Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Alex’s POV

‘Just forgive her please,’ Cindy was still pleading.

I wish I had the same heart like her. I lost my baby because of her and now though we are in good terms she doesn’t recall me.

‘One day I will,’ I assured.

‘Tell me, what did she do to you. You hate her so much,’

Flashback 2 years ago

Author’s POV

He was driving from work at around 8:00pm when he heard noise of someone asking for help from a bush. At first he thought maybe they were thugs trying to trick people though he stopped the car. The cry continued and was forced to go and check. When the three men heard movements they ran away and she was there crying. She was scared and tried to run but didn’t have the energy so she collapsed. He picked her up in bridal style and took her to his car. The distance from there to his house was nearer than the hospital so he took her home and called his personal doctor. When he got inside the house the light helped him see her face. Even though she was pale, she was beautiful with long black hair. The doctor arrived almost immediately and treated her. Two days later she had regained her energy and she ran away. For a whole week he looked for her. He was giving up when he met her again carrying a lot of of things that she was finding it hard to move.

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