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Sequence 52




It was now 7 pm and it was dark, she was really worried. Her imagination was running wild and her head was pounding hard. Mattie had always been able to handle pain, taking it in and never letting it get to her but this was different, it was something she couldn’t begin to control or ignore.


She felt helpless and confused she didn’t even want to think that her daughter would be anything less than safe. Life would be meaningless without her. Trinny was the light of her world.


‘This is the worst moment any parent could experience,’ her voice chocked Chard turned to her and gave her a tight hug, ‘What if my baby has been killed Chard?’ she cried


He tightened his hold on her and bent down to whisper in her ear, ‘Have a little faith I promise you, we will get Trinny back no matter what it takes.’


‘You know I will die if I lose my baby? It’s been three hours, three hours and still no news about her,’ she trembled with anxiety as she spoke.


‘I don’t even want to imagine the pain you are going through right now,’ Maya began, ‘But be rest assured we will find Trinity, we have hired some men out there to look for her.’


‘Thank you,’ she whispered


‘Here! Drink this,’ Vanessa handed Mattie a cup of tea. ‘It will help keep you




‘Thanks sis.’



She took a sip of her tea welcoming the burn down her throat that reminded her she was alive.


They sat in silence for a long time.


A number of thoughts where running through her mind, desperation screaming in


her ears endlessly as the clock continued to tick. She needed to know where Trinny


was or else she would go mad.




‘Are you hungry?’ Vanessa asked finally breaking the silence. It was now forty minutes past seven.


‘No,’ Mattie responded.




‘I can’t be here eating when I don’t know if my Trinity has eaten or not.’


‘You need to eat something,’ she said, ‘You will need your strength for the sake of your unborn child.’


Chard raised an eyebrow. ‘You are pregnant?’ He and Maya asked in Unison. ‘Oh Shit,’ Vanessa cursed realizing what she had just done, she hadn’t meant to say that out loud in front of everyone, she was just worried and looking out for her sister.


‘Are you pre—,’


The phone rang interrupting Chard in mid flow. Mattie reacted with a jerk, grabbed it and answered it.


‘Matilda! Matilda! Matilda!’ The familiar voice on the other end of the line sounded slurred and half an octave higher, ‘I have your daughter,’ in the background she heard Trinny crying, ‘Mummy!’


Mattie completely froze and a look of horror came over her face, ’what do you want?’ she asked impatiently, she was in shock.


He laughed out loud, ‘I told you I would get you didn’t i?’


‘You shouldn’t have messed with my marriage, now your daughter is going to pay.’


‘Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on my daughter you imbecile,’ she said ‘You know what? I love how brave and confidence you are, I should have married you and not your sister.’


‘What do you want?’ she yelled


‘I will let you know what I want. In the meantime, keep the police out of this issue if you want to see this little brat alive. Wait for instructions as to what you must do. Any silly move and she is out.’


‘You bastard, bring back my daughter,’ she growled



‘I am not someone to play with, ask your sister she knows what I am capable of.’ ‘Please.’


The phone went dead, Mattie slumped down onto her chair gripping the phone and staring at it, tears started streaming down her face.


‘Oh God,’ she said


What is wrong?’ Vanessa asked fearing the worst, ‘Who was that?’ ‘Your husband,’ she said


‘Andrew?’ She asked, her mouth hanging open in shock and her eyes wide open. *****


‘Mattie’s brat is missing?’ She said, staring intently at both Emma and Thomas. ‘What?’ Thomas asked


‘Trinny was kidnapped earlier today, mum just called to let me know. I think Mattie called her or something. Do you guys have anything to do with her disappearance?’ she asked


‘I have no idea about that,’ Emma said taking a long pull on her cigarette, filling her lungs with smoke.


‘And you?’ she turned to Thomas


‘I would never do anything to hurt Mattie and you know it, that little girl is her life, taking her would be killing her.’


‘So who could have taken her?’ Chrissie wondered.


Emma lifted her head and blew the smoke upward, ‘What do you care?’


‘This little move will bring Chard and my sister together stupid.’


‘You just called me stupid?’


‘Yes.’ she rolled her eyes.


Emma crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray before she angrily stood up.


She grabbed her hair from behind and yanked her head back forcing Chrissie to look into her face, ‘Don’t you dare mess with me Christina,’ her voice growled. ‘I am getting fed up of these useless constant fights,’ Thomas pulled Emma off Chrissie


‘You should warn this harlot to stay in her lane,’ Emma screamed


‘You are the harlot,’ Chrissie coughed, ‘and the next time you ever lay your hand on me, I swear I by my father’s grave I will murder you,’ Chrissie spat. ‘Enough!’ Thomas yelled, ‘We have more pressing issues, I don’t have time to listen to your tantrums. This kidnapping is gonna mess up our plans big time, I need to find out who got her.’


‘You do that real quick I want to be by my man’s side.’ Chrissie laughed, ‘Your man indeed.’


‘He is mine and we both know it honey.’


‘You know what, Just kill yourselves if you want too I need to make some calls.’ ‘Did you handle that issue with Jericho?’ Emma asked ‘Yes,’ he nodded


‘Okay, I think I will leave. Call me when need arises, i need to sort one or two


things at home.’






Mattie and everyone in the house where anxiously waiting for the call. They had not involved the police about this new found development because they feared for Trinny’s life.


Vanessa had tried to call her husband so she could reason with him but his number was unreachable, he had used a private line to call Mattie.


‘I am really sorry Mattie, I shouldn’t have come here in the first place,’ Vanessa said


‘It’s not your fault, that man is just an animal, I didn’t think he would take things this far.’


Three days ago, Vanessa’s husband had come over to Mattie’s house and had demanded to go back with his wife but Mattie had kicked him out and threatened to report him to the authorities.


He left her house angry but he had vowed to get back at Mattie, who knew he would use her daughter to get his revenge. **********








The Clock is Ticking



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