Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Cindy’s POV

My eyelids were still heavy but I managed to open my eyes.

‘Where the hell am I?’ I asked shocked.

‘You are in the hospital,’ the strange woman answered.

I recollected everything and I remembered my mom.

‘They will kill her,’ I said and tried to sit up, but the pain in my head couldn’t allow me.

‘I want to see my mom,’ I yelled at her and the door opened. At the door stood a very handsome man.

‘Please get me out of here,’ I pleaded with him.

‘It won’t be good for your health, Cindy,’ he said.

‘Am not Cindy, am Joy and I want to get out of this place. They will kill her,’ I yelled at him. Why on earth will he baptise me a name without my concert.

Alex’s POV

I know its my fault she is this way. We tried to calm her down but she couldn’t so we called the doctor who injected her.

‘She lost her memory and she will experience panic attacks but she will get well after some time,’ the doctor said.

I looked at her and she slept peacefully. She looked beautiful even in her sleep. The doctor left after a while.

‘You need to get rest,’ I said to my aunt who seemed exhausted.

‘I will stay with her,’

‘No need I will, go to the hotel at the junction and get rest,’ I said.

After so much persuasions she agreed. It was already 12:00am. I rested my head beside her. It was supposed to be the best day, but it turned sour.

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