Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Myve’s POV

Am happy she has recalled her memory. Am just surprised she want to come and talk to Karen. I gave her a job and she has been doing great, actually am impressed. I guess she was serious about starting over again. I went to her office, I need to inform her that her sister is coming tomorrow.

‘Is everything fine?’ I asked taking a seat.


‘Cindy has regained her memory and is coming over tomorrow,’ I said.

From the look on her face she was scared.

‘Don’t worry, just hear her out and tell her the truth, she will understand,’ I said and stood up.

‘Are you sure?’ She asked worried.

‘Yeah, I will get going I have some work to do,’ I said and left.

Karen’s POV

I wanted her to regain her memory but not now. Am scared what the outcome might be. What if she tells Myve to chase me out. I want to be a good person, but my past is catching on me. I finished the days work and drove home. Myve has a date so I went alone. I laid on the bed facing the ceiling, but there were no answers.

‘God I know we have never had a good relationship, all thanks to my greediness. I just want to ask for forgiveness and help. Just help me please,’ I said in tears. I tried to sleep but couldn’t so I opted for sleeping pills which actually worked.

I was woken by my alarm and I went to the bathroom. By the time I was through preparing my stomach was complaining. The last meal I had was breakfast. I didn’t have lunch since I wasn’t in the mood. I went downstairs and breakfast was ready.

‘Morning,’ Myve said walking downstairs.

‘Morning, hope you slept well?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, what about you?’


We ate breakfast as we talked about some random stuffs.

‘Am going to meet an investor but will be back before midday. We will be having dinner together with Cindy and Alex,’ she said.

I guess her statement made me loose my appetite.

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