Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Martin’s POV

I wanted to talk but my phone distracted me. I looked at the phone on the couch and back to her but she had the same shock I had. I have not talked to her mom ever since I talked to Andrew to set her free. She looked back on the phone and nodded. I picked the phone and put on loud speaker.

‘Hello, Martin are you there?’ she asked but seemed not fine.

‘Are you okay?’ I asked back.

‘Did you get my daughter?’

I wanted to accept but Karen nodded negatively.

‘No mum, am still looking for her,’

‘I may not have much time left on earth but I have one request. If you find her tell her am sorry and take care of her for me,’ she said.

I looked at Karen and she had tears in her eyes.

‘Mum,’ she called audibly.

‘Is that her?’ she asked and her voice was not so cold as the start.

‘What happened to you?’ Karen asked again in tears.

‘I have cancer and it’s in the last stage and I may not survive. I love you so much and am sorry for all the pain I caused you. Cindy is you real sister I took you away when you were delivered. I so sorry please forgive me,’ she said and the line went dead.

‘Mum, are you there?’ Karen asked and now the tears knew no bond.

I called again and the voice was different.

‘Where is the owner of the phone?’ I asked trying to hide the shock and acting calm.

‘We lost her,’ she said.

‘We, you and who?’ Karen asked and you could feel pain in her voice.

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