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The Scar: The Kids Are Watching


(episode 4)


A leopard can never change it’s spots. When a person’s behaviour pattern is consistent, it is almost impossible for them to change from it. Derrick might have felt sorry for the way he treated his wife but did that truly mean he had totally changed from his nasty behaviour? Well, we will know as we read on.


Despite the fact that Naya was still angry with her husband, she somehow missed him and wanted to go back to her matrimonial house. On seeing that Derrick wanted her back home, she had no choice than to justify her reasons to go back to the same man that almost disfigured her face with slaps all because she revealed to him that she was pregnant with their first child. Anyways, who could blame her for being so vulnerable and forgiving; you know what they say about someone in love.


After a long conversation that evening at Erica’s house, Derrick finally succeeded in convincing Naya to go back home with him that night. At first, she refused and told him to give her till the next day but he refused and insisted that they leave that night. Derrick waited for his wife outside while she went to inform Erica about the latest development.


“What? No No…I don’t subscribe to this. Why this night? Why not wait till you have fully recovered from the trauma and shock he put you through?” Erica angrily said after Naya broke the news of her departure to her.


At that moment, Naya didn’t have the right words to answer Erica’s numerous questions because she knew her friend meant well for her. After few seconds of being silent, Naya finally managed to say something. “Erica, I know you mean well for me but we are talking about my husband here. I can’t just throw my marriage off the cliff because of a normal misunderstand which I believed all married couples face every now and then. I love my husband and know the devil is



just out to ruin my marriage. Please just understand and left me go for peace and submission sake” she soberly said.


Immediately Naya was done talking, Erica sighed and shook her head in disbelief. “What are you even saying? Where have you left your common sense? It baffles me how you are trying to convince me that what Derrick did to you is termed ‘normal misunderstanding’. What on earth is normal about your husband beating you up only because you revealed to him that you are pregnant? Not only that, he also told you to abort the baby with a lame excuse that he isn’t ready to be a father yet. I can smell disaster sooner or later in this marriage and it baffles me how insensitive you are to the dangers ahead. Babe wake up and see the hand writings on the wall, this man is just trouble” Erica said.


While both ladies were having a long conversation inside the house, Derrick was outside with series of thoughts going through his mind about Naya’s pregnancy and trust me when I say those thoughts were evil.


Deep down in Derrick’s heart, he wasn’t still happy with the fact that a tiny human being was growing inside his wife’s stomach. For strange reasons, the thought of having kids scared him. Maybe it was due to his childhood scars and the trauma he went through while growing up. Derrick had deficiency of Love when he was a child because there wasn’t any example of Love shown to him by his parents. This simply meant that he didn’t know what love felt like so how can he give something he didn’t have?. Fathering a child was a whole new level of awkwardness to the psycho and he was ready to go to any length just to ensure that the baby in Naya’s womb never sets eyes on daylight.


After what seemed like a battle between Erica and Naya about her decision to go back home with Derrick, they finally agreed to disagree. Erica didn’t want to overstep her boundaries so she let go of her judgments and opinion about everything and finally let Naya go. She helped her friend pack her belongings and in no time, they were done packing and Naya was gone.


When Naya left, Erica was sad because she knew the dangers that were ahead. It killed her slowly knowing that it was just a matter of time before Derrick does something even more tragic. Erica could feel it in her spirit that he was up to no



good but sadly, Naya couldn’t see all this; maybe because she was the one in love and not Erica. But was Erica right about the impending danger? We would see!


It’s been 2 weeks since Naya returned back to her matrimonial home. So far, their home had been peaceful without any recent quarrels & misunderstanding but never in a thousand years did Naya ever imagine that Derrick was secretly up to something mischievous.


It happened that Naya work up one morning with blood all over her night wear. Unknowingly to her, she had been bleeding heavily all night but wasn’t aware. Immediately she saw the blood, she screamed and ran to the bathroom to check what was going on because bleeding isn’t good news for a woman in her early stage of pregnancy. At that time, Derrick was present so he told her to get into the car so they could head down to the hospital immediately.


When they arrived at the hospital, Naya was quickly attended to because she was still bleeding. She was rushed to the emergency ward and series of tests were conducted on her to determine what was going on. After about an hour in the hospital, Naya received a news that shattered her heart.


When the test results came out, the doctor went to break the news to the couple. When the doctor arrived at Naya’s hospital bed, Derrick by her side. The doctor sadly looked at the scared woman and dropped a shocker; “You had a miscarriage, your baby is gone” he sadly revealed.


Naya almost collapsed due to shock. She raised her hand and placed it on her head and screamed “No No No…Never!”.


End of episode 4


Written by Sonia Okehie


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