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****EPISODE 39****


Jide pranced about the parlor in apprehension, his eyes darting every now and then at his watch, he knew Daisy would ordinarily not be back yet because he had headed home immediately after he dropped the call.


The journey from his office didn’t exceed thirty minutes, but given the circumstance that the roads were usually free in the afternoon’s because most people were at their work place or at their businesses, there was therefore less traffic on the road.


That had being the reason he’d arrived earlier than the normal thirty minutes he would have.


Yet, that knowledge hadn’t lessen his apprehension one bit, he wished Daisy was home already, and it wasn’t necessarily because he was starving of her presence, or that he was very hungry as he had claimed, he had his secretary to fix him whatever he needed, so that was far from the question.


The real reason why he had acted so unusual, that even Adamu had opened his eyes in surprise when he drove in had one evil name: Brenda.



That woman was trouble impersonified. Infact, he had brought up a working Principle to guide him through if he was ever going to save his marriage, and that was: ‘The fear of Brenda is the beginning of wisdom’. Just her name and things started happening.


Now with this meet up that Daisy had unwavering decided to go on with, he feared to even imagine what the outcome of it would be.


And he was done pretending to like her even for a minute. Why? The girl was obviously a home wrecker with a first class degree, it was a real wonder how Daisy had retained her simplicity and sanity with such an influence like that! Infact, if there was something he fervently prayed for, it was for Brenda to simply disappear to wherever she appeared from


and leave his wife and him alone. How hard can that be? Jide wondered in resignation.


His eyes travelled to the wall clock this time around, the time seemed stagnated to him. Was it still 2:30 since then? He sighed and carried


his prancing form to the kitchen, in all his apprehension and wandering, he’d actually forgotten that his throat was parched.


Best to take something and calm down for a minute, he thought on his way, if Daisy said she was coming, then she was. They weren’t at loggers heads these days so he had no cause to doubt her, he’d just have to be patient for He didn’t even know which part of Lagos she’d gone, guess he


would have to casually ask her that when she arrived. Jide concluded and poured himself a cold juice from his wife’s stock. Another reason to have juice-crazy wife, Jide thought smiling as he drained the cool and invigorating taste of orange juice, Daisy’s favourite flavour.




Daisy walked into the parlor to be greeted by the sleeping form of Jide, he was resting his head lightly on the arm of the settee while his legs stretched forever towards the television. She stood a while considering the image before her, her expression blank. Then slowly, she made her way forward.


The sight of Jide brought back memories, and her heart constricted in fresh pain as she considered once more what Brenda had said.


‘Relax Daisy’ she said to herself, as the rush of emotions threatened to engulf her anew, exhaled sharply and paused. Atleast he’s entitled to some explanation, she thought calming herself then continued forward, her sights set on the kitchen.



Jide eyes open just then, he adjusted himself when he realised the presence of Daisy who standing staring askance at him.


Suddenly, a smile played upon his face and before he could give a second thought to his actions, he had stood and was embracing Daisy.


Daisy eyes shot up in surprise at the impulsive action of her husband, then slowly the surprise caved in to immobility. She felt like she was being held by something cold, the coldness that described her heart and how she felt at that moment. The thought that Jide had cheated on her drowned out every other feeling she would and should have felt.


‘Slow down on the emotions dude’ she thought drily as Jide pulled out from the embrace just then, his face a flush of mortification and pleasure. Daisy forced a smile on her face as her brows raised an inch.


Jide returned the smile albeit embarrassed while he adjusted his collar which were perfect in their stead.


‘Pardon me’ he muttered and flushed the more.


‘k’ Daisy simply replied and walked on.


‘So how was today?’ Jide called in an unsure voice


‘Nice’ Daisy said curtly and disappeared through the curtains leading to the hallway.


Jide stood now transfixed and wondering what had prompted such impulsive attitude from him. A hug! He exhaled and shook his head. Still feeling very awkward and embarrassed, he glanced at the clock, it showed that he had slept for over thirty minutes now, his glance then trailed the empty glass of juice nestling on a table close by.


‘Must be the juice or the nap then’ he defended quietly to himself before settling back on the settee.


He knew his heart thought otherwise, but Jide quickly pushed the thought away, instead he busied himself with switching on the Television.


Few minutes later, Daisy came into the parlour.


‘You said you were hungry or something?’ she asked.


‘Yeah, something like that’ Jide replied, his attention turning to her. ‘Hmmm’ Daisy simply said. ‘So what do I get you?’ she added, now walking towards the kitchen ‘your royal majesty’ she completed in her mind.


‘I don’t know, I guess anything will do’ Jide replied, his voice not too confident. Daisy didn’t reply. She just entered the kitchen, then stood briefly


wondering what she could fix within short notice.


At the end she settled for semovita since there was soup in the freezer.


As she got busy, Daisy wondered what had prompted Jide to call home for a meal, for it happened to be the first time ever since they’d gotten unfortunately married. It probably goes to prove the point, that she was valued more as a cook and nothing more.


And then again what had brought the hug of minutes ago? Not that she was going to give it a second thought, If he wanted to be all emotional and impulsive, he could very well be her guest, afteral, she’d seen a whole lot of it at the wedding then. Talk about impulsiveness, and you were definitely referring to Jide.


The only mystery she wanted to unravel was how he had gotten her number? Did he have that in his possession ever since yet never bothered to call all those while? Only for him to finally utilise it just to ask for food! That man was a big bundle of surprises. Then he’d told her that his heart ached for her, but right now she was finding it extra difficult to believe that bull sh.i.t he’d said. The naive Daisy had been the one who responded to him last Saturday, here was a rebirthed one that could see through his facade, through his recent pleasantries and through his bloody lying cheating tongue.


Nomatter how the situation of their marriage had been, this little dent that included his EX or incumbent girlfriend – whichever was the truth – still needed a lot of explanations to be made before it could finally be resolve. She couldn’t just be treated like a crap all this while and then be expected to forget, forgive and move on like nothing ever happened! No sir! Jide Olukoya


can’t eat his cake and still have another waiting patiently for him. No way! Not where she was concerned! Lady in red, her lovely black behind, she knew the truth behind it all!


Daisy hissed and raised the cover of the pot, steams from it revealed


that the water was already boiling, she had wanted to place it on the cooking platform, but it bounced unto the floor instead due to the pressure she had exerted on it when its hotness burnt her. It had eluded her due to the distance her mind had travelled.


Recoiling from the pain, she hissed, muttered some angry words before she bent to pick up the cover. Then she proceeded with her cooking, forcing her mind to stay on the task at hand this time around..


Minutes later, Daisy was through and was on to the task of setting the table.


Midway in the act, Jide had already risen and was making his way to the dining.



‘Must be another mouth watering dish’ he said cheerfully before sitting down. ‘Hmmm’ Daisy said noncommitantly and walked back to the kitchen, resurfacing with another bowl which she half banged, half kept on the table. Since that was the last of her dining chores, she made to leave.


‘You don’t want to eat?’ Jide asked then and she paused.


‘No’ she replied curtly


‘I’ve noticed that you don’t eat much’ Daisy shrugged, then said: off course I eat’ ‘But you hardly eat on the dining with…’


‘Now stop! You’re the one who asked for food, not me. So its best you eat and stop patronizing me!’ she snapped angrily and headed out.


‘Youche’ Jide said and sighed. With this new change of attitude, he


didn’t need far pointers to the cause, it most definitely was Brenda. What had she said again? Jide thought resignedly. It was foolishness for Daisy to allow her friend influence her every now and then, but he wouldn’t allow them mess up his mood at all, he would simply eat and get back to his job, they were so many other things to life than silly annoying pretty wives and their rude, irritable girlfriends. He was the man in this situation, and as soon as he started exerting that right now, the better for him. Jide thought angrily as he dug into his meal. Even if it seems that they took one step forward and three long strides backwards, a brother still got to eat and work so as to take care of his family, doesn’t he?




To be continued………..


By Oden Green




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