Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Karen’s POV cont.

I went to the study room and cried.

I don’t know what she told that girl to come and insult me. After some time I heard a loud knock on the door. I wiped my tears and opened the door only to find Michael standing there angrily.

‘Why did you hurt her?’ He yelled at me.


‘Don’t act dumb. Why did you hurt her and send her away?’

‘Excuse me, this is my house and am sick and of your maltreatment,’ I said.

Am tired of being beaten and yelled at every single day.

‘You aren’t supposes to talk when am talking,’

‘What will you do, hit me like you have always done?’ I asked.

I can’t imagine I can be this courageous. I spoke boldly but deep down in my heart I’m scared.

‘I will hit you and chase you out on the street,’

‘This is my house and you are the one to leave,’

‘It seized to be your house the day you signed this documents to transfer it to me,’ he said and handed some papers to me.

I stared at the papers with my mouth open as I tried to remember when I did it.

‘You fooled me. I wasn’t in my right senses, I was drunk,’ I said in tears as I teared the papers.

‘Those are just photocopies, I have others,’ he said and walked out on me.

‘I hate you,’ I shouted at the empty room.

He lied to me, yet he was never rich and now he has taken away my house. I called my mom and she said I go to the house.

‘What happened?’ She asked the moment she saw me.

‘He took my house,’

‘And you let him have it?’

‘What was I supposed to do? He always beats me. Am tired mum,’

‘Terminate the baby before it grows then I will get a man to marry you,’ she said and walked upstairs.

Is this woman really my mom?

I can’t get rid of my child. I picked my stuffs and took them to my room.

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