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[ The Accident- Part One ]




Lolita’s POV:


Daniel stared straight into my eyes and I managed to force a smile even though I hadn’t given him an answer yet. His eyes begged me to say YES! But am I really ready to say yes to him?


I just lost my best friend due to the conspiracy between the both of us. Telling him YES now will add more coal to the burning furnace and I wouldn’t wish that to happen.


My heart wants to say YES


But a still voice still echoes NO within me.


Whom should I choose? My best friend or the love of my life.


Daniel, I love you so much.” I said and took a deep snirt. But it seems like Daniel took advantage of that thinking I said yes to his proposal..


I love you too and I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” Daniel said elatedly as he quickly got up from his kneeling position and slid the ring into my finger.


No Daniel, you didn’t let me finish.” I said and the elated expression on his face disappeared; A vivid puzzled and perplexed demeanor emerged on his face.


I swallowed nothing then said,


I can’t do this.” I sighed and summoning courage, I removed the ring and stretched it to him. He didn’t collect it, instead he stared at the ring and after a few seconds stared at me. At this moment, his eyes weren’t begging to say YES anymore…instead they were begging for reasonable explanations on why I turned him down.



Look, I made a mistake. You asked me to hide a big deal of a secret from my own best friend and that was wrong. The statement ‘Love is Blind’ came to play because I blindly agreed to conceal the secret without thinking of the repercussions simply because I was in love with you. Now I’ve lost my best friend….” I said to Daniel and it seems he was already getting the picture that I was going to turn him down.


I have to make it up to Crystal.” I thought and boldly faced Daniel again.


You asked me earlier to choose between love and my friendship with Crystal. At this point, I’d like to say….No Daniel, I won’t marry you.” I added with my heart compounded with mixed feelings. Daniel stared at me blankly with his jaw dropped and mouth opened wide.


I’d rather remain single all my life, than to betray my best friend. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a best friend to look for.” I said and with that I left Daniel dumbfounded and the wedding guests in awe murmuring amongst themselves.


Chelsea’s POV:


Miguel angrily stormed out of the wedding hall after the video clip and recordings ended and I haven’t seen him since then.


Kylie also absconded but I still have a feeling she’s still in the building probably looking for me.


You traitor.” I heard Kylie utter behind me. I sighed because I knew she’d come for me and I expect the worse from her but nevertheless, I’m ready for whatever thing she throws at me.


Who is a traitor between the two of us? The one who betrays the man she claims to love by sleeping with another man, getting pregnant for him and had an ambition to dump the pregnancy on an innocent man. Or is it me who exposed the truth and the devil that you are?” I snapped as I turned to face her.


She has the mouth to talk huh?” Kylie said and chuckled then hastened her steps towards me.



So what do you think of yourself now? A superhero? A good girl? A good sister? Is that what you think you are?” Kylie asked on getting to where I stood. I decided not to answer her damn question and remain silent.


I’m pregnant for Aaron…yeah, I can never get married to your brother…yeah, Everyone hates me now…yeah. But let me tell you something Ms. Chelsea Nicholas, you have made the biggest mistake of your entire life!” Kylie added and I was getting confused. How did I make a mistake, for exposing the truth?


I didn’t make any mistake. You’re the one who made a mistake for thinking I’d lie to my brother just to keep our ‘friendship’ going.” I fired back at her and she guffawed.


This is why I prefer to refer to you as a human with the brain of a horse. Have you forgotten that we both have hands in Angelica’s kidnap? And if I by chance go down you as well will go down. Or do you think I won’t rat on you if I get caught just like you ratted on me back there?” Kylie said and an eminent cloud of fear enveloped me.


Angelica’s kidnap didn’t cross my mind at all!


Now that everyone knows Kylie is a devil, it won’t take long before they realise she is behind the kidnap and once they do, I’ll be traced as well.


I know you didn’t think of that because you don’t reason well. You only use the left side of your brain to think!” Kylie insulted me but I have no time to reply her. I’m scared to my bones now.


I was an accomplice to Angelica’s kidnap, So what? You can’t prove anything Kylie. There is no evidence that I was with you during the kidnap. The only evidence was the men we hired that were arrested. But you sent someone to kill them in the cell so there is nothing in this world that’ll prove I’m guilty.” I yelled in her face with a slight feeling of triumph.


Oh really?” Kylie asked slyly and wore a smirk.



Yes and I wish I can slap that smirk off your face for trying to ruin my brother. You know what? Just stay away from my brothers and I!” I yelled at her again and all she did was just laugh. I scoffed at her then turned to leave.


The men may have been dead and you may think that there is no evidence. But wait till I’m caught and the police hears this.” Kylie replied and few moments later, a recording of my voice played.


I was an accomplice to Angelica’s kidnap so what?” The exact words I said few minutes ago played and I was shocked.


You recorded me confessing to the crime!?” I asked and she paused the recording.


Yes I did! I told you I’m smarter than you. I’d like to advice you not try anything funny or pull any stunt like the one you just pulled out there or else I’ll take this to the police and you know how many years we’ll spend in jail.” Kylie said waving her phone then laughed maniacally.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a husband to meet and a Daniel to deal with severely.” Kylie added and laughed then strutted away.


What have I gotten myself into!”








Miguel’s POV:











So Crystal was right? Kylie is actually a scam, a desperate b*tch tryna earn quick cash by getting married to me!


I should’ve listened to Crystal when she warned me against Kylie.



But no, I insulted her and also fought with her over someone who isn’t worth it. Gosh! I feel like a fool now, I feel so used, so stupid and like a big ol’ idiot!


What will all my associates think of me? What about the wedding guests? They’ll turn me into a laughing stock.


And the media covered everything! The blogs will make this wedding disaster trend round the world and then everyone will think of me as one who doesn’t know what he is doing.


But they are right, I am confused! I threw away an angel like Crystal just to be with a devil like Kylie. I hate myself for this!


Hey Miguel.” I heard that b*tch say.


If my name ever comes out of your accursed mouth I will pulverise you!” I yelled at her without turning back to see her face.


I came to apologize for what my haters did to you. Look, I didn’t do anything Chelsea or the recordings said. I can prove it by going for a pregnancy test and showing you the results. I am not pregnant, it’s just people who hate me cooking up stories and faking recordings just to make you dislike me.” Kylie said and I heard the footsteps of her coming closer to where I stood.


What do you take me for? A fool that you can toy with his brains? Oh! I should sit back and watch you take another test with a doctor you must’ve bribed to give you a fake result?” I fired at her angrily and she giggled lightly then placed her hands on my shoulders then slowly ran her hands from my shoulders down to lower abdomen.(Join Group) She continued to caress my upper body as she licked my ear sultrily.


You daughter of the devil! Are you trying to lure me?” I asked her as I turned back and pushed her away.


I’m just trying to get you into the mood. Look, if you doubt me we can go to the hospital of your choice for the test.” Kylie replied as she made advances towards me again, puckering her lips to give me a kiss.



Get behind me Satan! You angel of darkness.” I yelled at her sternly and pushed her away.


Just then, I heard someone screaming my name.


Miguel…Miguel!” The familiar voice yelled and Kylie and I were confused and patiently waited for the person to come into the limelight.


A few moments later, Crystal’s friend came running in shouting my name.


What’s happening?” I asked her and she stopped right in front of me and tried to catch her breath.


I…Can’t…Find…Crystal.” She said amidst her heavy breathing and I was shocked.


But I thought you followed her when she ran out?” I asked and she used her she mouthed “no”


I followed her but after we talked, she ran out and I haven’t seen her since then.” She said and I was flummoxed.


Come let’s go look for her.” I said and Lolita nodded. Kylie tried to stand up and follow us.


Where are you going?” I asked and she pouted.


I wanna help look for Crystal.” She said and I slapped her.


Stay away from my family and Crystal’s family do you hear that?” I sternly warned her as she clutched to her left cheek which was already swollen red due to the slap I just gave her.


Let’s go.” I told Lolita and we left the building in search of Crystal.


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Two Hours Later


I rubbed my eyes and yawned, My breath reeked of alcohol.


I took the last sip from the bottle of Heineken in my hand and shook the bottle.


I found out it was empty.


Bar Man, Bar Man!” I yelled aggressively and he scampered to my services.


Get me another bottle.” I instructed and he stared at me like he had just seen a ghost on my face.


But Ma’am, you’ve already taken nine bottles and this will be your tenth! Are you sure you can handle it?” The barman asked and I chuckled.


Have you ever been betrayed by your best friend? Have you ever been back stabbed by one of your closest friends? Has the one you loved ever slept with another person…your arch nemesis for that matter!” I asked stammering and the barman kept quiet.


No ma.” He later answered.


Then you don’t have the right to ask me stupid questions regarding my intake of alcohol. Now stop standing there looking dumb and get me two more bottles.” I instructed still stammering because I was dead drunk.


Okay ma’am.” He replied and left.




I’m drunk…


I’m drowning away my sorrows in the bittersweet drowsiness of alcohol.


It helps take away the painful feeling of that black hole at the center of my heart. My best friend betrayed me,


Daniel my once friend back stabbed me.


He even proposed to Lolita and I know she said YES.


You’re surprised?


You should be, I saw everything back there before I left.


He slid the ring into her fingers.


This is why I HATE BOYS, I opened my heart to love them again and they showed me their true colours.





Just then, my phone rang. It was that two faced bastard Aaron. I decided to pick the call and give him a piece of my darn mind!



Hey Coffee Bean…” He said as I picked up the call. I decided to keep shut and hear all that he had to say.




Why aren’t you answering? Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I really miss you and I’m expecting your answer over the proposal. My heart is aching because the one I love hasn’t given me an answer.



You bastardized idiot!” I managed to yell because I couldn’t calculate my words well due to my drunken state.


What do you mean?



So you think you can sleep with girls and I’ll accept you? We all know that you slept with Kylie and she’s pregnant for you!


W-What!? It’s a lie.



Oh spare me that trash!



But Crystal, I love you.” He said and I got annoyed.



Don’t ever call me again!” I yelled and hung up the phone.



The barman brought the bottles of alcohol and in thirty minutes, I had finished both!


My head was spinning with mental picture flashes of everything I’ve gone through these past months and it was killing me!



I can’t take it anymore!!” I yelled and dashed out of the bar.


Hey Miss! You haven’t paid for the last four drinks!” The bar man yelled but I didn’t care. I ran out of the bar with no destination.


I kept on running, running and running.


Crystal! Crystal!” I could swear that I heard Lolita and Miguel call my name. But Heck! Who cares?


Nobody cares about me and my feelings.


I turned back and saw they were almost catching up with me. I had to run quickly.


Without looking left or right, I crossed the road and an incoming car was heading for me. He kept blaring his horn for me to move but no I won’t.




What’s the use of living!?


Kill ME!


Miguel’s POV:


Just as we were about to give up the search and go home, we saw Crystal run out of a popular bar and she continued running non-stop.


We tried calling her name and begging her to stop but she refused.


Miguel she wants to cross the road!” Lolita yelled pointing at Crystal who just crossed the road and an incoming car with full speed was coming towards her.


Crystal MOVE!” I yelled and ran towards the road to push her away from the car.


The next thing we heard was a loud BAM! then a CRASH sound and Crystal’s screams.












The Devil’s



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