Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Seo pov


Gosh were did this girl come from ,normally i know girls have good voices but this one facing me right now her voice is like a chicken that they are pressing its neck


“Please sun hye stop singing”i said and she stopped


“Am hungry “she replied


“Me too but i need to round this up first “i said and she nodded


She stood up and started walking arround


“dont touch anything”i said and before i knew it something fell from the shelve


“Sun hye i told you not to touch anything “i yelled


“sorry”she replied




“You no what let go “i said and she smiled


“So which resturant are we going “she asked


“we are going to my house”i replied


“Huh what are we going to your house to do” she asked


“To eat of course “i replied


“Wow so you have food in your house and you made us leave this morning without eating” she half yelled


“Stop being a drama queen” i said as we drove off



soon we arrived at my house and went in


“Were is the food”sun hye asked immediately we went in


Gosh this girl and food


“Let go “i said and we walked into the kitchen while her eyes kept scanning everywhere ,i walked to my mimi cupboard and began bringing out good items for cooking


“Are you kidding me right now”she adked angrily while i smiled


“NoPe “i replied popping the P


” i thought you said you have food “she asked


” Yes and this is food” i said pointing at the food stuff “you just have to cook it”i added


“And why will i be the one cooking it”she fired


“Duh ,because you are a love doctor and lisa dosent cook for me ,so if you cook now it will make me forget about lisa”i said and she starred at me angrily before grabbing the apron and hair net and began cooking while i watched


I know you might be wondering why am doing all this ,i dont really know too maybe its because i have start developing feelings for my love doctor ,i just met her like yesterday ,well i think a day is enough to fall inlove with someone


I kept starring at her ,she beautiful everything about her is natural even her hair ,she crazy fun and she knows how to cook well let me not complete that till i taste her food ,i wonder what made her become a love doctor such a crazy profession i thought


Soon the food was ready and she served it ,i couldnt wait to start digging in because the aroma was already filling my stomach


“Delicious” i muttered and continue eating


“Do you have a boyfriend “i asked and her eyes almost popped out


“No “she replied and continue eating


“Why did you become a love doctor ” i asked


“Because i love love”she replied smiling


“You are a good cook”i said and she blushed so cute


I cant believe i break up with lisa yesterday and she made me forget about her shes indeed a love doctor


Okay finally i agree i love her everything about her is just perfect and thank godness she dosent have a boyfriend


I still have six hours before the day runs out am going to make sure she has a great time and if possible make her fall inlove with me


Soon we were done eating we cleared the dishes


“So i still have six hours,lets go somewhere” i said and jumped happily

Such a drama queen


Soon we arrived at the mall and picked a few things for her and myself


“Owhh icecream “she muttered like a baby and i began carving for icecream too ,its been long ,being an adult really sucks


“let me feed you “i said and before she could reply i shoved the spoon of ice cream into her mouth and it splashed on her lips i quickly used my tongue to lick it off while she starred at me in awe


She shoved icecream into my mouth and used her tongue to lick it off


Now i was the one suprised while she started laughing


“Suprised huh”she asked and i nodded when i saw lisa walking to our direction


“Sun hye dont look back lisa is coming”i said and she nodded ,i waited for lisa to come close before crashing me lips on sun hye own


Gosh her lips were so soft ,she later reciprocated ,i even forgot totally about lisa and focused on sun hye


“Errrm “someone cleared her throat and we looked up


I looked at sun hye and she looked another direction because she was already turnning red


“Lisa “i called softly


“Am so sorry seo ,he was only using me ,please forgive me and lets get back together i still love you ” lisa said in tears


“You still love me “i asked and she nodded


I looked at sun hye and saw her looking sad ,she wasnt looking at me but i could tell she would break down anytime soon,it seems she already love me and i love her too


” Am sorry lisa but my heart beat for someone else “i said and sun hye looked at me


“Please seo remember all we shared “she said and i smiled


” I only shared a day with one person and it seems like we have been together for months ” i replied and she left angrily


“she looks sorry to me”sun hye said


“Too bad i love someone else” i replied


“Who “she asked

And i kissed her lips


“Dose that answer your question now”i asked and she nodded


“”So are we like dating now” she asked and i nodded




“I love you sun hye”i said


“I love you too seo “she said blushing while i kissed her lips passionately again



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