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*****EPISODE 53*****


‘I…I can…explain’ Jide stuttered helplessly ignoring Grace.


‘You can explain what?’ Daisy screamed.


‘Let me help him!’ Grace said walking towards Daisy. ‘While you went to God knows where, doing God knows what, your man was having a good time with me!’ ‘You!’ Daisy screamed.


Grace was now standing closer to Daisy.


‘That’s not the way to thank the that fu.c.ked your husband!’ she spat.


A star studded, unexpected slap from Daisy shocked her.


‘! How much do you want for a job well done! Answer me! Do you want this ring…’ Daisy brandished her left hand in the face of The startled Grace who was still clutching her right cheek, ‘…do you want the rights to this house? Do you want that handsome man over there? Do you want the rights to his bed forever? Do you want to bear his wife? Open your stinging mouth and answer me!’ Daisy screamed.


Grace didn’t reply. She was still shocked, hadn’t expected the docile Daisy to bark much less bite.


‘…Answer me! Do you want all of that?’ Daisy continued: ‘Well guess what? You lost! you can’t even compete with this!…’ she waved across her body. ‘…for all your effort at keeping his bed warm while I take my time, this is what you’ll get! Another unexpected slap landed on Grace’s face.


Much as Grace hadn’t expected another slap, she recovered from her immobility this time around and lurched towards Daisy ready to go for the kill.


But before the women could get down to the fighting proper, Jide was already by their side and pulling Grace away from his wife.


‘Let me freaking go!’ Grace cried struggling free from his hold.


She felt the sting of the slaps sharper on her skin now and her tears started to pour, mostly because of her inability to rip the hair out of the woman that had stolen everything from her, than of the fact that she was incapable of giving back the slap a million fold. Her heart also bled for the man who was holding her away from touching his precious wife, when she had been the one to throw the first punch! Her heart cut deeply as she struggled like a trap bird trying to bite off a pound of her deserved flesh.



‘You happiness snatcher! you’re the and wh.or.e! You’re the one who stole what was mine! You’re…’ Grace screamed on.


‘And you’re the loser! The one who will get laid for nothing! You had better get a life! or you’ll die a wretched hag!’ Daisy replied


She didn’t try to go any further, wanted to play it cool and wait for the to come near her. Even if she had the power of a lamb, she was going to waste it on this woman that wouldn’t let her find happiness for good! ‘You are the loser, you hear me! Loser!’ Grace screamed.


‘Grace its enough, please take your leave!’ Jide tried to control the struggling lady.


‘Am not leaving!’ she cried still struggling.


‘Oh yes you are! You are going to take your filthy self out of my home!’ Daisy shouted then left the door to where Jide and Grace had previously sat to search for Grace’s belonging. She found her purse and shoes, snatched them, walked back to the door to flung them out.


‘There! Your belongings! You can take your leave now! Your services are no longer required. I am very fit to service my man!’


She shouted and walked back to stand in the middle of the parlour, fuming and breathing heavily with hands on her hips, as she waited, probably to give Jide his own dose.


The saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, could best describe Daisy and Grace, regardless of who was the defaulter.


‘You will pay for this!’ Grace shouted.


‘Grace please!’ Jide yelled.


‘And you’re already paying, get the hell out’ Daisy screamed back.


Before long, Jide finally led the struggling Grace out of the parlour.


Out in the compound, Grace finally struggled free from his hold, immediately after, she returned his wife’s gesture with two hard biting slap on his face. Feeling a little placated now, she picked up her belongings and walked away without a word or a glance back at him.


Jide knew he deserved it and more, wanted to apologise for all the wrong he’d done, even on behalf of his wife. But he could not say a word, could not help the broken Grace as she picked her steps slowly out of his compound and probably out of their life for good.


Clutching his right cheek, he walked back into the house, his nerves racing high, his feeling ambivalent. Though he was happy that Daisy was finally back but he also dreaded what awaited him inside.



Jide entered the parlour to see Daisy still standing and surprisingly looking calm and composed. He couldn’t read her expression didn’t know what to expect or think, and that scared him more.


‘Just…let…me…explain’ he stammered as he walked towards her.


‘Same old cliche’ Daisy drawled. ‘What do men always want to explain after you’ve caught them with their pants down, hunh?’ she added in an irritated tone. ‘I am sorry’ he said and stopped.


‘Hmm’ she simply said and walked towards him, stopping when she came to face him. ‘I forgive you’ Daisy shrugged and smiled looking directly into his eyes. ‘What?’ Jide’s shocked expression was contagious.


‘Yeah, she’s not worth our time, I love you and that’s all that matters’ she said, took a step further and wrapped her hands around his neck. Her heeled shoes propped her up, giving her a height that almost levelled with his.


Jide didn’t understand a thing. Was this a slow way to kill him? He wondered. ‘So…why don’t we finish what you started back in the hallway huh?’ she whispered ‘I’ve been dying for its completion ever since then’ she continued and drew her face closer to his. His breath fanned her lips, and urged her on.


Jide’s hands didn’t leave his sides, he was still grappling with this strange attitude of Daisy, and trying to subdue the feelings that was rising up in him, so he could be ready when she wanted her pound.


‘You don’t want it? Don’t want to rip me apart? Maybe I should give you a bite of the cake…’ she teased softly then brushed her lips lightly against his, before delving deeper.


Jide’s hands gradually and ever so slowly slide up her back now.


Minutes later, Daisy broke the kiss, her face an inch away from his, she smiled. ‘Daisy…’


‘We’ll talk after this’ Daisy cut in impatiently, her eyes misty with desire. ‘What’s it gonna be?’ she whispered.


Jide sighed and pulled her closer, he didn’t need to reply, didn’t have any hesitation or question to ask, just his urgent kiss on her lips to drown every of her teasing word.


He could take it on from here.


He was so going to continue from where he stopped and would get it done to the very end. Did he so love this unpredictable wife of his?



Daisy didn’t stop him, couldn’t dare stop him and didn’t even want it to end. In the years to come, she would hold this moment closer to her heart like tattoo, for it felt like the wedding night she never had and someday she would scribble it behind that picture where she had built her fantasy and world around. ***************





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