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Going into the house was a war mission for Anne,she held Cheryl’s hand like a child who doesn’t wanna get lost in the crowd,they were halfway into the house when she remembered something,they had left the gift in the car,she stopped,

“Anne,what’s it again?” Cheryl asked her wearily,

“The gift?” She said,

“What happened to it?” Cheryl was getting frustrated now,

“We’d left it in the car,” it stuck her,they had actually forgotten the gift in the car,

“Let’s go get it then.” Cheryl turned, ready to go with her to get the gift but Anne stopped her,

“Don’t worry,I can go get it myself,you go inside and keep an eye on Ace,he would be worried if he doesn’t see any of us and Charles too.” Cheryl refused but after much persuasion, she went inside without Anne.Anne went to the car and got the gift which was wrapped in a gift wrappings but she didn’t go back inside,she sat in the car thinking on what to do but only two options came to her head,

1-Go inside and face whatever is going to happen,


2-Go home and have Cheryl murder her and Charles angry at her.She was definitely not going to have Cheryl get mad at her but not wanting to go inside to ruin her daughter’s happy day,so she sat in the car unaware of what’s going on around her,she stared into her palms, her tears was dropping on them and she lost track of time and everything.

“Cheryl,where’s Anne?” Charles asked Cheryl when he didn’t see Anne after a long period of time and Deville wants the present,

“She’d gone back to get the present.” Cheryl wasn’t sure.

God,did she go home,Anne isn’t as stupid as that..but what if she acts stupid like that?

No,that isn’t possible, Cheryl kept questioning herself as she go in search of Anne.Finally she remembered her phone,she dialled Anne’s number,

“Hello Anne,where are you?” She asked in a shrill and angry voice,almost loosing it,

Sorry Cheryl,I’m in the car,will be there right now.”Before she could say anything else,Anne hung up,

“She’s coming.” Cheryl informed Charles as she came back into the house,

“Anne has a way of driving me nuts,” Charles said smiling,

You don’t know what’s coming for and you’re still smiling,u bet your smiling face will dissolve in a few minutes,Cheryl said within herself.

Deville was giving a speech on his daughter when Anne walked in,she was holding the gift with one hand and her purse in the other,she was walking slowly and tears was falling from her eyes.

“Anne,let me take it from here.” She turned and saw Charles,

“Don’t worry,I’ll give it to him myself.” She gave the gift to him while Charles moved forward and handed it to Deville who was kneeling down in front of Pearl,giving her a perfect view of what was behind him,

“Sunshine,this is the best thing I can give to you………

” Mommy!”Pearl called loudly,Anne who had turned to leave,turned back,Deville stood up and Pearl ran to Anne,

“Mommy!” She called again and hugged Anne,the hall was quiet and everyone fixed their eyes on both mother and daughter, Deville was astound,Charles was confused,Cheryl and Mrs Phina was smiling in their different location while Ace was less concerned as a three years old would be in such scenario.

“Mommy,where did you go to? I was missing you ever since and daddy said you would come back soon but you weren’t coming.” The little girl cried as she held her mom so close,Anew kissed her daughter, she kissed her cheeks,hey forehead, her nose, almost kissing her in every part of her little face that was kissable,

“I’m so sorry for leaving you,I’m so sorry.” This was the only word she mustered courage to say without choking on her words.Pearl broke free of the hug and went to where Deviywas standing,

“Daddy,you brought mommy back,you brought my mommy home,thank you.” She hugged him but Deville was transfixed,he could even place his hand on her till his mother nudged him,

“Deville.” He came back to is senses and hugged his daughter, Pearl dragged Deville to where Anne was standing.The air between them was so thick and dense that a knife can cut through it,no one said anything to the other,

“Mommy, daddy, let’s continue with the party.”Pearl broke the silence,Anne shrugged and went with Pearl while Deville stood there,not saying anything.

“Enough of the crying and emotional drama, I thought this was a birthday party why are you turning it to a funeral,” Mrs Phina walked into the middle of the crowd,everyone laughed,

“Millie! Get me the piñata in my room.” She called Millie who was serving drinks to the guest,Millie went to her room and brought the shark piñata with her,the kids rushed to where the older woman was standing,

“Let’s go out kids,adult can come if they want to.” With this she left with a great number of kids and adults too including Pearl,Anne turned to follow but Deville called her back,

“Anne,please wait.” She didn’t stop neither did she turn to him,

“Anne,please wait.” She walked out and Charles followed her,Deville stood there almost hating himself for what happened.

“Higher,Pearl higher.” Anne said,she’s trying to get use to calling her Pearl and wait a minute,

That’s my name,he gave her my name,he gave our daughter my name.

“She’s really happy to have you back.” Cheryl said sitting beside Anne,

“I know but remember we aren’t here to stay,we’re leaving this city very soon.” Anne retorted,Cheryl shoved her hand,

“Don’t be a spoilt sport.”Cheryl said,

“Stop being a pseudo-noble bitch,it doesn’t suit you not after leaving your one hour marriage with Jack.” Cheryl frowned,

“You don’t have to mention his name.” They laughed at it.

The birthday celebration ended by ten pm but Pearl decided to stay awake till twelve midnight when her birthday finally ends.They were all sitting in the family room when Anne stood up,

“Cheryl,bundle Ace up,time to go home,its already late.”


“Mommy,are you leaving me again?” Pearl stood up from her special couch,

“Yeah,I gotta go home,as you can see its already late.” Pearl was already crying,Mrs Phina faced Anne,

“My child,I know Deville might have hurt but please look at your daughter,” Anne turned to Pearl who was crying uncontrollably,

“She’s been denied her mother’s love and attention from birth,all her life she has prayed for one thing and that was to finally meet her mom,do you really want to deny her this opportunity?” She couldn’t take her gaze from Pearl,Deville was at the far end of the room,he must be sulking.

“Amanda,” she didn’t turn,

“Pearl honey,come to mommy.” She stood up and ran to her,Anne carried her on her laps while Ace watched with jealously,

“Don’t cry sweetheart, mommy’s gonna come visit you from time to time but I can’t stay here with you,okay.” Pearl stood up angrily and stumped to Deville,

“Daddy,please tell mommy not to leave,tell her not to leave me again.” She pleaded with Deville, pulling his leg,Cheryl felt pity for the little girl,she stood up to Anne,

“What the f**k ate you doing,Anne?” She faced her,

“Why are you doing this to the poor child?I mean all this years,all this years,you’ve wallowed in self pity,was that just a façade?” Anne scolded her,

“You told me you can’t wait to meet her and now you have her you want to toss her away like a piece of trash,like she means nothing to you.”

“Cheryl,you ought to know, why aren’t you seeing reasons with me that I can’t stay here,” she had her palms on her face and tears was streaming down to her palms,

“Anne,” Cheryl came to her and held her close,

“Anne,I know you don’t like and and I’m not forcing you to like him but please just do this for your daughter, please,pity the poor child please.” Cheryl consoled her wiping the tears from her cheeks,while Mrs Phina carried Pearl from Devilles’s feet,

“Pearl,stop crying,I’ll stay with you.” She went to Mrs Phina and carried Pearl from her,

“Promise?” The little girl was wiping her eyes,

“Yes,I promise,but on a condition that he should cross part with me.” Anne said,Pearl and the rest nodded except Deville, who sat on the seat not uttering a word.

“Cheryl,let’s go,I’ll have to drop you and Ace at home before going back to the hotel.” Charles said, that was when Anne realized that Charles had been there with them,the sadness and anger in his voice was visible to all(who wouldn’t be?)Anne looked at him but he slowly removed his gaze from her,

“I want to stay with Aunt Anne,” Ace ran from Cheryl’s grip to Anne’s feet,she smiled at him,

“Cheryl,you can go home,I’ll bring him home tomorrow.” Cheryl shook her head,

“You guys aren’t planning on leaving me alone tonight,it isn’t gonna work,”

“Sorry Charles,you have to go alone.” Cheryl apologized to him,

“Okay,its no big deal,goodnight everyone and Pearl,happy birthday.” He came closer to Anne and kissed Pearl on the cheek,

“Good night Anne.” He turned and left the room,Anne quickly dropped Pearl with Cheryl and followed Charles,

“Charles!” He waited in his car,

“Charles,I’m so sorry for everything.” He didn’t allow her finish,

“Its no big deal but you should have told me before hand.” With this,he drove off leaving there standing there alone.

When she went inside,Pearl rushed to her,

“Mommy,will you sleep with me tonight?” Anne nodded,it was clearly written that Pearl was overexcited,Ace rushed towards them,

“Me too.” Anne carried him and kissed his chubby cheek,

“We’ll all sleep together in Pearl’s room.” She took the both of them upstairs, leaving Cheryl,Deville and his mom downstairs.

“Millie, come show her to the guest room.” Millie came forward with a frowning face and showed Cheryl to the guest room while Mrs Phina walked to Deville,

“Don’t worry,everything is going to be alright,”

“Ma,she hates me,” He almost cried,

“No she doesn’t,she’s just angry at you.” She lied cause one doesn’t need a soothsayer to figure out that what Anne Pearl McKenzie felt for Deville Clyde Salvador was nothing like love,rather its pure hatred.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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