Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

Martin’s POV cont.

Let me attend that party then after that I start my search.


I had to travel on thursday and rest before going to that launching. I booked in a hotel and slept almost immediately.

I heard my phone ring and that was what woke me up.

????Hi bro, have you arrived.

Andrew asked over the phone.

????Wait, you woke me up to ask me if I arrived?

????What else did you want me to ask?

????No, I didn’t arrive I died.

I said with a smirk.

????Ok all the best.

He said and hanged up. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and drove to the mall. After picking all that I needed I pushed the trolley towards the counter only to bump into this handsome boy.

‘Hey Mister, can’t you see?’ He asked with a grin.

‘Am sorry, I just have a lot in my mind. Let me help you with that,’ I said and started picking the scattered things. I kept stealing glances at him and I must admit his parents must be proud of him.

Roy Stevens, the most handsome child model. Unfortunately his parents decided to hide there identity.

‘Who did you come with?’ I asked standing up.

‘My mom,’he replied.

I was supposed to ask another question when someone called him from behind.

‘I need to get going. That’s my driver,’ he said and left the things which were later taken by the driver.

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