Thu. Jul 11th, 2024



Daisy is a struggling lady who works hard to make ends meet by doing different part time job. She barely has time for herself.


Words get out in every part of the state that whoever makes Prince Eric fall in love again, the person will win $10 million dollars.


Woah….. that’s a lots of money right?


Seems luck is really on my side, I don’t have to worry much with that kind of money” Daisy thought to herself and immediately prepared her luggages time participate.


She gets to the reception area in the palace and found she was the only participant, no body wants to take up the challenge because they are afraid of the prince.


Finally, she got transported to the prince house to start her challenge.


Will she accomplish her mission? Oh yeah, she will but how?


It’s not about the money any longer, it’s about proving herself.


What happens when she falls in love in the process and her feelings isn’t reciprocated.


He has an icy heart but she’s determined to melt it to the very last drop. Giving up doesn’t seem to be in her dictionary but what happens when she gives up in the end




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