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Sequence One








Mattie woke up feeling her daughter’s arms wrapped tightly around her waist she slowly untangled herself from her daughter careful not to wake her up.


She got out of bed and quietly got dressed then she walked back to the side of the bed where her daughter was sleeping and kissed her on top of her forehead. Afterwards she grabbed her phone and made her way out as quietly as possible. She put her ear buds in and set ‘Hello’ on her phone. Mattie stepped out of the house letting the fresh air wash over her face as she started her morning run.


The street was empty at that time of the day, there were only a handful of people here and there, this was the best part of her day, running gave her a chance to clear her mind and find peace.


She ran for over 40 minutes, when her shirt was damp with sweat she turned back home.


When she walked back into her apartment, her daughter was running around the house giggling.


‘Mama Bear,’ Mattie smiled before she picked up the running toddler. ‘Hey Mama.’


She kissed her on top of her head then put her down, ‘I can’t hold you for long I am sweaty.’


‘Good morning auntie Mattie,’ her maid called out with a clear voice


‘Morning Tess .’


‘How was your run?’




Tess smiled as she handed Mattie a glass of lemon water.


Mattie gulped down a large mouthful from the glass and handed it back to her. ‘I am going to shower please get Trinity ready for school.’


Once in her room, Mattie undressed and went straight to the bathroom and started taking a shower.



She had just walked out of the bathroom when her phone rang she picked it up and answered.




‘Matildah!’ the familiar voice said clearly on the other end of the line.


‘Hey Mum! How are you?’


‘I am well thanks.’


‘I am fine too,’ Mattie said knowing very well her mother would never ask how she was doing.


Her mother laughed,’ I didn’t ask about how you are doing.’


‘I know, I just thought you would be happy to know how I am doing.’ ‘Anyway let me not waste much of your time, I called to remind you about tomorrow.’




‘Oh!’ she snapped


‘I know what tomorrow is mummy, I will be there.’ ‘You had better be,’


‘Alright, see you tomorrow,’ Mattie hung up the phone before her mother could say more.


She took a deep breath then she stood up, her mother always managed to put her in foul mood, the two never had a strong relationship.


Growing up there was a distance that never closed up between them & it was present till now.


According to her mother, Mattie was the black sheep of the family, the one child who had managed to run her name in the mud by getting pregnant out of wedlock. Mattie was the exact opposite of all her siblings while they choose money, she choose passion & now she was living her dreams.


‘Mummy,’ Trinity rushed into the room.


She was all dressed up and ready to go to school.


‘Yes Mama Bear.’


‘We are going to be late.’


‘I am almost done baby, have you had your breakfast yet.’ ‘Yes.’


‘Alright, tell Auntie Tess to pack your home work book, I will be out shortly.’ ‘Okay,’ she turned for the door


Mattie couldn’t help but smile as her daughter ran out of the room. Her little girl had become her saving grace – granting her the strength to get through anything, sure her child was unplanned but she wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.













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