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The next morning,Cindy packed up all her things and left the Bikroft mansion. She was looking back all over and over again until she got to the gate.


Gerald opened the gate for her, feeling a little bit sorry for her. There were tears in her eyes.


“Take care of yourself.” Gerald said.


Cindy looked at him,and went out of the compound, saying nothing.


“I feel sorry for her.” Natasha said, staring out of the window. She watched Cindy carry her things out of the compound.


“Sorry for who? See abeg, close window. Sun dey enter.” Maria said, getting up from bed.




That night was Valerie’s turn. Just like Becky and Cindy, Valerie wanted to be touched but at the end, Arnold ended up not sleeping with her.


The next night was Maria’s. Arnold felt strange when he saw Maria coming inside his room. He even felt reluctant having a romance with her.


“How far bros? This one wey you dey look me like this. No go think am o.” Maria said, sitting beside him on bed.


Arnold laughed, looking at her. “No go think wettin? Silly girl.” He responded.


“Na you no na. Bad guy. You fit kiss fit hold my hand but na there he stop oh.


Abeg on light make I dey see your face very well.” Maria said. Arnold laughed again. He found the light switch and turned on the light.


“No problem. Let’s just seat and discuss.”



“Shoo? No gbege na. I go keep you company till you sleep for here ” Maria said laughing.


At the end of that night,she ended up being the one who fell asleep. Arnold covered her with his bedspread, looking into her face for a long time.


When it was Natasha’s turn,she wept all the way to Arnold’s room.


“Baby girl….wow. you look lovely . Come here and show me all those pretty


things” Arnold said, taking her hands and leading her to the bed.


Natasha’s mind was on Gerald. She couldn’t bring herself to do this but she found herself following Arnold to the bed.


Arnold made her seat down and he sat in front of her. “Why the tears? You are crying.” Arnold said, stretching his hand to wipe her tears.


“Thank you.” Natasha said, tightening her hands together on her laps.


Arnold thought the time was now. All these nights with the girls,his attention was on Natasha. He wanted to see what she would do. He wanted to see for himself if Natasha really love his brother.


Moving slowly towards her, Arnold tilted Natasha’s head up and let his lips meet hers in a coop sweet kiss.


Natasha’s heart was beating fast now. This was the time to do something but no,she felt herself going down and down!


“Marry me Natasha…you are so sweet and good.” Arnold says, pushing her into the bed and lowering himself on her.


Natasha’s heart explored. Marry him? Was that a proposal?


Arnold was going for her clothes now. Oh no…. Natasha was losing her strength


and fast!



She desperately wanted to stop him… wanted to stop him but her head refused to work.


It even refused to think….and Natasha found herself giving up!


Oh no, Natasha!! What the hell do you think you are doing!


A clear voice shouted in her head and like someone being woken up from a bad dream, Natasha kicked the air with her legs, pushing Arnold off in the process.


Like a mad dog, she sprang up and jumped down from the bed, gathering back her clothing.


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry, but I can’t do this!” Natasha cried and bolted out of the room.


She ran blindly downstairs.


Regaining his balance, Arnold stood up and stared at the door in pure shock.


“No, no! This is not happening! She really did push me away…


Even after proposing to her? No, she’s going to run back in here! ” Arnold said, shocked.


Is she gonna chose a gate man over him? Arnold couldn’t believe the fact of it.


“Natasha! I said stop!” Aunt Linda shouted, running after Natasha and holding her back. Natasha stopped and bursted into fresh tears.


“Aunt Linda… I’ve sinned against you and Arnold… I’ve sinned against everyone.. please.. forgive me and disqualify me! ”


Natasha cried, kneeling down.


Aunt Linda was speechless at the moment. She only held unto Natasha’s quivering hands and pulled her up. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” Aunt Linda assured her.



Having heard the noise outside, Gerald came out from the gate house.


He had been worried sick and praying Natasha wouldn’t fall for Arnold and allow him have s£x with her.


Natasha spotted Gerald coming towards them. She turned and ran.


“Natasha!” Gerald shouted. He was going to run after her but Aunt Linda held him back. She smiled at him.


“No. Don’t. Let her do what she wants for now. Just watch. ” Aunt Linda said softly.


Gerald was beginning to go crazy. ” Did… She sleep with that bastard? Did….


She?” Gerald stammered.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


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” She did not! I swear she kicked me away!” Arnold replying coming out in a rush. ” I thought she was going to come back!


That girl is serious, isn’t she? I even proposed to her! ”


Gerald breathed in, punching the air happily. He turned and hugged aunt Linda.


“Do you still doubt her? Oh God.. finally I’ve found true love! ” Gerald jubilated.


” That’s not all, Gerald. Yes. Women are sensitive to material things and money. Let’s see if she’s still gonna chose a large amount of money over you. ” Aunt

Linda said.


Gerald stopped and looked at Arnold who do nodded in agreement.


Breathing in, Gerald stared into the dark sky. I trust you now, Natasha. I trust you.





Maria was bewildered when she woke up the next morning and find Natasha packing up her clothes in tears.


“Natasha! Wettin happen!” Maria yelled in fright, coming down from bed.


She rushed over to Natasha and held her hands from packing further clothes.


“Maria, I beg you in the name of God…. Let me go.. please.”


” Will you stop! What’s wrong with you? Why are you hastily packing up your clothes? I thought we became friends. Share whatever it is with me.” Maria said.


” No..’s…” Natasha suddenly stopped. She gasped and stared at Maria shocked. “You..!! You pretender! You speak good English??”


Maria laughed. ” Which kin thing be that? Shey because say I dey do like village girl that one come mean say I no go school?, You no who my pop be? ” Maria asked and hissed. ” Abeg, wettin happen joor! ”


Natasha smiled, sitting down and looking at Maria. This girl is such a wow. She


said in her heart. “I’m going to get disqualified. Arnold proposed to me but I


turned him down.”


“En?? “Maria flared.


.Natasha stared up at her, remembering that Maria really liked Arnold.


“Wetting you come say?” Maria asked, moving away from Natasha.


Natasha said nothing.


“No tell me say you gree for am! No tell me say Arnold go marry you, biko! ” Maria said in a shaky voice.


Natasha shook her head. “You heard me just say I turned him down. You Know I don’t love him. You Know who I love. ”


” Na the thing wey I dey talk be that na! Where you come dey go? ”


” I… Don’t know.. ” Natasha was saying when Cindy came into the room with fury.


” How dare you! ” She cried, running for Natasha.



Natasha screamed. It was too late to dodge her. Cindy grabbed her hair and pulled her to the ground with it.


“Get off me!!” Natasha yelled.


“No, you bitch! How did you get him to propose to you! How did you, you witch! ” Cindy shouted.


Maria gave her a slap at the back and that sent her rattling around the floor, crying in pain.


She sprang up and grabbed Maria’s hair instead, pulling at it crazily.


Maria did nothing. She only endured the pain. Natasha stood up and rushed at the girl, trying to pull Maria free but Cindy was just too strong and ready.


Natasha bolted out and ran to call aunt Linda or whoever that would be strong enough to quench the fire.


Minutes later, aunt Linda ran into the room with Natasha and separated the fight.


“A fight again!” Aunt Linda shouted angrily.


“It’s her! She’s started it first!” Cindy defended.


Natasha broke down in tears. She covered her face with her hands and cried. “It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault!!”


“Everyone, pack your things and assemble in the living room. Right now. I give you an hour to gather up your stuff. ” Aunt Linda said and walked back downstairs.


” So you think say you get power abi? I just dey respect this house and aunt Linda if not I for beat you black and blue.”Maria told Cindy who hissed and stormed out of the room.


“Make we pack dey go na. Nsogbu adi’ro.” Maria said and walked angrily to her luggages.



As for Natasha she packed up her bags in tears.


She couldn’t believe the fact that she was going to part ways with Gerald and have another heart break.


When they were done packing thirty minutes later,Maria and Natasha dragged their luggages with them into the living room.


Valerie and cindy were already there standing and waiting for aunt Linda.


“Mtcheww.” Cindy hissed angrily, turning away.


Natasha and Maria joined them both and Waited for Aunty Linda to cone down and address them.


Soon aunt Linda came down from the stairs, smiling a little at them. She stood before them.


“Even though you girls still broke the rules and fought,I still love you very much.


However, we’ve come to the end of the competition today.


Let me start by introducing to you….the boss.” Aunt Linda said, pointing up the




Slowly,he climbed off the stairs and came into full view with Arnold.


The girls blinked and blinked again. What’s happening here?


Gerald wasn’t wearing the gate man’s uniform anymore. Gerald stood beside Aunt Linda, smiling at the girls in front of him.


Gerald was look so hot and handsome. He removed his sunglasses and his eyes met with Natasha’s questioning eyes.


“What is the meaning of this? Why is this one dressed like this?” Cindy hissed.


Gerald smiled. ” Nice seeing everyone of you. You thought you knew me but I’m not exactly who you girls think I am. Yes. I’m Gerald. Gerald Bikroft… The second son of the Bikroft enterprises.” Gerald said.



The room went into a dead silent session.


Cindy’s mouth threw open and a loud gasp escaped.


Vera and Maria stood in shock, unable to believe it.


As for Natasha, her hand dropped away from her luggage and her eyes turned.


But just before she hit the floor and pass out, Gerald caught her into his arms!


Maria rushed into the kitchen and got a cup of cold water.


“Hurry please!” Gerald shouted, holding tightly unto Natasha.


Maria rushed back into the living roo and gave him the cold water.


He sprinkled it on Natasha’s head. Maria fanned her and soon, Natasha coughed.


They all sighed with relief.


Gerald lifted Natasha up and made her sit on a sofa.


“You scared us! It is that shocking?” Arnold asked, smiling.


Natasha was staring at Gerald. She still could not believe he was actually the one they had come to compete for. “You .. deceived us.” Natasha said quietly.


“I’m sorry I did. But I did that so I could get a better result.” Gerald responded.


“So… Did you? “Natasha asked, hoping she did not disappoint him.


Gerald smiled. We shall see. Can you get up on your feet? I want to address you girls. ”


” Yeah yeah. I can. Oh my God…. This is my first time passing out. ” Natasha said, getting up with the help of Gerald.



Natasha stood beside Maria, still dumbfounded. She would never have imagined it!


Gerald breathed in, still holding Natasha’s hand in case she pass out again.


“As I was saying… I’m Gerald Bikroft and Arnold here is my elder brother. And aunt Linda here is our elder sister. ”


” What!! ” Becky’s voice was the loudest. She was finding everything hard to believe.


She remembered the way she had talked to Gerald a d covered her face in shame.


Gerald turned to look at Becky. “Becky….”


“Yes, darling!” Becky said beaming a seductive smile at Gerald.


” You knew very well that fighting was prohibited and not allowed in this competition but you went ahead and attacked Natasha. Maria came to help but you attacked her too. ”


” Ahh! Me? No oh! I swear… It wasn’t intentional!” Becky said desperately. ” Kindly please…. Exit the premises. ” Gerald said cooly.


” What? That’s not possible! Arnold…?” Becky said, going towards Arnold who raised his hand in front of her, Indicating her to stop.


“Do as you are told.” Arnold said to her.


Becky could not believe it. Fast tears gathered in her eyes. “Is this a…. joke or




“You will find out it’s serious by the time I call the security on you. They are everywhere right now.” Gerald said, glaring at her.

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Becky sighed, unbelievably. Grabbing a luggage handle she turned to face them. “You are wicked!, Monsters!!” She yelled at them and walked out into the hall and out of the house and compound.


When she got outside, she was surprised to see the real gate man already standing at the gate. Security men walked to and fro.


Becky could not believe it as she walked out. Everything had been a game not a competition!












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