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I arrive at the café a few minutes later then I step out of the car. I walk into the café, looking around until I spot him sitting at the far end of the café. I walk up to him and when he sees me he looks up smiling at me.


He stands up,’ Hey you,’ he cups my face in his hands and kisses my forehead.


‘You look beautiful,’ he says


I feel myself blushing. ‘Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.’


He smiles, I pull out one of the chairs before sitting down he sits down too.


‘I didn’t think you would make it,’ he says


‘I needed some fresh air.’


‘I see.’


The waitress walks to our table a minute later and takes our order. Kai orders toast, bacon and juice while I order coffee and cake.


‘How are the girls?’


‘They are perfect.’


‘And your husband?’


I frown and roll my eyes, ‘He is perfectly fine as well.’


‘Why the rolling of the eyes?’ he laughs


‘My husband sometimes gets on my nerves we actually had an argument before I left.’


“Is he cheating?’


‘He wouldn’t dare cheat on me, I am psycho and he knows it.’


‘So what happened?’


I intently look at him, ‘I don’t think you called me here to talk about my husband.’


He laughs, he opens his mouth to say something but is interrupted by the waitress she puts our food on the table and walks away.


I take small sips of my coffee as he takes a bite of his toast. There is a long silence between us for a few minutes as we eat. Suddenly he leans towards me from across the table and picks up one of my hands and turns it over his. As he touches my hand, a shiver sweeps through me and I feel nervous.


‘I haven’t stopped thinking about you Tasha,’ he says as he looks into my eyes.


My heart skips a beat,


I met Kia three months ago. The first time we met I was angry, I had an argument with Fred and I decided to go out with my friend Prisca to cool off. And that night I made the stupidest, mistake of my life.


I got drunk and Kia showed up, I don’t know what happened but I was all over him, we kissed and made out in his car. I was actually this close to sleeping with him when Prisca knocked on the window and pulled me out. He asked for my number before I left and I gave it to him.


I know I should never have let it go any further than that, but he called me the next day and we got talking, two weeks later we met up and shared yet another passionate kiss.


I told him I couldn’t have anything to do with him and hence I have been avoiding him since then though we have been talking here and there. Kia is married with one child.


‘I know I shouldn’t feel what I am feeling but I can’t help it you know? That kiss we shared made me feel things I have never felt before.’


‘You know I am a married woman right?’ I ask


‘And I am a married man.’


‘So you stick to your wife and let me stick to my husband.’


‘The same husband you are always complaining about?’


I laugh, ‘Don’t use that against me.’


‘I am sorry.’


‘What do you want?’


‘A chance.’


‘I love my husband, yes I know he isn’t perfect but he loves me perfectly.’


‘I know you feel something for me.’


I don’t know what I am feeling at the moment but I know that the kiss we shared ignited emotion in me, emotion I don’t want to feel. But I know I can’t let it happen again, one kiss and I might end up doing something that I would later regret.


‘You know what?’


‘What?’ he asks


‘Let’s just forget about all this, I can only offer you friendship and nothing else, I don’t want to defile my marriage.’


Our gazes lock. ‘Okay.’ he responds


‘Okay?’ My eyes widen in surprise, I didn’t expect him to accept defeat just like that.


‘Yes, if you want to be just friends then I respect that.’




When it’s time to go, we stand up and he puts his hand around my shoulder and squeezes it from the side. The hug leaves me feeling uncomfortable, this is a public place and anyone could walk in and get the wrong idea.


I pull away from him and we walk out towards my car.


‘Thanks for coming,’ he says


‘Thanks for inviting me and thanks for accepting to be just friends.’


‘You are welcome.’


He pulls me into his arms and hugs me tightly, as if his life depends on it, I pull away from him.


‘I have to get going.’


‘Sorry. I got carried away.’


‘I will see you later.’


He leans in and kisses my forehead before h opens the door for me I get into my car and shut the door. I start the car and drive off instantly.




I have just finished preparing breakfast for the kids when a knock sounds at the door.


‘I will get it,’ Talia says


‘its okay hun I will get it you need to start eating your breakfast.’


She frowns, ‘Your wish is my command Mr.’


I laugh, ‘Such attitude


I open the door to find a woman wearing a t-shirt and a chitenge wrapped around her waist standing on my door step.


‘‘Hello,’ she politely says




‘My name is Leah and I am here for the interview.’


I open the door wider and allow her in.


‘Please feel at home,’ I say gesturing at the couch. She sits down and I sit on the couch across from her.


‘My name is Fred, Fred Sakala, my wife and I have two kids.’ ‘Okay.’


‘Have you worked before?’






‘I worked at a school in Kabwe as a maid so I am very good with kids.’


‘I see. Why did you stop?’


‘The school closed down.’




‘I was hoping I would find your wife.’


‘She is on her way but I should warn you that my wife talks too much, if you are too emotional and can’t handle someone who talks too much, I think this job isn’t for you.’


She laughs, ‘I have dealt with talkative people all my life I guess I can handle her.’


‘We don’t want someone who will be here for a week or two we want someone to be here atleast for a year and more.’


‘Then you can count on me.’




‘Daddy!’ Talia calls out.


‘Yes hun.’


‘Aren’t you coming to eat?’


‘I will join you shortly.’


‘Please be quick.’




‘How old are your children?’


‘Talia is seven and Taylor is three.’




‘Thank you.’


‘I will just attend to the kids as we wait for my wife.’






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