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Episode 3

Raymond’s POV

“Are you surprised?”. I asked her as Davis came in smiling… “Dad, she’s taking the job”. Davis said.

“Are you sure?”. I asked. “You can think about it”. I said to her and she shook her head…


“I’m sure”. She replied and I looked at Davis shocked. “You’re ready to do over 100 tasks”. I asked again “Dad, she’s taking the job”. Davis said and I stood up…

“Well, Davis show her where she will stay”. I said as Davis held her hand and took her out of the room…

I was shocked..


No one would take the job

I wasn’t even looking for a young lady But a Old Nanny….

Can she satisfy my son?

She looks like she’spoor It doesn’t matter anyway but hischoice


I need a way to get her out of my house…

I laid on my bed and slept off….


Nuella’s POV The nextmorning

I was already up and decided to start cleaningthe house. Perhaps I shouldsurprise

him with my hard work…

I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and had a quick bath…

I went to the kitchen to prepare pancakes for the family before I take Davis to school…

I poured some quantities of flour intoa bowl And add sugar then the dooropened

and my boss came in.

“What are you preparing?”. He asked. “Pancakes”. Ireplied.

“Should I help you?”. He asked. Can he cook? I asked myself….

Helpme? He seems nice

“Yes”. I replied. And he scoffed.

“I meant why areyouslow?. So you were expecting me to help you cook”.I

asked angrily and stepped out of the kitchen.


Gosh! I feel like kicking him in his stomach and punching his face but even if I reach the gate, I wouldn’t escape…. One day, I’ll poison him and leave… He’s so bossy.

End of Nuella’s POV Davis’s POV

I woke up to find dad staring at me…

“Dad”. I said. “You startled me”. I added and he smiled. “Do you want to go to school today?”. He asked me.

“I don’t know but since we aren’t doing anything today and it’s the last day of school, I want to stay at home with Nuella”. I said avoiding his gaze. He could get angry easily…

“You like her right”.

“Yes Dad, she’s perfect”. I replied and looked at the frown on his face.

“She’s neat cause I found the entire parlor clean when I woke up”. He said and I nodded.

“And she’s also beautiful”. I said.


“In your own view”. He replied.

“Dad, you know she’s beautiful”. I said.

“I’m going to work, quickly brush your teeth and come to the dinning, she must have prepared pancakes”. He said.

“Pancakes?”. I asked surprised and he nodded

“How did she know it was my best food?”. I asked surprised.

“It was a coincidence”. Dad said standing up and walking to the door. “Hurry up”.

He left…

I think Dad would be rude and bossy to her, that’s how he does even to his staff… He’s a billionaire and I’m his son…. He needed a nanny and he got one…


I got into the toilet and quickly brushed my teeth.

Then I ran out of my room to thedinningtable. She was already serving dad the

pancakes and I sat down as she served mine….


“You’re a great cook”. I commended after taking the first bite of pancake.. “Thanks Davis”. She said and proceeded to eat in the kitchen.

“Aren’t you joining us in the dinning?”. I asked and I regretted asking that question… Dad got annoyed…


“Are you mad?”. He asked me and sent her out of the kitchen angrily…

“And you! I don’t know what she does that you like her for, reduce your likeness for her, humans are not to be trusted”. He said and I nodded.


End of Davis’s POV


Nuella’s POV

I was shocked at how he behaved

Even though he was a billionaire, he shouldn’t treat others like trash.. He shouldn’t abadon people and make them feel worthless.

That was bad

And he looks like he has a secret

Yes!… Where’s Davis mom?… I haven’t seen her Could he be a single father??


To be continued

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