Thu. Feb 15th, 2024


Martin’s POV

I’m so much Impressed with him. At five and his brain is analyzing big things, isn’t that incredible.

‘Do you desire to see your dad?’ I found myself asking.

‘Yeah, I wish I could see him. Mum said he went to look for more money and will come back for us,’ he said and I was shocked.

She didn’t tell him that I abandoned them.

‘What will you do if you see your dad, now or let’s say tonight?’

‘Get angry. Why did he leave, we would have made the money together. Mum did it alone, right?’ it sounded more of a question than a statement.

How will I tell him that I don’t know why I left and in my right senses I would never do that.

I was still thinking of what to say next when Karen walked into the dining with dishes. She hugged me and took Roy in her arms.

Lenata’s POV

I heard everything they said from the projector in the kitchen. I knew Martin is almost spilling the truth and Roy won’t take lightly. I went there to save him embarrassment. I placed the food and took Roy and placed him on my laps. He doesn’t like food so we always fight.

‘Mum, put me down please. I promise I will eat all the food,’ he said pleadingly.

‘Okay, I’m the one serving you,’ I said more of a command.

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