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[ Is She Really Dead!? ]







Miguel’s POV:




WHAT!?” I yelled not able to believe what my ears just heard.


I’m sorry..” The doctor said and turned to leave. That very moment, Lolita fainted and slumped on the floor.


Lolita!” I shouted and kneeled down then began shaking her vigorously.


Doctor do something!” I beckoned and the doctor brought out his walky-talky, imputed some digits in it then hit dial.


Hello Nurse Pam? Come down to the waiting room pronto.” The doctor said to the receiver on the phone.


The nurse came over and took Lolita into the room to rehabilitate her back to consciousness while I sat in the waiting room pondering on the shocking news the doctor just delivered.


So Crystal is dead?


How will I be able to deliver the news to everyone?


Somehow I blame myself for her death because I have contributed a large quota to her emotional breakdown which resulted to this.


Who is gonna take care of her sister?


Angelica is gonna be so heartbroken if she hears this!


I can never forgive myself for this!






Kylie’s POV:


I changed out of my wedding dress and went to shower and had a change of outfit.


Miguel has been erased from my life now,


I have to think of another method to get rich and famous…well at least before I go to prison actually.


I wonder how Timmy is dealing with Daniel and horse brain.” I thought as I slumped into the couch.


Just then, my phone rang. I picked it up and checked the caller; It was Timmy.


I hope this is good news.” I sighed and answered the call.






The job is done.” Timmy announced and a sly grin was formed on my face.



Seriously? You mean you were able to kill Daniel and maim Chelsea?” I asked elatedly.


We shot Daniel but maiming Chelsea…not exactly. But we did beat her to a pulp.



This is exiting news! In fact one of the best news I’ve heard in my entire life! We are glad that we helped you set that memory. Anyways, to our payment.


Yes, just text me your account details and I’ll transfer five thousand dollars to your account.



I trust you Kylie! You never fail to deliver.” Timmy complimented and I chuckled.


Anyways, I hope you did a clean job? Hope no one saw you?” I inquired.



It was a clean job, I assure you.



With that established, expect your pay in a few minutes.



Thanks so much!



Yeah.” I replied and hung up then opened my transfer app to send the money to his account.


Miguel’s POV:


” You’re awake.” I said as Lolita slowly fluttered her eyes.



What happened?” She asked in a weak tone as she gradually sat atop on the bed.


I had this crazy dream that Crystal is dead.” She tittered as she spoke and I heaved a sigh. She looked at me bewilderedly after I sighed.


Sadly, it wasn’t a dream. It’s real life.” I replied and gazed at me with a pale face displaying no emotion.


Lolita are you okay?” I asked and waved my hands at her face then snapped my fingers and she jolted.


So it wasn’t a dream?” Lolita asked herself and began to shed tears.


I lost my best friend? It’s all my fault! Assuming I hadn’t connived with Daniel to hide the truth, maybe she would’ve been alive by now.” Lolita lamented amidst her tears and I tried so hard to hold back my own tears.


You have to go home now, Angelica is still at the wedding hall.” I said to her and she nodded then wiped her tears.


Yeah, but what will I tell her?” She asked as she came down from the bed.


Don’t tell her anything yet. If she asks you where her sister is just make up some lie okay?” I said to her and she nodded again.


Alright take care and update me on anything else that happens, including the fate of your brother and sister.” She said and I smiled faintly then she turned to leave.


I have to see the doctor and no what happened to my brother and sister.” I said and stood up from the chair and left the room.



Lolita’s POV:



I left the hospital with tears running down my eyes and my heart shattered into tiny pieces.


I am the cause of all what happened to Crystal!


I betrayed my best friend,


She will never forgive me and her spirit will never be at peace with me.


I had to walk back to the wedding hall which was about a three hours walk from here. With a hungry belly and tired bones, I began my journey.








At exactly 6:42pm, I arrived at the wedding hall tired and weak. I could pass out again because I’ve only had breakfast today and since then, I haven’t eaten anything.


I searched around for Angelica and I didn’t see her. It was almost night-fall and everywhere was dark and deserted; Everyone has gone home!


I went to my seat and picked up my purse and Crystal’s purse. Staring at Crystal’s purse made me so effusive.


So I’ll never see her again!?” I asked myself as I gazed at the purse and sobbed softly.


Beside Crystal’s seat was a handwritten letter.


Hey Lolita or Crystal, I got tired of waiting so I took a cab home. P.S I took the fare out of Crystal’s purse :D” The letter read and I smiled and slipped it into my purse.


At least God was able to spare Angelica who has striking resemblance with her sister.” I thought and I sighed, left the wedding hall then took a cab home.






I opened the door and saw Angelica sitting on the couch watching TV. ” Hey..” She said the moment she noticed my presence.


” Hi..” I replied sadly as I shut the door behind me.



Uh? Where’s my sister?” Angelica asked and I became nervous.


Uh, she uh…she’s at Miguel’s place. He wanted her to organize some files and she’ll be staying there for the night.”


Oh? Okay.” She replied and gulped down a handful of popcorn. I sighed then shuffled to my room.


The doctor told Miguel that there’s nothing to worry about in Daniel and Chelsea’s case. Reason because they were brought in here on time and Daniel was shot in the legs and not in any of his vital organs like his heart, head and stomach region.


Miguel thanked the doctor and went back home consistently blaming himself for the demise of Crystal.









Three Weeks Later..



The demise of Crystal really hit Lolita and Miguel hard. Of course, they still kept the secret away from Angelica and kept on lying to her. Chelsea and Daniel had recovered and were up and doing again although, with some bandages, POPs and stitches.


They both heard of Crystal’s death and were surprised and astonished.


Daniel and Chelsea blamed themselves dearly for her death…especially Daniel. He felt he was the main cause of her death and he wept for days.


Chelsea suspected that Kylie had a hand in their attempted assassination and she tried calling her and reaching out to her but she refused to answer her calls and texts.


Chelsea dimmed it fit to confess to her crimes against Crystal and Angelica before it’s too late or before Crystal’s spirit comes to hunt her in her dreams.



Hey Miguel…” She said as she entered into Miguel’s room. He was lying faced down on his bed with some bottles of empty and half-drunk bottles of alcohol surrounding his bed.


Miguel didn’t answer Chelsea’s greeting. He has been a shadow of himself ever since Crystal’s death.


He rarely comes out of his room and even if he does, it’s just to take some snacks and alcohol to his room.


He hasn’t gone to work, he hasn’t gone out with his friends or done anything reasonable with his life since three weeks ago.


Chelsea sighed and went closer to Miguel’s bed and she saw what shocked her to bones. Three packets of cigarettes were exhausted and some sticks were lying around his bedstand. The most shocking was the bottle of liquid narcotic that was opened and a medical syringe near it.


” What?” Chelsea muttered as she picked up the syringe and examined it.


She dropped the syringe and pushed Miguel making him to roll over and was now sleeping faced up.


She saw a needle pierced wound on his left arm and that was when it fully dawned on her that Miguel was drugging himself.


Miguel! Smoking and drinking is not enough? You have resorted into hard drugs! What will mum say when she hears your drugged yourself to death!” Chelsea I yelled at Miguel as I sobbed and hit him hard.


What’s the use of living when the one you love is dead.” Miguel replied coldly and sighed.


Love? When did you ever love Crystal! If you did love her, why did you marry Kylie and not her?” Chelsea asked with folded arms and he rolled over then faced me.




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I was stupid. And my stupidity was the reason why she is dead today.” Miguel explained still in his cold and husky tone.


Chelsea sighed and thought it was right to confess now.



If you think you’re the reason why she died then what about me!? What about me who was an accomplice to Angelica’s kidnap? What about me who worked with Kylie to kidnap Angelica and devious things. I knew Kylie slept with Aaron from the very day it happened but I didn’t tell you! I couldn’t bear seeing my brother get married to a devil and I had to speak the truth! Am I not the reason for her death?” Chelsea confessed and Miguel starred at her wide eyed as she spoke. He was shocked to the skull, his sister and Kylie were responsible for all this?


Chelsea? How could you?” Miguel managed to ask.


I was stupid; we were both stupid and that was what caused her death.” Chelsea said sadly.


You have to go confess to Lolita and Angelica, they will decide what to do to you. But first go to the hospital and bring Crystal’s body to the synagogue’s morgue.” Miguel said and Chelsea gulped down nothing and left the room then went to the hospital.


Chelsea’s POV:



It feels so good to let the secret and crimes I’ve committed out of my heart, what I doubt now is my fate. What if Lolita and Angelica decide to send me to jail? Anyways, I truly deserve what ever punishment they decide to give to me.






A few minutes later, I was at the hospital. I alighted from my car and entered into the hospital then went into the doctor’s office to see him concerning Crystal’s body.


Good afternoon doctor.” I greeted as I entered into the doctor’s office.


Hi Chelsea? He replied as he arranged some files on his desk.



My brother sent me to come collect Crystal’s body. We’re taking her to the synagogue’s morgue for now.” I announced and the doctor stared at me looking so surprised at what I just said.


Why are you taking her to the morgue?” He asked and I was a bit puzzled.


Because she’s dead.” I replied and the doctor laughed and removed his glasses.


Look behind you.” He said pounding to the door. Nervously, I turned back slowly and saw the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen.




Miguel’s POV:


I slowly stood up from the bed and began to pace round the room thinking of how I’m gonna start life again with the guilt of someone’s death still fresh in my mind.


Just then, the door opened and Chelsea came inside.


I don’t want to talk to anyone now, especially you.” I said to Chelsea and she sighed.


You might wanna talk to me after you see this.” Chelsea said and I was a bit puzzled.


Turn around..” She added and I slowly turned around and what I saw Crystal in front of me.


WHAT!?” I yelled and walked backwards in fear. I tripped over some shoes and fell on the bed. Chelsea, Lolita and Crystal started laughing at me.


I’m not a ghost silly.” Crystal said amidst her and everyone else’s laughter.


I need some explanations.” I inquired terrified to my bones.



I think Lolita can do that.” Chelsea said and looked at Lolita, she smiled faintly then spoke.


Two day after Crystal was confirmed dead, I decided to go see the doctor concerning her body. The doctor told me that there was a mistake. Crystal wasn’t dead, she was just in a coma. So I decided to play a little game with the doctor. I paid for a bed space and had Crystal stay in the hospital and also had the doctor tell anyone that asks that she’s dead. So later on she can come as a shocker to you guys.” Lolita explained and I slowly got of the bed.


Seriously?” I asked and all three of them nodded.


Thank God!” I yelled and rushed to hug Crystal, she embraced me happily.


We’ll leave you two alone now.” Chelsea said with a wink and I smiled. She took Lolita with her and they went outside.






I really thought you were dead.” I said and she smiled.


I decided to punish you a bit.” Crystal replied and winked then I laughed.


I missed your stubborn self so much.” I said and she smiled shyly.


I…I…missed you too.” She stammered nervously.


I made a mistake.” I added and she looked at me with a curious gaze.


How?” She asked.


I threw away the one I loved. I didn’t know I loved her, I thought I just wanted her body. Not seeing or hearing her has made me realise that she was the one I really loved all along.” I stated and Crystal blushed.



Can we have dinner at Olivia’s Diner by 8?” I asked and she nodded affirmatively.


I’ll see you at eight. Bye.” She said, opened the door then left.


Why is she so nervous and shy?










It was some minutes after eight pm and I was already at Olivia’s diner waiting for Crystal to show up. I brought out the crystal studded ring.


Yes, a crystal studded ring for a girl named Crystal!


And you guessed right, I’m gonna propose to her. I can’t loose her yet again.


I mistook the feelings I had for her as lust…now I know what I want from her is not just her body, but her heart as well.


I spotted her coming into the restaurant and I quickly hid the ring in my pocket so she won’t see it before the surprise.


Hey…sorry I’m late.” She said and sat down on the chair opposite me


No problem. Actually, it hasn’t been long since I arrived.” I said and she smiled.


We ordered some food and chatted as we ate. Crystal has never been this free with me before. It’s either she’s being sarcastic or she shouts at me or she even slaps!


I really hope she says yes…


Anyways…fingers crossed


We were done eating and the waiter came and took away our empty dishes.


I decided to engage in a conversation with her before popping the question.





I didn’t know you were this funny!” She complimented as we laughed over something I said.


It’s a gift.” I replied with a wink and she laughed harder.


I have to be get going now.” She said and picked up her bag to leave.


Wait!” I said and held her hand then made her sit down.


I have something I have to tell you.” I said still holding on to her hand.


What’s that?” She asked and I took a deep breath then spoke.


I’m not good with romantic words and all that but I found out that I misunderstood myself and what I felt for you. You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and I thought I all I ever wanted in you was just your body. But now I’m very certain I want more than that…I want you as a person. I’ve fallen in love with you over the months and now I know I can’t be without you.” I said and she was dumbfounded. I removed my hands from hers then knelt down on one knee and brought out the ring.


Crystal…will you marry me??”










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