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*****EPISODE 48*****


It wasn’t like Jide had planned to walk in on his wife embracing a man in his living room, he wasn’t in liase with Adamu or anything like that. That won’t be possible with his firm decision at keeping his employees in arm’s length, only socializing with them when it was extremely required.


Something more important had brought him hurrying home this afternoon. In his recent anger and foul mood he had forgotten an important document on his table and urgently needed it for a transaction that day.


Therefore, in his urgent state, he hadn’t bothered to drive in, but had packed his car outside and sped pass the surprised Adamu, he’d seen a car parked out in his compound, had been surprised but the need for the document ruled.


He was also still angry at Daisy’s coyness and refusal to communicate with him. He didn’t understand her anymore, didn’t know what she was trying to prove and was developing doubts about staying in a turbulent marriage. And then again, he was still nursing the wound of her rejection.



If Jide had thought he could absorb all the shock therapy that had trailed his life the past months, he’d thought wrong and wasn’t prepared for what he was seeing now.


Jide stood transfixed, his hands caught in mid air as he stared at the two forms embracing in his parlour.


Peter was the first to notice him because he was facing the door while Daisy, who was still holding on him, had her back to it.


Slowly, he brought down his hands and steered free from the Daisy’s hold, his eyes fixed on Jide who was now walking slowly towards them.


‘Thanks Pete, I…’ Daisy was saying as she wiped her tears. She stopped short and also froze when she realised the presence of Jide.


‘Hmmm’ Jide simply said, looking from one to the other. The dark complexioned man on suit seemed familiar to him. But he was finding it hard piecing his face. ‘Hello’ Peter blurted in an unsure voice.


Daisy wanted to say something but couldn’t. She felt her heart picking up pace and tried to calm her nervousness and erase her sense of guilt.


‘Wel..wel…come home Jide’ she stammered now and stepped away from Peter. Jide said nothing, just crossed his hands across his chest, still staring from one to the other. His previous sense of urgency gone with the wind. Peter looked at Daisy, as if expecting her to rescue the situation.


‘I didn’t… know… uhm… expect you back by…’ she stammered.


‘Offcourse not, my presence would get in the way’ Jide said rather calmly.


‘You’re getting the situation wrong. My name is Peter and I…’ Peter was saying as he walked towards Jide, probably going for a hand shake.


‘Now I know!’ Jide stressed. Anger and disbelief playing across his face. The man from the picture! How had it skipped his mind? Just then, he broke into a humourless laugh.


Peter stopped in his track, looking from Daisy to the laughing man. Not sure of what to make of it.


‘This can’t get any better!’ Jide stopped his laugh and shouted. ‘So you brought home your ex and didn’t just stop there, but went further to cuddle him right in my parlour, in our supposed marital home! And you’ve been accusing me all this while about Grace!’ he directed angrily at the confused Daisy where she stood.


‘Ex? Cuddle him, I don’t…know what you’re…talking about’ she stutterred. ‘You d–n know what am talking about! Is this not Peter? your ex! Or are you going to deny that!’ he screamed louder.


‘Jide could you please calm down and let’s sort this out’ Peter pleaded.


‘Stay the hell out of this! And who the hell told you my name? I see, you’ve been discussing me before the romance session! are you both planning on pulling me down, is that why he came to Nigeria? Fuc.king Answer me Daisy!’


Daisy had already started crying. She had never seen Jide this angry and the accusation he was laying against her was breaking her heart? Because She had done none of it.


‘You have got to calm down and let me explain’ Peter tried again.


‘What you gonna fuc.king explain to me? I came home to find my wife cuddling a man in…’


‘We weren’t cuddling!’ Daisy shouted in a tearful voice.


‘Then go ahead and explain to me what I saw!’ Jide shouted at Daisy.


‘Now you’re taking this too far Mister! I wasn’t cuddling your wife, and you have no right to accuse me falsely or use such tone at her! It can be interpreted as abuse and could earn you…’ Peter was also losing his temper.


‘And what are you gonna do? Big guy! Sue me to court? Lock me up! render me bankrupt! is that what you both have been planning? Twas Brenda and now you!…’



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