint smiles towards each other. Derrick went to the kitchen to fix something for Naya to eat and she was mesmerised by his kind gesture because it was the first ever. He prepared something light and they both ate together before Naya went to take her bath. She slept in their matrimonial room while Derrick slept in the guest room that night.


All through the night, they hardly slept because their minds were filled with series of thoughts. There was just so many things to think about that night so it made sleeping difficult for them. Naya began to reconsider her decisions to divorce her husband and also how to help him heal from his childhood scars.


On the other hand, Derrick thought of how to become a better man and totally change from his ways. He thought of practices and people to visit that would help him become a better man. They had a lot of battles in front of them but at least, they were deliberating taking steps to victory. Finally, we could see a light at the end of the tunnel.


That day marked the beginning of a beautiful healing journey for Derrick, and Naya was with him through it all. They visited doctors, therapists, pastors and every other person that could help shape Derrick into a better man again. After series of counselling from these helpful people, great changes began to show in Derrick’s character and personality.


Naya was secretly smitten at the new Derrick. She always felt overjoyed whenever he exhibited one good character or the other. It was a thing of joy indeed and it made her reconsider divorcing her husband.


Day, weeks and months passed since Derrick began his healing journey and the results were highly encouraging. He has succeeded in turning into a new leaf for the better and this made Naya very happy.


In Derrick’s mind, he still felt his wife would divorce him regardless of any improvements in his character and it always made him sad. On the other hand,



Naya was truly reconsidering her decisions but didn’t know how to tell him. They were both in the dark till one fateful evening when Naya came visiting.


“I brought your favourite, come and eat” Naya voiced out immediately she entered inside the house. Derrick was happy to see her that day and didn’t hold back from giving her a warm hug. “You are welcome babe, how did you know I was craving for this?” he happily said and began to eat”.


After eating, they talked about random stuffs till they landed on the divorce matter. At first, there was silence in the room till Derrick broke it. “Are we still getting a divorce? I almost tore my divorce papers but felt it would be selfish of me to determine if we would still be together after all that we have been through” Derrick said.


At that moment, Naya was confused and didn’t know who best to break the good news to Derrick. After keeping mute for a while, she said; “I have been battling with myself for a long time now about our pending divorce. To be honest, there’s no other person I would rather be with than the ‘New You’. I love this new version of you and believe he is worth another shot to prove himself to me and this marriage” she calmly said.


Those words made Derrick’s heart glad and he didn’t know when he planted a soft kiss on his wife’s lips. They have been starved for a long time and couldn’t hold back their cravings for each other’s touch. One thing led to another and they made love to each other that night. It was such an erotic night that left both of them gasping for breath.


Weeks passed after that day but non of them were aware of the fact that a seed was planted in Naya that fateful night they made love. It took Naya over a month to fully realise that she was pregnant again.


There were series of thoughts in her mind as regards that pregnancy because she wasn’t sure of how Derrick would react to it. They weren’t officially back together but were still working things out. Naya told Erica about the pregnancy and they both rejoiced and prayed that God touches Derrick’s heart. It took over two weeks before Naya broke the news to Derrick one fateful day.



It happened that derrick came visiting at Erica’s house. Naya wanted him to meet her up there just for security reasons because she didn’t know what the outcome of that meeting would be. When he arrived, they talked about other things before Naya finally let the cat out of the bag. “I’m one month pregnant” she said out of nowhere.


There was instant silence in the atmosphere because Derrick needed time to fully digest what Naya said. His eyes instantly became teary and it made Naya’s eyes teary too. “You are what?” he soberly asked and she said “Yes, I am pregnant”.


Before Naya knew it, Derrick jumped for joy and screamed “Yesssssh! Thank you Lord, I’m going to be a father!”



End of episode 9




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