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Sequence 42






‘Have you received the flowers?’


‘Who are you?’


‘Aaron or have you forgotten about me so soon?’


The man speaking on the other end of the line had a deep husky voice ‘I don’t know any Aaron,’ Mattie said


‘Come on Mattie, why are you acting this cold towards me. Are you still mad at me for not passing through the studio?’ he asked


‘What the hell are you talking about?’ she asked agitated


He laughed, ‘I will call you later babe, take care of yourself and hope you love the flowers. And get online and respond to my messages I miss you.’


He hung up before Mattie could say anything else.


‘Who is Aaron?’ Chard asked again, anger evident in his voice Mattie shrugged, ‘I don’t know any Aaron,’ she said ‘Give me your phone,’ he commanded




‘Give it to me,’ he said again


She extended her hand to his and he grabbed the phone from her, he had been standing next to her during the phone call so he was able to hear what the caller was saying.


‘Baby go and watch a movie on my laptop,’ she told Trinny.


‘Okay,’ Trinny hurriedly left the room.


He turned on her data instantly.


Chard had just started checking her messages when her phone vibrated with whatsapp notifications.


A bunch of messages popped up but the one from Aaron caught his attention. He opened it and read it, ‘I don’t know why you acted like that over the phone, I am sorry for yesterday I will make it up to you. Did the maid I sent come>?’ He looked at Mattie again, ‘Who is Aaron?’


‘I don’t know Babe I have no idea who Aaron is.’


‘And yet you were chatting just last night,’ he said going through the messages between them it was showing that Mattie had even sent him some few photos of her.


She grabbed the phone from him, indeed they were messages exchanged between her and Aaron but she wasn’t the one who had sent them, they had been sent late at night but as far as she was concerned she had been off whatsapp the past two days and her data was off.


‘I want the truth from you?’ he said looking her directly in her eyes.


She was confused, she didn’t have any possible explanation for what was going on, maybe her phone was hacked or maybe someone had been texting while she slept. ‘Chrissie,’ she thought as her heart beat hard against her chest.


Could her sister be capable of doing such to her? But why would she even want to go this far?


‘Babe, I don’t know what’s going on but please don’t be too quick to make conclusions, maybe my sister was using my phone last night. I didn’t send these messages.’


‘And I am supposed to believe that? This man knows all about you, he even knows you need a maid. I love you so much Mattie but I won’t allow you to play games with me.’


‘I am not playing games with you, I swear I don’t know what’s going on here but I


will get to the bottom of this.’


‘You had better,’ Chard said


‘Babe,’ she tried to touch his arm, he was angry.


‘I think I better get going I need to clear my mind,’ he said ‘You will just leave like that?’ ‘I need to think Mattie.’


‘Mattie?’ she asked, he hadn’t called her by her name since they became an item. Chard kissed Mattie on her forehead and walked towards the door. He paused there turning back towards Mattie, ‘you take care of yourself I will call you later.’ ‘Okay,’ she replied as tears flooded her eyes.


He walked out of the house slamming the door behind his back.


Mattie helplessly sank to the floor as tears poured from her eyes, ‘why me?’ she cried. Just when she was trying to be happy someone was playing games on her, would Chard even believe she was innocent in all this? The way he had looked at her before he left gave her the chills.


She wanted someone to talk to but she didn’t know who she could trust with this. She sat on the floor for a long time with tears of pain rushing down her eyes till she felt tiny arms wrap around her, she looked up to see Trinny.


‘Oh my baby,’ she had even forgotten to feed her. ‘Mummy are you okay?’ Trinny asked worriedly ‘Yes baby.’


‘Why are you crying?’


She managed a smile, ‘I wasn’t crying. Something just got in my eyes.’ Trinny gave her a questioning look.


‘Come let’s get you some food okay.’


She quickly wiped the tears with the back of her hand, ‘Have you finished


watching the movie?’ she asked




‘Good girl. After I bath we will watch a movie together okay?’ ‘Yes, you should even order pizza.’ ‘Anything for you my darling.’


She smiled, ‘I love you.’


‘And I love you even more my child.’




When Chard got home, he went straight to his room and lay on his bed, part of him wanted to believe Mattie had nothing to do with this Aaron guy but part of him told him otherwise.


He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Who was Aaron and where had come from? Was Mattie lying to him, she didn’t look like that sort of woman. Just then his phone vibrated startling him from his thoughts.


‘You need to stay away from my woman,’ the message he had received read, he didn’t even have the energy to respond, switching off his phone he place it on his table and lay back on his bed.


Why was it that every time he opened his heart to a woman, something always


came up. First it was Nora and all her evil plans when he wanted to be with Nicole


and now it was Aaron. Maybe this love thing wasn’t for people like him maybe he


was better off being a man whore.




She had been trying to call him since he left her house but his phone was off, she needed to talk to him, she needed to assure him that she loved him and would never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. She had become so attached to him she would die if he ever left her.


‘Maybe I should go to his house,’ she said to one in particular.


The door opened just as she stood up and Chrissie walked into the house, a bright smile on her face.


‘You?’ she pointed an accusing finger at her.


‘What is it now?’


‘Did you use my phone to text some man named Aaron last night?’


‘Who is Aaron and why would I use your phone to text me, do I look like a whore?’


‘It’s just the two of us in this house Chrissie, who did if not you?’


‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’


‘Please if you did just tell me the truth I won’t be mad at you,’ she grabbed her sister’s arm.


‘Leave me alone you are hurting me, I don’t know an Aaron.’


‘You need to tell me the truth,’ she shook her sister, ‘my relationship with Chard is on the rocks because of this, tell me the truth,’ she screamed at her.


‘You need to calm down Mattie I don’t know what you are talking about let me go, you are hurting me.’


She let her sister’s hand go.


‘You know what, let me get you some water to drink then we can sit down and you can tell me what’s going on because I am confused,’ Chrissie said.











The Clock is Ticking




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