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Sequence 62




‘Life is a boomerang. What you give. You get.’


‘That’s nonsense what evidence do you have against us?’ Chrissie yelled


‘You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in the court of law,’ the officer said ‘And what if I refuse to go with you?’ she asked.


Christina was upset, this wasn’t happening, it was absurd and stupid. Her mother would die if they arrested her.


‘Officer, I am sure we can talk nicely and clear things out, we don’t have to go to the station,’ she pleaded


‘Madam, you will have to cooperate or we will use force.’ ‘It’s okay, we will go with you,’ Thomas said ‘Are you crazy?’ Chrissie asked


Emma was unusually quiet as all this was going on she was wondering how she had gotten herself involved in such a mess.


The police officer instructed Thomas to lie down on the ground facedown and put


his hands behind his back to be handcuffed. Then it was Emma’s turn to do the


same thing and finally Chrissie’s.


‘Your turn?’ he told Chrissie


‘No I am not going anywhere with you,’ she said, ‘I did not do anything.’ The officer angrily grabbed her arms and she screamed, ‘You are hurting my wrists.’


For a second she escaped from him and started running towards the gate. Two policemen who had obviously been standing outside the gate tackled and grabbed her.


They forcefully pinned her down and cuffed her hands behind her back, patting her down- a little too rough.


‘Fuck you,’ she roared and moaned in pain.


‘You’re gonna need to come with us down to the station so calm yourself down,’ the officer yelled back.


They were loaded into the back of the police cruiser and of to the local police station.


Chrissie was shouting and cursing the whole time till they arrived at the station. At the police station, they stripped off their shoes and belts before they were led into separate interrogation rooms.


‘Can I call my lawyer now?’ he asked


This was no problem in fact the officer let him use his phone to place the call.


Thomas patiently waited as the phone rang on the other side.


When the lawyer answered, he told him of his arrest and all the charges that had been labeled against him.


‘You are not to volunteer any information until I arrive,’ his lawyer, Mr. Ngalande said.




‘Thank you,’ he said to the officer as he handed him back his phone. He prayed the lawyer would do his best to get them out.


When the lawyer arrived, he was allowed a private discussion.


‘Ngalande, can you get us out of here today?’ Thomas anxiously asked.


The lawyer shook his head he had a chance to speak to the detective in charge of the case before coming in to Thomas. The charges labeled against Thomas and his colleagues were serious and non-bailable.


‘Why are you shaking your head like that?’


‘The offences you committed are serious and non-bailable. Therefore you will have to stay here until police investigations are concluded and then if there’s enough evidence, you will be prosecuted and the case will go to court.’


‘This is bullshit,’ he slammed his fist hard on the table,’ Your job is to get me out of here and not tell me this.’


‘Max told the police everything. This case is not as easy as you think. Do you even know how many charges have been labeled against you and your group?’


He shook his head.


‘Does the name Tess ring a bell in your head?’ ‘Yes, that’s Mattie‘s former maid.’


‘Well she is back and she spilled the beans.’


‘What the Fuck!” he cursed. ‘I thought Max cleared her.’


‘He didn’t. And then there is also a case of attempted murder.’ ‘Attempted Murder?’


‘Jericho, he too didn’t die and from what I gathered, he spoke to the police as well. He should be in the hospital as we talk, recovering from your attack.’ ‘Oh lord,’ he drew out a sharp breath


How come he had incompetent men on his team, he had sent them to clear these people off without leaving any traces but they failed him.


He should have known Max was weak and couldn’t handle pressure. What had the police done to him to make him confess? How was he going to get out of this one?


‘So what are you saying?’ he asked


‘Well for now, there is nothing much I can do but I will have to find out what evidence they have against you and if possible eliminate it, I will see if it’s possible to bribe one of the officers here to help out.’


‘Do what you can to get us all out of here,’ he roared ‘I will try my best.’


‘I don’t pay you try your best, I pay you to get me out of such situations so get out and get to work.’


Once the lawyer left, they were all questioned one by one. On completion of the


interrogation, they were held in a building with no windows and in completely


dark cells.




Emma’s heart was thumping with panic as they were being locked up into the cells. What would happen to Theo if they were sent to jail? What demon had forced her to join forces with these two?


Her friend had been right all along, if only she had gotten married and forgotten about Chard all this wouldn’t be happening to her. This was too much for her to handle, she was silently praying for a miracle to save her. ***


The next day, Chrissie woke up ready to leave, she was certain her mother would get her out. Spending the night in the filthy cell was one of the worst things that had ever happened to her.


She couldn’t handle spending another night in such an environment.


Eventually, the door slid open and she watched as one guard approached her.






‘You have a visitor,’ he said


A bright smile played on her lips, ‘I told you I would be out,’ she turned towards the other ladies who were playing cards.


They led her out into the visiting area and when she walked in, there was her mother sitting at the far end.




Her mother instantly stood up and pulled her into her arms, hugging her tightly. ‘How are you?’ she worriedly asked


‘I am not fine mummy, that place is filthy I feel sick.’


‘What exactly happened? Your auntie called me and told me about all these crimes you allegedly committed.’



‘This is all Mattie’s fault mummy, she accused me wrongly you need to get me out.


‘But did you do all these things they say you did?’


‘Mummy all that doesn’t matter, you need to get me out of here.’


‘I will try my best but your case is non-bailable so I will see what I can do when I talk to Mattie.’


‘Please do and you can talk to Mattie to withdraw the case.’ ‘She will withdraw it weather she likes it or not.’ ‘Thank you mummy.’


‘Oh my little girl, it breaks my heart to see you like this,’ she said as tears flooded her eyes


‘There is something I have to tell you,’ she said ‘What is it?’


Christina figured this was the right time to tell her mother about her pregnancy. She knew her mother would be mad but there was nothing she could do, what was done was done.


‘I am pregnant,’ she said


‘You are pregnant?’ she inquired with a raised brow.


Chrissie shook her head and gave a slight shrug, ‘Yes. I am pregnant for Thomas.’ Her eyes opened wide in shock,’ What?’ she exclaimed ‘Yes.’


Christina’s mother couldn’t believe what she had just heard, her heart began to race faster than usual and suddenly it felt like the room was spinning and swaying around.


Her vision was becoming blurry and her eyelids felt very heavy. And then the room began to spin faster.


‘Mummy are you okay?’ Chrissie worriedly asked


She couldn’t even respond, she felt really sick, ‘what is happening to me? Why am I feeling like this? She wondered.


The last thing she heard was Chrissie’s loud scream- as her eyes blacked out and


she fell over.






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