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Sequence 44




Mattie held her breath and the desire to scream. She made a conscious effort not to slam her fist on her table. She wasn’t going to humiliate herself or cry.


Her anger spiraled.


Yes it hurt but she wasn’t going to waste her time and energy babysitting a man


like Chard.


Screw him.


She should have seen through him, through his words and his hot kisses. He was man incapable of being faithful and she didn’t need that in her life.


She knew her worth and she wasn’t going to compromise just to keep their relationship going.


Emma and Chard were birds of the same feathers, they actually deserved each other.



Mattie sat at her desk pushing past the pain, the last time she had felt this awful was when George ran off with another woman. How could she have been so stupid again?


For a minute there she thought he had changed, she had thought his love for her


was enough to change him but she was wrong. Maybe this love thing wasn’t for


people her. Maybe her mother was right all along, no one would ever be committed


to a woman like her.




He pushed back from her with all his strength, she fell down. He stood up.


‘I think you should leave now,’ he said.


‘I want to keep you company.’


‘I am capable of handling myself Emma, thank you for everything. You know where the door is,’ he said and went to take a shower suddenly feeling guilty over his actions.


He stayed in the shower for close to an hour washing himself over and over. His mind started wandering and flashes of the video he had watched in the morning came to his mind.


He drew in and sharp breathe and let it out slowly trying to keep calm. Then he got out, dried himself off and wrapped a towel around him. He opened the door and stopped in his tracks when he saw Emma lying naked on his bed with one knee up and the other leg flat down on the bed.


‘I thought I told you to leave,’ he said in annoyance


‘Chard, I am more of a woman than Mattie, I have always been the woman for you.’


‘Please leave.’


She stood up and walked towards him, he tried to move away but her arms were already wrapped around him hugging him tightly to her naked body.


‘Let me make you feel better Chard, you know you want me,’ she whispered.


‘What the f**k!’ he yelled yanking away.


‘Leave now!’ He gestured to the door his voice was cold and harsh. His eyes were burning fiery with fury.


She glared at him and picked up her clothes then she quickly got dressed and walked out slamming the door shut.


‘Can my life get any worse,’ he muttered to himself.




Emma hurried to her car, getting into the driver’s seat she sighed and pressed her forehead on the steering wheel.



‘I gave you a child Chard we are supposed to be a family. I am not going to allow another woman come between us. You will eventually be mine,’ she grumbled to the empty car.


Frustrated she started her car and backed out of his drive way. Thirty minutes later, she pulled into the parking lot of her house.


Inside the house, she reached in her purse, pulled out her phone and dialed his number.




‘I have lived up to the end of my bargain, do your part. I must move in with Chard soon, get Mattie out of our lives.’


‘All in due time my love. Mattie will be out of your lives soon.’ ‘Great.’


‘Job well done your performance today it must have been excellent. I watched Mattie drive off like a maniac when she left his house, I am sure she doesn’t want him anywhere near her now.’


‘I am good at what I do,’ she laughed


‘You’ve been a good business partner Emma Nyirenda.’


‘Emma Nyirenda!’ she frowned, ‘I don’t remember telling you my name.’


‘I know everything my darling. I knew you even before you approached me. I know you are Chard’s baby mama, the woman who soothed his broken heart when Nicole left.’


‘Wow!’ She exclaimed


‘They don’t call me Thomas for nothing.’


‘I see.’


‘I will be waiting to hear from you soon,’ she ended the call and put her phone back in her bag.


Kicking off her shoes she fumbled through her bag and pulled out a cigarette and an ashtray.


When she lit her cigarette, she widened the V of her fingers, placed the cigarette between her lips and inhaled hard.


When she exhaled she took the cigarette out of her mouth and held it between two fingers of her right hand.


‘You are back?’ Her best friend asked when she walked into the living room. ‘Yes.’


‘You shouldn’t smoke you know?’ she said ‘This keeps me calm.’ ‘Why are you restless?’



She put her cigarette to her lips and drew another breath, once again she exhaled. ‘Chard kicked me out of his house.’


‘Emma you are getting married why don’t you forget about this obsession with Chard?’


She laughed, ‘You wouldn’t understand.’


‘Then make me understand.’


‘I don’t love Patrick, I have never loved him. You know I only hooked up with him because I thought he could help me forget Chard but now that I am so close to being with Chard. Patrick can go to hell for all I care.’


‘Emma! You are digging your own grave, what you and Patrick share is special. Chard doesn’t even love you.’


She shook her head and took another long drag from her cigarette and coughed feverishly on the exhale.


He best friend gave her a warning look.


‘Chard will learn to love me, he just has to. I can never allow him to be happy with another woman. When I met him, he was heartbroken over Nicole and I did my best to help him heal. I gave him my body to use anytime he needed some sort of release, I was his shoulder to cry on, i listened to his pointless drama every time and when I got pregnant for him, he had the guts to tell me he didn’t love me, like who does that? I gave him a child I deserve his love not Mattie.’


‘Anyway this is your life you know what you are doing. I just hope this doesn’t come crumbling down on you.’


‘Thanks, like you said, I know what I am doing.’


‘I am off to the gym don’t forget to pick Theo from school.’ ‘And where is the maid?’


‘I sent her on an errand she won’t be back anytime soon.’ ‘Fine.’


She smiled to herself as soon as her friend walked out she was going to have Chard no matter what.


‘I just have to deal with that slut Chrissie then I am good to go,’ she said to one in






She had just finished bathing Trinny when she heard a knock at the door.


‘Baby I am coming,’ she told Trinny and walked out of her room to the door.


She opened the door to find Chard standing on her door step.


She looked at him with disgust and slammed the door in his face.


He knocked again just as she was heading back to her room.



She angrily opened the door, ‘What do you want?’ she demanded ‘We need to talk.’


She laughed, ‘You and I have nothing to talk about just leave my house.’ ‘I know what you saw…….,’


‘I don’t wanna hear it,’ she cut him short before he could finish his sentence.


‘I don’t want to ever see you around here I was wrong for ever trusting you,’ she said.


‘Why are you tryna play the victim when you started this?’


‘What did I start?’




Mattie laughed, ‘Good bye Chard,’ she slammed the door in his face again.










The Clock is Ticking







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