Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Andrew’s POV cont.

Some people had already arrived and the place was almost full. I walked through the hallway heading to the hall but bumped into someone. I looked down and met small angry eyes.

‘Mister didn’t you work on your eyes?’ He asked.

‘What do you mean?’

‘This is the second time you are bumping into me. Or should I baptise you Mr. Bumper,’ he said and couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Sorry, I didn’t see you coming,’ I said.

‘I think you should add and have four eyes. Maybe that way you will see clearly,’ he said and rolled his eyes.

‘Let me help you up,’ I said and stretched my hand.

‘I was going to the hall but lost my way, can you show me the way please,’ I pleaded.

‘Hold my hand,’ he said.


‘I want to lead you so that you won’t bump into someone again. My mom said that blind people are led,’

Is this child serious, am not blind.

‘Am not blind, or are you trying to insult me?’

‘Let’s just go,’ he said impatiently.

‘Whatever,’ I mumbled.

I followed behind but he walked through a clear corridor.

‘Is this the way?’ I asked curiously since people weren’t passing through there.

‘My mom told me not to show myself there,’ he replied.

‘Ok, then I can just sit with you wherever you are,’ I suggested.

‘Am at the garden waiting for Melissa and Mira,’ he said and I followed him to the garden

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