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****EPISODE 30****


‘Bree, are you even listening’ Daisy


asked noticing her friend far and nonchalant stance’


‘Ain’t it another one of those stories’ she said drily shaking her heads.


‘Much much better!’ Daisy countered.


‘Okay, am all ears’ Brenda said with a nonchalant tone. What were friends for? She shrugged. Daisy would equally listen to her silly tales when she had to tell. But that was if actually she HAD one.


‘Okay! It was just about the time I cut the call, then he walked closer….’


Daisy went on with the narrative of the night before, details by details. Brenda’s interest piqued and picked with every detail she heard.


‘Oh my God! She exclaimed now. ‘He didn’t actually said that!’ ‘Every word!’ Daisy answered.


‘Oh my God!’ she exclaimed again ‘and how did you react this time?’ she asked. ‘Better than I could ever imagine!’


‘With you, I wouldn’t count on better’ Brenda said a sceptic look on her face.



‘Trust me when I say I was better, I was better’ Daisy said. Immediately her countenance changed into a forlorn look.


‘It was as if his words untied a cord in my heart, what I felt then was revenge…’ ‘Revenge? Hmm, that’s a starter’ Brenda interrupted. They were indeed heading somewhere.


‘I also felt like hitting him hard, just the way he did me. I want him to suffer more’ Daisy continued with vehemence.


‘Easy now, are we not talking about the same Jide here?’ Brenda asked surprise.


Daisy gave an I-couldn’t-care-less look.


‘Whoa! what actually hit him?’ asked Brenda.


‘I dont care’ Daisy replied drily.


‘Maybe he was drunk as you said and not thinking straight’


‘Maybe. But what i saw in his eyes then’ she humped. ‘it can’t be mistaken. ‘Like seriously! he couldn’t possibly be in love with you now! Maybe he’s just lusting, that’s pretty normal right?’ ‘Lust or love, they mean the same to them guyz’


Daisy stood up now, ‘…and if he feels he can be all over my bum just like that, then ‘he got a long way to go” she completed singing the tune to the chorus of Cassie’s ‘long way to go’ music.


‘That’s the attitude!’ Brenda shouted excitedly and stood up too. ‘wait wait, I got that song in my collection’


‘Play it girl!’ Daisy screamed excitedly. Warming up for the dance.


Cassie’s ‘long way to go’ music rang loud from Brenda’s Blackberry Porshe, and soon the friends were singing along excitedly. When the chorus came up, Daisy’s voice rang the loudest.


‘You claim that you’re so hot that you got skills in the bedroom, say you wanna come see me, that your little


girlfriend wanna be me…’


They sang and danced happily, later pushing the table aside to create space. And after cassie’s piece rolled by, other songs came up, they danced with no less fervour.


At the end of the visit, Brenda and Daisy mapped out a day to go clubbing. ****************


‘Going out today, Daisy’



Jide read from a piece of paper lying conspicuously on the Dining. He hadn’t meant to eat before leaving for work, sitting down to a meal this days didn’t appeal to him. The way Daisy had taunted him about food that Saturday night still left a bile on his tongue, it was just the folded paper that had caught his attention & now he was angry at its content.


Jide squeezed the paper into a pulp and flung it angrily at the wall. Daisy was indeed having a field day and really acting up, feeling like she had all the cards to her favour in whatever game she was playing. Today was Thursday and yet the rift between them was far from closing. He was far from normalcy, his feelings threatened to engulf him if any


moment. Daisy on her part was making matter worst, she has changed so much. Every move she made these days deliberately teased and taunted him. Where had she gotten those stock of breath taking gowns she wore always at nights anyways?


Sighing, he left the dining to the parlour, picked his keys and headed out. He knew where to find Daisy for she had suddenly developed this knack for a session of swimming every morning.


True to his words, he sighted Daisy in the pool. Jide had meant to ignore her totally but somehow his feet betrayed and lead him directly towards her & now he was towering over her swimming form.


Daisy was doing a backstroke then when she sighted him, but she went on with her activities like he wasn’t even there. After some painful seconds, Jide had no other option than to speak else he would just stand there till infinto while this annoying wife of his ignored him totally.


‘Can I talk to you for a sec?’ he said with clenched teeth.


Daisy swam towards the other end of the pool, rested her back on the wall and wiped the water dripping from her face.


‘What about?’ she said drily.


‘And where do you think you are going later today’ he asked.


Daisy grinned. ‘Is that what this is about?’


‘Just answer the d–n question’ Jide retorted.


‘I don’t think I should answer that, I obliged your request, now leave me alone already’ Daisy said sharply and plunged into the water.


She was more of an expert in swimming, her long stay in the riverine area of Ijebu-ode had developed her passion for swimming while Boston



had perfected her capabilities in the act. Swimming for her was a means of relaxation and keeping in shape. But Throughout those months when she’d been down, she had lost the urge for swimming, but now, it was the first thing she thought of every morning, after Jide anyways.


Jide watched the pool in anger and irritation, soon it turned into fright, Daisy was yet to resurface after plunging in a minute ago!


Though he wasn’t a pro at it, but this length of time to be submerged in water wasn’t normal! he panicked. He couldn’t dare it anyways.


Just then Daisy resurfaced gasping for air, her face held excitement but it changed into a frown when she saw Jide crouching by the pool, a worried look on his face. ‘You’re still here?’ Daisy said ‘Please be gone already, I don’t owe you an explanation!’ she screamed.


Jide stood up, an angry grimace on his face, he shook his head and headed for his car.


‘Have a wonderful day at work today, because I definitely will!’ Daisy called out to him in mockery.


And with a smug feeling, she plunged into the water again. This is just the


beginning! she thought.




Jide drove into the office complex at about 8am, he had fumed and cursed angrily at defaulters on his way. Even now, he was still angry he ignored the greetings of people he met and marched straight to his office.


‘Anything for me yet’ he asked his secretary soon as he stepped into her office that adjoined his.


‘Morning sir’ she said standing up.


‘So…’ Jide asked impatiently


‘No incoming invoice yet but your father requested your presence soon as you come’


‘He’s in already’ Jide simply said and matched on to his office. Seconds later he t– –t his head through the door.


‘And get me something to eat’ he barked and banged the door.


‘Yes sir’ Dorothy replied.


She had been making to sit when his order came. She came out of her desk now and made for the door, contemplating what she would get her boss for breakfast.



Before now all she had bothered about was getting his lunch, but since this week had began, he’d kept asking breakfast from her. She wondered what could possibly go for breakfast in an office.


It wasn’t a secret that her boss and the American wife he had wedded that Saturday were not in good terms. Infact she could confidently attest to the fact that her boss was still seeing his former girlfriend. Courtesy of the calls she received from her on his behalf. If anyone asked her, Grace was very okay, atleast she occupied a respectable position at a media outfit, but she wondered why her Boss had suddenly gotten married to another woman. Poor Grace! But where had this his wife even come from?




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