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Sequence 36


‘I think that will be all for today,’ Maya said. She let herself fall back onto the couch and put her feet on the coffee table.


Mattie packed all her equipments in her back pack, they had been shooting almost the whole day and she was exhausted.


‘I think I am done here,’ Mattie said


‘Why don’t you stay a little while so we can have a drink?’ ‘I wish I could stay but I have to go, I am really tired.’


‘Okay fine you will leave but can we just talk for a few minutes?’ ‘Okay.’


She put her bags on the table and sat down on a couch across from hers. ‘I know this is none of my business but I feel like I should air my views.’ Mattie shifted uncomfortably in her seat, deep down she knew where this conversation was heading too. She didn’t want to talk about it.


‘Why don’t you give my brother a chance?’ Maya asked Mattie coughed, ‘Your brother is a mess.’


‘We are all messed up, you will never find a perfect man,’ she said ‘Okay.’


‘I know Chard better than he knows himself and one thing I am sure of is that he loves you genuinely, I can feel it. He is my twin brother, I know when he’s lying or telling the truth.’


‘Chard slept with my sister.’


‘That was a long time ago he couldn’t even remember her name. I am not proud of my brother’s past I know he messed up pretty badly but please don’t let his past come between the two of you. He wants to be a better man for you. He has changed even if you can’t see it.’


‘I hear you.’


‘Talk to him please, he is miserable without you.’


‘I will talk to him.’


‘You promise?’




‘Thank you very much Mattie, I will be the happiest if you two end up together.’


Mattie smiled, ‘You are welcome.


She stood up, ‘I better get going now.’


Maya stood up too, ‘Let me walk you to the door.’ They walked silently to the door.


‘I had a nice time I can’t wait for our next shoot.’ ‘I had fun too,’ Mattie said


Maya planted a quick kiss on Mattie’s cheeks and waved her goodbye. ***


As Mattie drove home, her mind kept taking her back to what Maya had said. She couldn’t help but smile at Maya’s genuineness.


Well maybe she had been too tough on Chard, maybe this was her only chance at love and she was blowing it away.


She made a sudden U-Turn and drove to his house she pulled up in his driveway.


Mattie stepped out of her car and closed her door then she walked to the front door.


She nervously knocked at the door and Theo opened it.


‘Auntie Mattie,’ He exclaimed


‘Hey my boy,’ Mattie scooped Theo in her arms and kissed his forehead. ‘How are you?’


‘I am okay, where is Trinny?’


‘Trinny is home.’


Theo frowned, ‘You should bring her next time.’ ‘I will. Is daddy in?’


‘Theo,’ his mother called him before he could respond.




‘Who’s at the door?’


‘It’s auntie.’


Emma stopped what she was doing and headed for the door. Her smile turned into a frown when she saw Emma carrying her child in her hands.


‘Emma?’ Mattie gave her a questioning look.


‘Yes,’ she smiled


‘How are you?’ Mattie asked


‘Fine, can I please have my son?’


‘Sure,’ Mattie handed the boy to her.


‘What are you doing here?’ she asked


‘I am here to see Chard.’


Chard appeared in the doorway before Emma could respond to Mattie. A little smile spread across his face when he saw her.


‘Mattie,’ he excitedly said




They stood in awkward silence while Chard and Mattie intently stared at each other.


Emma felt left out, what was it about Mattie that made Chard glow like this. She could see it in his eyes, his love for Mattie was real.


‘I will get my bag and leave so you two can talk,’ Emma said Silence


She marched out angrily.


‘I hope I am not intruding,’ Mattie finally spoke


‘No, you are more than welcome, I am happy to see you.’


‘Thank you.’


‘Come in.’


Emma packed Theo’s things in her bag and held his hand. ‘You guys have a lot to talk about, Theo and I are leaving.’ Chard walked them to the door.


‘Thank you for being a friend I can always count on,’ he said ‘You are welcome. Call me anytime you need someone to talk to.’


‘Bye Kiddo,’ he told his son who wasn’t willing to go with his mother, ’I will take you out for the movies with Trinny tomorrow.’ ‘Okay.’


Once they were gone, he slammed the door shut and joined Mattie in the living room. He sat next to her.


‘How are you?’ Mattie asked him


‘Now that you are here, I think I feel just fine.’ ‘I actually didn’t want to come here.’


‘Then why are you here?’ he asked holding her hand in his.


She stood up, ‘I don’t know.’


‘I missed you Mattie, I was going crazy without you,’ he said ‘I missed you too,’ she said



He wrapped her in his arms, she held on to him, burying her head against his chest breathing in slowly, forgetting the world outside.


‘I love you,’ he whispered


And she knew it was true.


Chard’s feelings for her were growing each day he didn’t know how much longer


he could cope with just being her friend.




The next few days passed with Chard and Mattie spending the evenings together, sometimes they just talked, other times they had dinner together and watched movies but their times together were always amazing.


‘The last few days have been amazing,’ he told her, they had just finished watching a movie and Mattie was getting ready to go home.


‘Yes,’ she smiled at him.


He walked over to her and grabbed the bag from her hand putting it back on the table.


Mattie frowned, what was going on?


He stroked her cheek and tilted her head up to meet his gaze, ‘I haven’t wanted someone as much as I want you and I know you feel the same.’ ‘What?’


He leaned in close his lips were so close that she felt his breath across her face. ‘I love you,’ he said


Her heart seemed to be beating fast he couldn’t help but smile as his lips brushed hers softly. She froze in his arms as he kissed her. He gently ran his tongue across the seam of her lips.


‘Don’t hold on to what you are feeling, let it go,’ he said


Mattie fought the conflicting emotions inside herself, she wanted to push him away but instead she wrapped her arms around his neck. She couldn’t fight it any longer. Somewhere and somehow she had managed to develop feelings for Chard


He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He kicked the half opened door fully and stepped into his room. He placed Mattie on his bed.


Then he quickly undressed. Mattie covered her face. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked smilingly ‘Nothing,’ she said shyly


He came up to her and ripped her dress off her body. His hands went around her back to remove her bra and her br**st fell free then he tore her pants in two. She was completely naked.


He eyes racked across her body, ‘You are so beautiful,’ he said






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