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****EPISODE 32****


But Grace wasn’t listening, her


attention was now focused on the lady seating there and staring at her with a forlorn look. She d–n well knew who she was! And God, she’d so wanted this day to come! She gave a wicked grin.


‘And this is the friend I presume’ she asked bitterly her gaze locked on Daisy. ‘Uhm…yeah, I will be with you a while’ Ade said gently shoving her



away, the awkward situation of their meeting suddenly dawning on him. ‘Not so fast’ Grace said shifting away from Ade ‘I would love to say hi too’ ‘I don’t think its…’


‘Don’t even interfere in this, go look for another chick or something’ Grace said curtly ‘I’ve got this covered’ she completed, her attention back on Daisy. ‘Hello home-wrecker’ she called bitterly and moved towards Daisy. ‘Really Grace lets go now’ Ade tried to intervene.


‘Are you not going to say hi to me at least?’ Grace continued unpreturbed.


Daisy drained her cup dazed. Meeting the ‘lady on red’ was the last thing she had ever expected would happen. Unfortunately She never functioned well in surprise meetings. Her nerves were jumbled up, and her body felt weak. She wasn’t sure if she could even stand. incase a fight erupted or something.


‘Say something to me, you! Have you lost all the boldness you


once had? Weren’t you the one who came from God knows where to reap where you did not sow!’ Grace almost screamed, drawing attention to their table. ‘Grace please behave! you are drawing attention’ Ade said moving towards her to calm or pull her away, whichever would suffice. He knew what she was capable of and sure didn’t like it.


‘Let me alone Ade! girls like this need to be taught a lesson’ Grace barked shrugging out of Ade restraining hold. ‘!…’ she


continued, ‘Why are you here alone, where is the husband you came all the way from the states to steal? Or what? You came alone seeking for another poor girl you would render useless? some men who would fall for your disgusting charm? But I will make sure I tear out your face, as a warning to your type and a souvenir for the weakling, Jide, who foolishly allowed himself to be deceived by snakes like you. Omo Ibo oshi! That’s how you all go about as who.res putting love portion in men’s food, desperate set of ladies! wolves in sheep clothing!


pretending innocence all over the place, but I tell you, you don’t fool me one bit, I know exactly about your type. . .’


On and on Grace lashed out at Daisy, the scene was a crazy one, Ade was trying in futility to pull the bent Grace from doing more than just talk


to Daisy, while Daisy cowered backwards in her chair, trying to flee away from the woman screaming at the top of her voice. If Ade had not wanted scandal, he was far from getting his wish because almost all attention were directed at them now.



Some faces held scorn and disgust, others held amusement, yet others held disinterest, while some didn’t even turn to them. Those who knew the screaming lady, weren’t surprised at her usual act.


The music hadn’t ceased, but the ambience had changed.


The scenario caught Brenda’s attention where she had been flirting with the Amarula gentleman. Soon, she was hurrying to the scene of the trio.


‘…Jide was mine alone before you bloody brought your stinking self to…’ Grace was still lashing.


‘Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s going on here?’ Brenda shouted, pulling Grace successfully away from her friend.


‘What the hell is going on?’ she asked again, her eyes darting from one to the other.


No response.


Grace was heaving in anger, a wild flush on her face. Ade stood


motionless his hands on his forehead, while his eyes scanned the spectators. He had a strong feeling that his nightmare was far from over. With the little he’d experienced of the lady on dread-lock over there, he could strongly bet that all was far from over.


Daisy on her part, was trying hard to subdue the tears that threatened to spill any moment.


Seconds which felt like an hour passed, and Brenda was yet to understand what had happened, who this lady was and why her friend was in such a pathetic state. ‘Do you have a knack for causing trouble wherever you go?’ she directed her question at Ade. ‘and for the love of Pete! Will someone tell me what happened and who this…’ she eyed Grace waving her fingers at her before continuing ‘…this whatever is?’


‘And who the hell are you?’ Grace eyed Brenda bouncing back.


‘I am a friend of Daisy, now who are you?’


‘You’re the friend to this over here?’


‘Hey watch your tongue, before I watch it for you!’ Brenda said pushing Grace slightly backwards. ‘Who the hell is she Dee?’ she faced Daisy. ‘Jide’s ex’ Daisy said surprisingly finding her voice.Stories from Topster–stories


‘A what? Did you just say an ex! More like the loser at the end!’ she turned to Grace ‘Now why were you tripping all over my friend?’


‘Both of you are the d–n losers here!’ Grace countered ‘and your friend had it coming like ever since!’



‘Grace fi oro le!’ (Grace leave talk alone) Ade shouted shaking his head and headed for the seat he’d just vacated.


‘No way! I can take up this anywhere!’


‘Let me see you do so, bloody Yorubas, running their everywhere!’ Brenda shot back


‘And you’re what? Her bodyguard?’


‘Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, fighting a lost cause, he chose her not you, live with the pain’


‘Not after I’ve shown her a piece of my mind!’


‘Then what? You still remain the loser you definitely are!’ ‘At least I’d show her how losers behave!’


‘Then why don’t you pick on someone your own size’ ‘You’re a walk over for me!’


‘Let me see how you’d walk over me!’


‘I want to go home!’ Daisy screamed now, interrupting the drama. She made to stand but staggered back, Ade instantly stood up to support her.


‘We are not done here! So you’d better seat tight’ Grace directed at Daisy. ‘Dee, so you’d better stay and enjoy how this show unfolds’


‘The show would be you screaming all over this floor as I rip at your hair!’ Grace said.


Brenda shoved her violently ‘then let the action begin!’ she said.


Grace got back her composure and lurched towards Brenda for a fight, however some men were already at the sides of the wild-cat ladies threatening hail and brimstone on each other.


‘Please take me home’ Daisy said softly to Ade who held on to her as he watched the unfolding drama helplessly.


Soon, they left unnoticed by the excited crowd of onlookers and peace makers. As they made their way towards the exit, Daisy could still hear their shouts and barks. What could they possibly say was the reason why they were fighting? She wondered resignedly.


Ade was infinitely glad that he was leaving the scene and club for good. A glance at his watch revealed the time to be one in the morning and this Over zealous and hormonal ladies, were fighting their heads out! The reason for their brawl was staggering away.


‘Women!’ he cursed under his breath.






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