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Sequence 54





‘You shouldn’t have left the house like that,’ he said taking his eyes off the road. ‘I should have let you kill me?’ she furiously asked


‘You know I would never kill you. I love you Van and I can’t imagine life without you.’


‘You have a weird way of showing that same love.’ ‘I love you in my own way.’


‘You have me already why don’t you let Trinity go?’ she said pleadingly


‘I will let her go when the time is right. Let’s just enjoy our time together for now.’ ‘Andrew please she is just a child let her go before my sister dies of hypertension.’ ‘Demit woman,’ he yelled. ‘Stop putting pressure on me or do you want us to have an accident.’


She kept quiet turned the other side and looked out of the window. She knew what her husband was capable of and provoking him further would only put both her life and Trinny’s in danger.


‘Everything is going to be alright Van, we are going to have our baby and live happily ever after,’ he said


She nodded her head.


‘I love you,’ he said smilingly


She remained quiet.






‘I just said I love you, what do you have to say to me?’ A hard angry look came over his face.


‘I love you too,’ she disgustedly responded


‘You don’t have to be upset my love, I will take care of you and King,’ he said ‘Who is King?’ she asked giving him a surprised look


‘Our son will be King, I have already named him,’ he said with a smirk ‘What if it’s a girl?’


‘You just make sure you give me a son Vanessa,’ he growled ‘Well I have a feeling I am carrying a girl,’ she said


‘Then you will swap that little bitch for a boy, I don’t ever want to have female


children. Females are weak, they can’t handle pressure, see how you run away


when we have a little quarrel.’


‘Tell that to God.’


He shot her a deadly stare more like a ‘shut the f**k up,’ warning stare.



They stopped at a gas station and he filled the car tank a few minutes later and quietly continued their journey. Shortly after they left the gas station Andrew observed that they were bring tailed by another car.


‘Shit,’ he cursed




‘We are being pursed,’ he informed her, ‘Did you by any chance get the police involved?’


‘No,’ she shook her head, ‘I didn’t.’


‘I swear if you did this will be the end of that little girl.’ ‘Andrew I didn’t call the police,’ she said


‘Maybe I am just being paranoid maybe they aren’t even following us.’ ‘Maybe,’ she shrugged


He kept driving but frequently zigzagged through the lanes to make certain the car was following them. The car following them was relentless he knew he had to make a plan soon.


He suddenly drove at high speed as he swerved through the lanes trying to get ahead.


Vanessa slammed back against her seat, ‘Are you trying to get me killed?’ she yelled


‘Shut up woman don’t you see we are being followed by the people you called?’ ‘What makes you so sure I called them?’ ‘Who could be following us then?’


‘How should I know huh? How should I know?’


‘You wanna play a smart with me right? Fine, play smart but just know if I go down we go down together and you will never see that brat again.’


‘You are heartless, Andrew. I regret ever marrying you,’ she cried ‘Shut up,’ he shouted


‘You will rot in hell for kidnapping an innocent girl.’


‘You bloody unappreciative fool everything I have done is for us. Don’t you see how much I love you?’


‘This is not love, you are sick. Men like you should be locked up in mental hospitals.’


‘I love you! I love you!’ he was screaming as he drove faster and faster like a mad man. He had this angriest and craziest face as if he had been possessed by demons. ‘Andrew you will get us killed,’ she screamed tears streaming down her face but he wouldn’t listen. He was totally out of control.


‘Shut up,’ he said as he continued to speed up and run a stop sign.


Suddenly as he tried to make a turn, he lost control of the vehicle and it spun


sideways, counter clock wise stopping abruptly when it slammed into a utility pole.


The force of the impact made all of the air bags eject, making them go






As the night wore on, Mattie seemed to become sleepy. She put her head on Chard’s shoulder and shut her eyes. Her head kept rolling back and forth Chard let go of her hand and put his arm around her shoulders to steady her head better. Chard was worried about her she hadn’t been able to rest since they left Trinny’s school. This wasn’t good for her and the baby. Speaking of the baby, why hadn’t she told him she was expecting.


Would she have told him about the baby if this had not happened, he wondered. Better yet would she accept him back into his life after everything that had happened between them? Because he still loved her and he was willing to make amends for his mistakes if only she would allow him. ****


‘Trinity!’ she screamed as she walked aimlessly in the middle of nowhere, ‘Where are you my darling?’ She searched among the trees and the high bushes but found no one there.


She sank to the ground helpless, tears of pain streaming down her face. Suddenly Trinny appeared in front of her, she had no idea where she could have turned up from. She was barefoot and wearing a dirty black dress and she had a sad smile on her face.


‘My baby!’ Mattie said bewilderment at seeing her standing in front of her. ‘Mummy, stand up why do you look so unhappy?’


‘They took you away from me, oh baby I missed you,’ she stood up and tried to grab her but Trinny disappeared into thin air. *****


‘Trinnnnnny,’ Mattie awoke with a start.


‘It’s okay,’ Chard said, ‘I am here.


‘Chard where is my baby?’ she started panicked before she started crying hysterically.


‘Trinny is going to be home soon, I swear I am doing all I can to bring her home,’ he tried to calm her with no success.


‘I can’t stay in here while my child is out there, I have to go and look for her,’ she stood up.


‘Mattie it’s dangerous out there.’



‘You don’t understand, none of you understand how I feel. My child is out there in the cold, has she eaten? Does she have warm clothes? Where is she sleeping? No I can’t stay here.’


Just as Chard was about to respond to her, his phone rang. ‘This is an important call, if they don’t have any news on Trinny we will go out and look for her,’ he said


She looked at him then sat down.


He put the phone to his ear and answered, ‘Bosses,’ the person on the other line responded


‘How far?’ he asked


‘I have some bad news.’


‘What’s happening?’


He drew in a deep breath ‘they have been involved an accident.’


‘What do you mean they have been involved in an accident?’ the question rushed out of his mouth before he could stop it.


Mattie stood up, ‘Accident?’ She asked fear evident in her eyes.


All eyes were now on Chard.


‘Aside from our man another car was pursing them. He lost control and hit into a pole.’


‘And the little girl?’


‘She wasn’t with them in that car.’


‘Where are they now?’


‘An ambulance has just arrived on the scene.’


‘Tell Moses to follow the ambulance to the hospital, he should tell me which hospital they are heading and I will meet him there.’ ‘Okay boss.’











The Clock is Ticking




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